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Generate more revenue in less time with full-featured B2B eCommerce platform, which enables your customer to order with ease

Essential Features of a B2B Website

  • Credit Limits

  • Bulk Order

  • Gated Access

  • Upload Order

  • Specific Pricing

B2B is an ecommerce suite suited perfectly well for Magento1 and Magento 2 platforms. There are custom wholesale registration/login portals. B2B helps you to manage pricing and products per company with shared catalogue features. There are customized dashboards that assist quick order tables. You wholesalers can download the files assigned to products and there is a process for order approval.

Intergrate powerful B2B tools on your existing Magento store.

B2B suite is a collection of tools and workflows that empowers your ecommerce website when added to your existing Magento store. Features like robust product ordering matrix, sales representative tools and workflows, a marketing download centre, account credit limits, custom quoting functionality and more can make your business from big to bigger. B2B Suite will take your enterprise to the next level.

Trade login with gated access

  • Allow limited access to your B2B portal.
  • Trade customer dedicated login page
  • New account approval required
  • Auto notifications to customer and admin
  • Trade customer Dashboard

Bulk and Product Re-Ordering

  • The customised order tables of B2B Suite allow customers to add products to their cart.
  • The customer does not need to go page to page to check the products.
  • He can filter the products and can check them in a single matrix.
  • He can quickly preview, configure and adjust the number of products.
  • The card is updated in real time to match the specific configurations.
  • B2B Suite makes the product simpler this way.

Upload orders using CSV file.

  • Skip the hassle and get set to buying.
  • With B2B portal, your customer can bypass product browsing.
  • The need to fill your cart can be eliminated and the products will be directly added to the dashboard.
  • Purchasing in bulk will help your customers speed up the process.
  • Uploading a CSV spreadsheet will help to speed up the ordering workflow.
  • The process will be time-saving for your B2B customers.

Set credit limits

  • Credit limits are an important aspect if you want to save your customers.
  • It allows your purchasers to make a purchase in exchange for offline payment methods.
  • Checks, money orders, purchase orders or wire transfers are most common among them.
  • Credit limit amount can be set on the basis of the company and their payment method.
  • Once you set the limit, the credit will automatically update.
  • You can set it on a reset of 30-days.

Customer Specific Pricing

  • The portal allows you to create flexible customer groups.
  • The groups help you to accommodate all sorts of rate options at once.
  • You can set volume-based pricing or can set an exclusive rate for a particular customer.
  • You can also set specialised regional pricing.
  • There can be many more specializations.
  • The group functionality allows you to specify payment and shipping methods as per group or account.

Learn how to use and configure.

  • It is hard to mention features and configurations of the B2B portal.
  • You can install and use it for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 platforms. 
  • You can users to a company account, assign a credit limit to a wholesaler and can add products automatically or manually.
  • You can create an order approval process and permit access to the wholesaler.
  • B2B portal makes easy to finalise payment method per company account.
  • It helps you manage sales representatives and share the catalogue user guide.

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