6 Reasons How Branding Can Maximise Your Growth

6 Reasons How Branding Can Maximise Your Growth

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Do you think setting up a company, having an attractive website, launching a wide range of products is enough to make your business a hit? If yes, then you’re probably wrong. Don’t believe us, know the reasons yourself!

Without a powerful branding, your business is spineless – bitter but true!

About 71% of customers prefer buying a product from a brand they’re familiar with. What does it mean? If you want to ensure the success of your business, you’ve to build a powerful brand.

Didn’t get it?
Let’s take an example, if we offer you two t-shirts, one from a random business and the other from Nike, which one will you pick? You’ll pick up a Nike t-shirt without giving it a second thought. Isn’t it? The reason behind it is simple, you’re familiar with Nike and trust them. You know that they manufacture the best quality items. And this is the true power of a Brand!

Still not convinced? Read the below section to find out how having a strong brand can accelerate your success.

What Exactly Is A Brand?

The short and straightforward answer is, your brand is your reputation. It’s the way people perceive you in your absence. In other words, your brand is the face of your business.

Branding isn’t about a stylish logo or a catchy tagline or the particular products you sell. It is much more than that. It’s the things that distinguish you in the market. It’s the experience you provide your customers. It’s your culture and ethics you adhere to. A brand is a feeling of trust and loyalty that a business instils in customers – this is what makes a business shine and thrive!

The deal is, nobody wants to buy a product or service from someone or something they don’t understand or familiar with. Every customer has trust issues, they want a guarantee that the products they’re investing in are legit. So, how do they know this? Through Branding.

Building a brand is like humanizing your business. It assures your customers that they are investing in the right platform or service. A brand communicates with your customers on the behalf of your business. It guides and encourages your customers to stay loyal and help you gain their trust.

A brand is the key to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It sets you apart and displays your unique qualities as well as abilities to your customers. It provides a shape and structure to your business and controls how people perceive it.

Why Should You Build A Brand And Not Merely A Business?

Below are the top 6 reasons that show why you need to build a powerful brand :

1. It Increases The Value of Your Business

Branding is very important when trying to establish a future business. A powerful and well-established brand can help you increase the value of your business by offering the company a firm grip in the industry. Future investments and growth become much lucrative when you have a solid position in the marketplace.

2. It Expands Your Customer Base

A powerful branding means there is a great impression of the business amongst customers, and they're more likely to get involved with you because of the trust, familiarity and dependability you've provided them. Once a brand has been established, your best advertising strategy will be the word of mouth. That means, your existing customers will promote your business on their own will.

3. It Offers Pride and Satisfaction to Your Employees

When an employee works for a powerfully branded business, they become more proud and satisfied. They take a sense of pride in the work they do. Working for a reputed brand helps them earn a high regard in society. This keeps them motivated and they work with full zeal and zest. Simply put, a powerful brand will help you in increasing your productivity.

4. It Creates A Sense of Trust Within The Industry

A good brand with a professional appearance helps your company to create trust within the industry - be it your consumers or business partners.

There is no surprise that people are more willing to establish business relationships with a company that is well-strategised and polished.

Branding helps in displaying the company as industry experts and pioneers. It creates a positive impression in the industry that lasts for a lifetime in the minds of consumers, potential clients and business partners.

5. It Helps In Reducing Price Sensitivity

"I have to buy this, no matter what". Strong branding enables you to raise your prices. Why? Simply because you've become the best at what you do. For example: Nike will sell the same $5 t-shirts at $500 and still, people will buy it.

GREAT sales means BETTER ROI and HIGHER growth!!

6. It Lends You An Edge Over Your Competition

Being a brand means turning all the tables in the market in your favour. Why people prefer buying an iPhone when a normal smartphone comes with similar features but at a much cheaper price? Because Apple is a powerful brand and is a tough nut to crack when it comes to competing with it.

These are just a handful of benefits of establishing a powerful brand, there are many more. But the overall essence is, it helps you to become a trailblazer and an inspiration while ensuring your thriving success.


To have a lasting impression, your business needs to be much bigger than you and your products. It needs to have a futuristic vision, ideologies, and a compelling story that encourages your consumers to take action and of course an exceptional product or service that helps people in transforming their lives.

Maybe you'll get lucky and your business will boom without a brand. But practically, that's not possible - only 50% of the small businesses survive past five years. Also, it's not a coincidence or a conspiracy that the leading global companies have the most loved brands, Nike, Apple, Google, Starbucks to name a few.

If you want to build a brand that not only helps you to gain the trust, respect and loyalty of your audience but also bring booming success and fortune, get ready and start searching for the right branding agency that can help you in doing so. Let's make it a little easier for you, come to us.

As one of the leading branding agencies in the UK, we help businesses build their brands that remain in the hearts and minds of the world for a lifetime.

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Things to Consider Before Starting a Drop Shipping Business: A Complete 2021 Guide

Things to Consider Before Starting a Drop Shipping Business

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If you are an investor who wants to get into the e-commerce sector but does not have the resources to handle production, supply chain and results, then drop shipping can be a perfect option for you! Over the last few years, drop-shipping has become a reliable approach for entrepreneurs to earn money quickly.

We live in a world where civilisation is developing quickly, with the help of technology, businesses grow even faster. In this current post-COVID situation, companies are introducing new features and innovations to ensure their survival.

E-commerce websites have adopted many business strategies. Similarly, the drop shipping business is wholly dependent on it. So, before proceeding, it is crucial to understand what exactly is a dropshipping and how it can be profitable for your already established company?

About Dropshipping

Drop-shipping has seen rapid expansion in the e-Commerce game over the last few years. With booming technologies, the drop-shipping model is becoming more useful to implement.It is a retail and e-commerce strategy wherein you don't keep your products in stock. Instead, you are partnering with a supplier or a trading company that stores its stock. When you receive an order, you send the required information to the company that ships the products to you. Clients won't even know you're going to drop, as private label shipping enables you to use your address on invoice and the exchange tag.

To learn more about drop-shipping business strategies, keep reading, as this guide is fully committed to all prime aspects of the drop-shipping business.

How the Drop-shipping Business Model Works

The sole purpose of the drop-shipping business model is to fulfil the order requirements of the customers. However, the retailer does not keep any products stock with him and manages the things via mail, calls and websites. Accordingly, when a customer orders something from a dropshipping store, third-party suppliers ship products directly to the shopper's location. The customer pays the cost you set on the products, and likewise, you pay the wholesale price to the supplier, and the remaining amount you get is the profit.


In dropshipping, as in any other business, those who are better prepared are showing better results. It is therefore appropriate to switch to committed drop-shipping professionals. They've been running their online stores for a long time. So, they will quickly sort out your issues and offer you the ways to resolve them.

It only requires you to create an account with the supplier. And with these two simple ways, you can find a supplier for your dropshipping store:

  • With the help of a supplier database like Ali Express, Alibaba and Dropship Direct.
  • Also, with the use of a combined supplier manual in the backend of your store, such as Oberlo.

The most convenient dropshipping procedure for Shopify supplies is through Oberlo. You can stream millions of product orders from the Oberlo marketplace via AliExpress and receive them quickly to your store with just one click.

The only thing you have to do at that time is to check the order details, make sure they are correct, and then confirm the order. After that, the AliExpress dropshipping suppliers will ship the products to the customer's location. During the dropshipping business model, you are solely accountable for making a website and choosing the brands.

Your business is similarly liable for dispatching expenses and creating costs that cause a reasonable income margin.

Advantages of Dropshipping Business

Almost everyone who starts an online business can profit from the dropshipping.

  • It's one of the most verified strategies to manage the inventory of ships.
  • It also helps keep startup prices down and can allow you to start a business with only a few thousand dolls in less than a year.
  • Another perk you get from dropshipping business is that it saves your precious time of packaging and shipping the products.
  • Furthermore, there is no risk of any damage that usually occurs during the shipment of products.  The route on which the ship chooses is always direct from the warehouse to the clients' location.
  • Additionally, dropshipping is a tremendous strategy to check out fresh commodities or notions. If you have been marveling at which color of t-shirt or which kind of jewelry would be great on your website, then it enables you to commit to the market - testing, without retaining to finance the products in sampling the market induction. You can flexibly shift techniques until you fulfil your purposes if the stock is not trading.

Starting a Drop Shipping Business

Now, this is a business strategy that many other retailers are using. Even large-scale retailers like Walmart use this business model to ensure that they only purchase as much supply as they need to meet client demand for the product.

So, if you're starting a new business, these are a few things you're going to need to know. With These Easy Steps, You Can Start a Profitable Dropshipping Business:

Choose a Niche

Finding a niche you like and that interest you is an important factor before starting the dropshipping business. And these are the things to consider.

Aim for High Earnings

During a drop shipping business, your priority should be on trade and client obtainment. Therefore, the percentage of work needed to trade a $20 product is nearly equivalent as it would be to peddle a $1,500 product. Choose a niche with an increased rate of stocks.

Low Shipping Costs Are Essential

Although your supplier will deal with shipping, if the price is very high, it will annoy customers, and probably they will avoid purchasing that product. Therefore, it is advisable to select a cheap price product to ship to meet your customer satisfaction. If you offer free shipping, customers will not think twice while ordering items. Consequently, you will earn the benefits and can attract more customers too.

Investment of Money

Investment is always vital in any business, and you can grow your dropshipping business by investing money in it. Approximately, it will require an amount of $1,000 to the inauguration and management of it. We need money for communicating with suppliers, web hosting, and for any incorporation expense.

Sell Products That Are Not Easily Accessible Locally

Yes, that is also a great move you can do by selling the products that people usually cannot find on streets or in local markets. And try to sell modern and trendy stuff to attract more customers.

Know Your Competition

Do not even assume you're the only one out there to come up with the idea of marketing niche products. Analysing your competition is an endless task, and there are so many ways to do that.

  • You need to verify whether the item you are about to start advertising is already rampant on other websites.
  • From our side, we advise you to keep in mind that you will be competing with numerous other drop shipping businesses too. And some of the big names like Amazon and Walmart are already in this game with their marketing strategies.
  • If the product is not highly coveted, there may be many reasons for it to be expensive, shipping costs, supply issues and a low-profit margin. Hence, always go for a product that is high in demand.

Where Can You Find the Most Trustworthy Suppliers?

There are two great ways to find a good and trustworthy supplier for your drop-shipping business:

Find Them Online

If you want the best suppliers for your business, then you can check the product portfolio and suppliers' details on Google. You will get all the information about the product you can choose according to your preferences. You can also find them on popular platforms like Alibaba.com or AliExpress.com.

With The Help of a Wholesale Directory

This can save your precious time and keeps you away from the e-Commerce extortion. Shopify has numerous suppliers that have been acknowledged and validated. You can call them or reach out to them and keep dignity in their potential to deliver promising assistance.

Make a Good Connection with the Supplier

Collaborating with a wrong and deceitful supplier can ruin your drop-shipping business completely. Thus, you require a good connection with the supplier. Mostly you will encounter suppliers from overseas and a few too far from your city. Hence, good communication and proper research are very crucial. You can take help and advice even from other former entrepreneurs. They will let you know about new business strategies and do's and don'ts of this business.

Ways for Finding a Dropshipping Business for Sale

It is not straightforward business planning as the seller has to deal with many things like the quality, quantity, delivery on time, and price of the products.

You can seek drop-shipping business for sale on the platform known as Exchange. Find the list through Shopify, choose accordingly as per your needs and budget.

All the data that you will see will directly come from Shopify that can’t be modified. So do some thorough research and contact the most reliable broker online so that you will get to understand more aspects of it like all the required information about the business comprising deals and profit data.

With These Tips, You Can Lead Your Drop-shipping Business to Greater Heights

We see so many examples of online stores that don't look so good, but still find a way to make sales. So, we advise you to focus on the visual (and practical) aspect of your store. It's valuable that the prospects that come to your store find it welcoming and pleasant.

Through the entire article, we have almost covered all the most fundamental characteristics of dropshipping business. And now you must be confident about starting your business model. It's true that during a dropshipping start-up, you will have to be very attentive towards your job and manage the work carefully as there are enough things to consider at once which makes it an intricate task. However, gradually you will become a pro in this field as well, so, before that, you can consider all these tips below which will help you reach your business to greater heights:

Add Value

A plan that will add value to your consumers is a vital consideration. However, it is for all industries mostly for dropshipping as you will be competing with other big competitors that will sell the same products with different values and plans.


By reducing the fare, you can add some value to your business. However, there are other fundamental aspects of it too.

Concentrate On Commerce and SEO

Many dropshipping owners encounter this problem during the business. Yes, that is true as the business owners waste their time reckoning why their products are not getting bought and why customers are not contacting them. But in actuality, the world has no idea about the presence of their websites. Trading and improved traffic are useful for your employment and but, it's hard to outsource adequately, particularly if you have low funding and are bootstrapping your career. You accept the individual's ambition to improve your SEO, traffic, guest posting and outreaching aptitudes. Here are some resources that will help you.

1. SEO Resources


Search Engine Land

SEO Book


2. Marketing Resources

Hubspot Blog

Seth Godin's Blog

Quick Sprout

Sparring Mind

Copy Blogger


3. Ecommerce Marketing Resources

Shopify Blog

E-Commerce Fuel


Most business owners believe that, by limiting their priority boundaries, their buyer will purchase their products. But that's not factual! Specialising allows you to communicate with your consumers more efficiently. It plays a leading role in a specific merchandise or niche.


The technological revolution of the early 2000s has radically transformed the way we think, execute and even make connections. The key aspect is that success is not instantaneous. As a general rule, it is not unusual for a new e-merchant to go through many failures before making a living out of the profession.

Therefore, if you are implementing a dropshipping business that means that you continue to analyse and optimise your activities. Starting from your product portfolio to the connection you have with your wholesalers, it is essential to monitor and enhance your efforts when necessary. Dropshipping is a viable business model in which you should invest your time and effort because it pays off.

So that is all you need to know before starting a dropshipping business. We have covered almost all the essential characteristics and have given a detailed analysis of the crucial factors that will help you to grow your business.

Now, this is your turn to sleeve up and switch your dropshipping business plan into reality.

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10 Strategies For Cart Abandonment & Customer Recovery To Improve Conversions 

10 Strategies for cart abandonment

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When was the last time you reviewed your abandoned cart reports? If you did, have you tried to recover your lost sales? 

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest headaches of the eCommerce site owners and individual brands. And it’s not only about losing sales, it is also about wasting a huge chunk of your marketing budget to attract and acquire new customers and keep your store working. 

However, capturing new customers is not as easy as it sounds. Brands can’t always go out and make customers instantly whenever they feel like – this is where preventing abandoned carts and recovering existing customers becomes very important. 

Let’s calculate your shopping cart abandonment rate! 

So, it is basically the percentage of customers who have added the products to their digital carts but left the site without purchasing anything. 

To determine the cart abandonment rate, divide the total number of online carts you’ve created by the number of finished purchases. Then, simply deduct the results from 1 and multiply the end results by 100! 

For example: suppose you’ve made 50 successful sales out of a total of 150 digital carts, then by using the above formula, your cart abandonment rate will be 70%.

1 – (50 ÷150) * 100 = 70%

You’ll be surprised to know that the cart abandonment rate across all eCommerce niches stands at a whopping 69%. This means 7 out of every 10 customers leave the site without making any purchase. And, these lost sales make around $4 trillion increasingly.

If this Cart abandonment scenario looks relatable to you and if you want to recover a good portion of those precious lost sales, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the 10 strategies to prevent cart abandonment and regain the lost customers to improve conversions.

1. Offer Free Shipping

Believe it or not, shipping cost is one of the biggest reasons behind cart abandonment.

Customers become furious when they visit the checkout page only to find out that the shipping cost is very high, especially if it includes several hidden charges. This makes them feel like being fooled and they lose their trust and interest in the company. Result? Abandoned shopping cart!

The best way to prevent this from happening is to offer free shipping to your customers. More importantly, disclose it at the beginning of their shopping journey. In this way, they'll be encouraged to make a purchase.


You can even experiment with your free shipping offer to see how it works for your company. Some great ideas are :

  • Free shipping on selected products
  • Free shipping worldwide/nationwide
  • Free shipping on orders above
  • Free shipping for first time or returning customers
  • Free shipping for a limited time

2. Keep Your Checkout Process Simplified

A lengthy and complicated checkout process can also be a major reason behind shopping cart abandonment.

When customers don't understand the checkout process or they're required to provide a lot of details, they find it daunting and hence leave the site without purchasing anything. The deal is, they don't want to spend hours on an online purchase.

So, how can you keep the checkout process short, simple and straightforward? Here is how :

  • Include crystal clear calls to action and keep guiding the shoppers on what step they need to perform next.
  • Explain the importance of filling each field in the checkout form.
  • Keep the checkout form short and simple (avoid asking for unnecessary details).
  • Include a back button to the store.
  • Include an edit button for the product in the cart.

Implementing this approach will allow you to keep the checkout flowing smoothly. Further, it will offer added convenience for the customers as they can explore the site and edit their cart throughout the process.

3. Offer Easy And Free Returns

A poor return policy can also result in shopping cart abandonment. A return policy that makes returning the unwanted items complex and expensive can prevent shoppers from purchasing your products.

On the contrary, if customers are assured that they can return the product for free and after a good period of time, they get rid of all the negative consequences associated with your product and hence, purchase it without having second thoughts. Studies suggest that 2 out of 3 customers would buy a product if the returns were easy and free.

Here is an example of a great return policy :

  • 30 days to return a product
  • Free returns /exchange
  • A well-narrated return policy information on the site to keep everything transparent

4. Allow Guest Purchasing

A large number of shoppers abandon their carts because they are required to create an account and register with the site in order to make a purchase. Creating an account is slow and time-consuming, it hinders the checkout process to a great extent. Forcing the shoppers to create accounts and get registered in order to purchase is like asking them to leave the site voluntarily.


According to a survey, the brands that have eliminated the need for account creation were able to increase their conversion rates by a whopping 40%.

But sometimes, creating an account can be part of your marketing requirements and hence it may be crucial. In such cases, there are a few great alternatives to consider. For example: keep the registration optional, but keep reminding the shoppers of the benefits of registration such as extra discounts, private sales etc.


This approach will keep your customers satisfied while also encouraging them to make a purchase.

5. Keep The Distractions Minimum In Your Purchase Funnel

Distractions are the elements that divert the attention of shoppers from performing the action expected from them. Some examples of distractions include unnecessary product offers, new product banners, promotional offers and even the loud and unclear interface that tends to confuse the shoppers.

The time and attention they spend while analysing these visual elements waste their energy and they divert from the path of making the final purchase. In some cases, distractions can even cause them to leave the site and never come back.

So, how to deal with it? Simple, avoid overloading your checkout pages; keep the message clear and don't let your customers waste their energy on analysing anything other than their purchase decision. Some brands even limit the navigation features to prevent their customers from straggling on the site.

6. Add Effective Calls To Action On Checkout Pages

This is perhaps the biggest mistake made by a majority of struggling e-commerce sites. The logic behind not adding clear CTAs is a mindset stating that - "if a customer has already added a product to their cart, then they don't need any reminder to actually buy it" - this is nothing but a huge MISTAKE!

The truth is, checkout pages require much stronger and clearer calls to action in order to bring the customers into confidence so that they complete their purchase.


While it's crucial to add strong CTAs on the checkout pages, it is equally important to keep them friendly and also similar with the other marketing materials on your site. This is because, if you change the tone of CTA at checkout pages, it will catch the attention of your customers and act as a distraction - which obviously you don't want!

7. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Many times the lack of enough payment options is the sole reason behind cart abandonment. This mostly happens when you've customers in multiple countries and only limited payment options available. So, the best idea is to analyse the origins of your prospective visitors and learn about the common payment methods of those countries.

If this seems challenging, then consider having global payment methods such as PayPal. The biggest advantage of including PayPal is that it encourages the customers who are skeptical about giving their credit card details to a less known site.

Moreover, make sure to display the list of your payment options proudly to give prospective customers the peace of mind they seek.

8. Optimise Your Site Speed And Performance

A slow and buggy eCommerce site is the biggest turn off to the customers. It causes your prospective buyers to lose patience and leave the site after getting frustrated. So, the best thing to do is to provide your visitors with a better user experience. For this, work on improving your page load speeds and other performance related matrices.

Having a speedy checkout process will keep your customers engaged and satisfied. The speedy performance of your site will also encourage your customers to buy more in future.

9. Send An Immediate Email After A Shopper Abandons Their Cart

When a customer abandons their digital cart, you have a couple of hours to recover them. By using a solid email marketing or retargeting strategy, send them a well-crafted email as soon as they leave the site without completing the purchase.

Studies have found that these few hours are the golden hours, this is the best time to reel back your lost customers.

10. Make Use Of Remarketing Strategies

Finally, our most effective advice is to use remarketing strategies to regain the lost sales.


Remarketing campaigns are very effective in dealing with shopping cart abandonment. At first, they might look annoying from a customer's point of view, but they help the brands to bring back their lost customers.


Know that, if you're not remarketing to the shoppers who have already added your product to their carts, you're restricting yourself from making a conversion by not giving it a shot. Hence, take full advantage of the multiple-screen environment and deploy effective remarketing strategies.

Remarketing with Facebook and Google Ads is by far the most lucrative idea you can consider.


While the other tips will help in preventing and reducing the cart abandonment phenomenon, remarketing will allow you to actually win back the potential customers that you may lose otherwise.



Recovering and retaining a large chunk of lost sales in the abandoned shopping carts can give a much-needed boost to your revenue generation. While it may sound like a lot of hard work, it is extremely important to stay ahead in the eCommerce game.

At RVS Media, we develop and deploy the best cart abandonment strategies that will help you keep your customers engaged and result in higher conversions as well as profits. So, if you need any kind of assistance, drop a line or connect us on call today!

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The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing in 2021

The ulimate guide to Digital Marketing in 2021

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Are you looking for some tips to keep up with the ongoing digital marketing trends in this competitive era?  Are you confused about how and where to start to get more traffic on your website? Do you wish to increase the sales and online awareness of your business? If so, then this blog is just for you!

2020 was an insane year especially because of the pandemic. A lot of things have changed including the algorithms and the way businesses operate. But now, 2020 is gone, let’s see what 2021 has in store for us!

In this blog, we are going to give a detailed guide to digital marketing in 2021. By the end, you’ll surely get all that you want. So, without delaying much, let’s begin..!

An Introduction To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that makes use of the internet and digital technologies like digital media, mobile phones, desktop computers, and other platforms to advertise their services and products.

In simple words, digital marketing is the marketing of your business digitally or electronically through the internet. It is also known as internet marketing and digital advertising.

Besides, digital marketing is a broad term that's why it is sub-categorised. So, let's now look at the types of digital marketing strategies. Moreover, each digital marketing strategy is unique in its work.

Types Of Digital Marketing

Here are some of the types of digital marketing strategies:

PPC Marketing

PPC marketing or PPC advertising involves businesses that run advertising campaigns on various platforms, in which they pay for every click they get. Dissimilar to the other digital marketing services where the marketers pay a certain fee for placement or advertisement, the PPC advertisements, and their pricing can be very explosive.

Undoubtedly, PPC marketing is one of the most famous digital marketing strategies available. PPC has boosted in the previous years because of the likes of Google and Facebook.

Do you know, in 2018, Google gathered more than 83.80 pounds just from their advertisement department. You see, PPC marketing is this huge!

The reason being, the change in the number of people who are bidding and competing on a keyword. Furthermore, the system pays off the highest bidder. With Facebook gaining around 2.23 billion users monthly and Google getting more than 3.5 billion searches per day, it's quite clear that PPC marketing strategy is an outstanding strategy to reach your audience.

SEO Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the oldest marketing strategies out there. As we all know, millions of people visit search engines like Google, Chrome, browsers every single day. Problem, advice, confusion, question, there's one go-to place for this all and that's your most favourite search engine.

As we all are always in the rush wanting to get the answers fast, that's why it's quite common for people to pay attention only to the topmost results. So, in case if your digital marketing company is not on the top, then you might not have a website as well.

But that's the main concern, how do you get to the top? How do you make your page rank on the top? This is where the SEO enters. SEO marketing is the skill to get your website rank the highest on the web.

Moreover, the search engines mainly look for authority, trust, good user experience, and backlinks. So, all you need to do is work upon improving them to bring your website to the top.  As soon as you'll get all of these, then you'll surely get a lot of traffic on your website.

Content Marketing

In this competitive world, a single advertisement is just not enough to convince people to purchase a product. Instead, you need to present the evidence, facts, and storytelling about the product. A kind of digital marketing that has seen a rise in recent years is content marketing.

It makes use of the art of storytelling to advertise and sell your services and products to the users. Articles and blog posts are the most common form of content marketing. Unlike regular marketing, content marketing offers detailed knowledge of the product.

Moreover, by presenting a story you can convince the readers to purchase the product. Most importantly, blog posts and articles usually have a high ranking on Google. So, all in all, you get the benefit of two marketing strategies just by using one.

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is a person who has a large fan following on social media. But, you see every other person is an influencer these days. With millions of followers, it's not long unless the advertisers and sponsors come knocking.

So, if you wish to sell your product, then you can get it advertised through an influencer. They will advertise the product to their followers. Do you know? McGregor received sponsors from the most popular companies. It's all because of his 29 million follower base.

Moreover, other famous platforms are Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and a lot more. With a lot of influencers on social media, you may get exactly the kind of influencer you want.

To conclude, influencer marketing depends mainly on influencers. One right influencer and boom, your digital marketing agency can skyrocket.

Video Marketing

Now here comes the next famous form of digital marketing i.e., Video Marketing. It has been on TV for quite a long time but it has made its debut on the web as well.

There are plenty of digital platforms for video marketing like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the online video ads are now reaching a large number of users.

Video marketing is a great way to play with the emotions of customers by putting it all into a story. According to a survey, 96% of the customers said that they found videos very useful at the time of making a buying decision.

Viral Marketing

Here comes the newest form of digital marketing is viral marketing. This kind of advertising generally comes in various forms but usually, the videos grab the most attention.

Moreover, it depends on how unique and funny your video is, the more fun it is, the faster it spreads. One good example of viral marketing done the correct way is a video by a Danish supermarket, Netto.

So, now you know how much impact viral marketing has on your business.

Live Streaming

2018 was the year of live streaming. It was also the year where the marketers realised the power this platform holds.

Again, live streaming gained a lot of popularity because of the pandemic. The only option that was left with people is live streaming and video calling. This led to a massive rise in live streaming.

Moreover, live viewings boosted by 50% on Facebook and 70% on Instagram at the time of lockdown. Don't worry, this isn't going to end now. It has a bright future, moreover, it's a forever thing now!


Chatbots is an application that is used to conduct an online conversation via text or text to speech as a substitute for a human agent.

This technology is presumed to be an important component of digital marketing in 2021. It acts as a significant tool for assisting customers. In addition to this, it's also a cost-effective method as it replaces the presence of a human.


Personalisation is what makes humans feel belonged. That's why giving a personal touch is an important aspect of digital marketing.

Personalisation begins by mentioning the name of the customer's in any form of communication. It can also be carried forward to the website, social media, and various other digital platforms of your company.

Augmentative Reality (AR)

AR or Augmentative Reality is the latest and fresh trend of digital marketing. It involves the real-time usage of information and digital enhancements connected with real objects. Do you know? AR is expected to overhaul virtual reality or VR as a marketing tool.


Tadaaa...here we are at the end of this article. Probably, by now, you are well aware of the power digital marketing holds in 2021.


The new digital marketing platforms are emerging day by day. With this, we can only say that it's going to grow more and more in the upcoming days.

So, if you're the one who has not yet stepped into the world of digital marketing, then it's high time that you should! Not only is it inexpensive but also it offers great returns. So what's stopping you? Just dive into the world of digital marketing and feel the success!

To know more about the trends in digital marketing, you can contact us at RVS Media Limited. We are right here at your service.

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Magento: Why is it worth learning in 2021?

Magento Why is it worth learning in 2021

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Do you have any idea about the most popular e-commerce solution in the world? As per the Alexa study, 20% of all digitally used e-commerce platforms are Magento. In the world of e-commerce, Magento has made a tremendous influence. Magento website Development Companies have aimed to offer an excellent user interface with global attributes and a mobile-friendly theme. It contains valuable instruments, such as cross-selling and upselling, which enable consumers to create more transactions. As a result, you will achieve substantially increased revenue and sales. Ecommerce alternatives typically come in one of two dimensions: designed for persons with no technical experience, or a lot of experience. When you prefer an on-site solution like Magento, your IT unit will be capable of:

  • Conduct the latest adjustments
  •  Maintenance service
  •  Compliance with PCI
  • Configure alerts and implement patches to plugins


  • In 2007, Magento was first released. Later, in 2011, the company was owned by eBay and became an independent entity once more in 2015. The current revelations took place in May 2018, when Adobe acquired Magento.
  •  Magento, in September 2018 confirmed the end of Magento 1 life which happened actually in June 2020. In March 2019, Adobe introduced its latest Adobe Commerce Cloud, which is effectively a flexible and scalable cloud-based version of Magento that incorporates with other Adobe tools.

Why Magento is the first choice for Customers?

Magento is an open eCommerce technology platform effectively used by vendors worldwide, ranging from small business owners to large woo-commerce traders such as ASUS, Paul Smith, and Christian Louboutin Ford, Wrangler, Silent Night, Harvey Nichols. Magento offers cooperation with leading sales options.

Here are some key features of Magento that makes it the customer’s first choice.

1. High tech Safety: You may be worried about viewing Magento Security Papers. Yet CMS is among the most stable e-commerce sites to invest in. Magento 2.1, for example, is fitted with many revolutionary features to avoid attacks on unique locations. The CMS enables you to use the mask to limit entry. The X-Frame-Options HTTP request header prevents your webpage from click-jacking threats.

2. Point of Sale solutions: Every business acquires multichannel plan that ensures both selling online and in physical stores, having your e-commerce synchronised with your point-of-sale (POS) system becomes crucial.

3. Hosting: On-site self-hosted or cloud-based.

4. Integration of Payments: Integrated payments of Magneto are linked through Amazon Pay, multiple PayPal methods.

5. Smartphone: Pre-incorporated smartphone interface utilises HTML5 technology and endorses iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera web pages with a range of features to assist positive UX mobile devices, such as pinching, multi-touch and resising pictures, simple sliding between product images and zooming capabilities.

6. SEO:
  • Implementation of Google Site Map and Auto Generation Site Map.
  • SEO-friendly URLs for revise control.
  • Editable metadata at both goods and attribute level.
  • The relevant search terms page that is auto-generated.

7. Quality: Features of Magento Shipping:

  • Shipping rewards for USPS
  • The available support (at a cost)
  • Multiple carrier printing capabilities for bulk labels
  • International shipping
  • Multi-shipping and performance
  • Rules for automating the shipping process and the in-cart rating
  • Alternatives for dynamic and static in-cart value
  • Tracking up-to-the date by email or on a labelled scanning page
  • Portal Returns

8. Multi-Shop: Perhaps one of the strong points of Magento is its potential to boost different brands, stores, and B2B/B2C consumer experience from a single platform.

9. International: In a world economy, one of the benefits of e-commerce is that it can make it simpler for your companies to grow internationally.

10. Flexibility: Magento is an open-source e-commerce website that offers digital retailers a highly flexible shopping cart framework, as well as influence over their online store's layout, content and features. Magento has efficient ads, synchronisation of search engines, and software for catalogue maintenance.

Magento B2B

Magento offers features to endorse the particular requirements of B2B companies. Here are some key points pf Magento B2B mentioned below:-

  • Specialised Account Management Tools to enable B2B consumers to handle their corporate accounts.
  • Interface for multiple purchasers to share a single account.
  • Better, automated quotation demands through third-party integration.
  • Flexible terms of the transaction.
  • With Magento, you can offer customised themes to meet your brand, but you must either recruit a Magento website designer to develop it or buy from a global market.

Effect of Magento CMS on e-commerce in the world

Magento has shown a significant influence on the field of e-commerce. The revolutionary features and website designs of Magento have made every attempt to provide consumers with an outstanding experience.

As a result, vendors spend in B2B Web Portal Growth to achieve substantially higher revenues and profit.

According to reports, Magento CMS-based e-commerce firms receive 40% more sales than their rivals. All credits go to its tremendously useful functionality and scalability. It also allows sellers to push more buyers into an expanded level of marketing strategies. 


There are now two principal versions of the platform, Magento 1 and Magento 2. Overall, Magento is beneficial to configure and expand a rising enterprise.

Drawbacks of Magento 1

1. Layout: The primary problem with Magento 1 was its efficiency, which was enhanced in Magento 2. Magento framework has improved with the inclusion of a range of innovations, like compatibility for updated models of Composer, Symfony, Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PHP, CLI, and automatic support for Memcached, and Redis, Varnish.

2. Performance: Your market success has prime consequences for the output of your e-commerce shop. You should expect to see more visitors and therefore require a way to satisfy the increasing expectations of the visitors. That's why success was one of the important factors for the transition of the platform.

3. Quality: It is among the chief Magento 1 grievances. Magento 1 has maximum faster loading speeds of more than two seconds. It is a point of concern because surveys have shown that transition rates fall sharply per second of load time. As per Google, the total criterion for the acceptability of the e-commerce platform is 2 seconds

4. Panel: Magento 1's control panel was quite cumbersome and hard to sustain. An innovative dashboard, which Magento 2 stocks, was also absent.

5. Payments: Through this e-commerce approach, shop owners may incorporate several of the common payment methods to be used on their Magento platform. However, this typically involved the integration of third parties or, often, custom production work.

Magento Migration or Upgradation

Magento has gone through fluctuations, like any other network. It has a promising future, despite being threatened by Shopify. The purchase of Adobe has supported it with an upsurge. The frequent upgrades and fixes also render them highly stable. There is also a strong probability for Magento to recover a large number of missing users in 2021. In the upcoming years, it would be fascinating to know their tussle against other e-commerce sites.

Advantages of Magento 2

  •  Magento 2 is faster all over with better front-end results. Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 shop pages are 30 to 50 per cent smoother and can accommodate up to 39 per cent more transactions within an hour. Also, Magento 2 can manage 10 million page views within an hour.
  • Unlike the chaotic architecture of Magento 1, the Magento 2 admin panel is much more reactive, user-friendly and collaborative with a clean and sleek website designs. As a result, shopkeepers with little technological experience will run their Magento 2 stores effectively.
  • It provides a robust dashboard displaying last, current and average sales, lifelong net revenue, top trending keywords, income tax, and bestsellers. Browsing for details is fast, and navigating to the Magento 2 list is more effective.
  • Many of the latest innovations listed above have helped refine Magento sites for quicker distribution and decreased browser response time. Magento 2 is quicker all over in front-end results with page loading speed on average around 50 per cent speedier on webpage and merchandise sections. Checkout is 38% faster.
  •  Even though Magento 2 has utmost changes in Magento 1 results, you will also require to be diligent in improving your site pace. It not only increases your exchange rates, but it also influences your SEO. Slow processing times harm crawl performance, which gives rise to fewer pages being indexed to search engines.
  • Magento 2 now facilitates the most common payment methods automatically, without needing additional integrations. Funded portals are PayPal, Authorise.net, and Braintree.
  • The admin panel is an upgrade of Magento 1 in terms of convenience of navigation but also has a sharp learning curve. A lot of projects can be daunting to set up and handle, and if you are not putting them in the right order, you can get confused.
  • The updated dashboard reveals last purchases, and monthly orders; lifelong net sales, popular search keywords, income tax, bestsellers, and more. It also allows consumers to configure goods and adapt data networks to what they choose to display the most.

Which one have improved results: Magento 1 VS Magento 2?

Again, Magento 2 was favored by the programmers over Magento 1. Almost 68 per cent of developers stated that the efficiency of Magento 2 is much higher than that of Magento 1 as updated modules, a better code framework. React/PWA (Progressive Mobile Apps) was introduced on this platform. In contrast, just 28 per cent preferred Magento 1.

You can guarantee compatibility by an upgrade to Magento 2. Magento 1 will become an out-of-date platform in the next few months caused by lack of mainstream support, release upgrades and security patches.


Technology is updating and bracing itself for difficult situations, trying to make our lives simpler. If you are about to start your new eCommerce company, always make sure you are moving through the next 2021 trends.

Magento is the world most successful forum for e-commerce growth. Being controlled & revamped by Adobe in May 2018, it has a vast opportunity of being implemented with several result-oriented functionalities. Hence, new trends in Magento website designs and development can be seen in 2021. It will have a massive influence and beyond in the e-commerce world.

RVS Media is one of Magento's top global development companies, where you can find Magento's skills at an advanced level. If you are looking to recruit experienced Magento developers or are growing your tech unit, we aim to deliver our customers with reliable storefront models by collaborating with diverse Magento versions such as Magento 1 & Magento 2.0.

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How To Find The Best B2B ECommerce Platform

How To Find The Best B2B ECommerce Platform

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For every B2B industry holder, being up-to-date on B2B eCommerce trends is essential. One thing to be noted is how today’s generation of entrepreneurs will benefit from this thriving market of B2B eCommerce. Ultimately, it all begins with the appropriate equipment. Most organizations in the B2B space count on many things ranging from effective ERP technology to self-service chatbots to make dealings in the current junctures. Nevertheless, people might reckon that the most crucial investment, among others, for a novice is the proper eCommerce software. Whether you are trading stocks at a wide-range to creators, company holders, and investors, or you are proposing digital aids and schooling, you must have the appropriate B2B eCommerce strategy if you wish to grow in this robust field.

What is B2B E-Commerce?

B2b ECommerce is a short term for Business-to-Business electronic commerce. To understand it fully, it is the bargaining and selling of goods and other services among various businesses with the help of online sales portals. B2B eCommerce has become crucial to the transnational thrift. If you look at the new projections, all B2B eCommerce income will be about 7 trillion USD by 2023. This projection might be misjudged while assessing the quick expansion of the online market.

B2B eCommerce is a business connection that connects an industrialist and a seller, or we can also say a vendor and a dealer. A supply row generally implicates further than 2 organizations. Particularly merchandises as pliable materials, fibre, or chemicals don't often have a rational use for customers but are crucial for wholesale ratio, which is the root of the business-2-business criterion. Commodities and resources can be given from numerous suppliers; therefore, a thorough strategy is necessary to conduct profitable deals, viewing uncertain unification strategies for a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform

The Size Of The B2B E-Commerce Market And Trend

The international B2B eCommerce market rating US$12.2 trillion in 2019 is more than 6 times of the B2C industry.Presently, Asia Pacific is dominating others with a market percentage of about 80%, evacuating Europe and North America. Alibaba and Amazon Business are the 2 most well-known and leading competitors in the race.

These portals give a wide spectrum of commodities in a specific variety of services. Corporations are similarly growing and borrowing huge data to provide good client experience. The second trend is the increasing vogue of mobile stores moreover in B2B eCommerce. Besides, B2B eCommerce firms are currently incorporating their policies and procedures to solidify an invincible connection with their consumers.

Key Features of B2B eCommerce Platform

Some of the key features of B2B eCommerce platforms or stores are identical, Yet, some of the features are unique because retailing to different businesses is somewhat different from trading to customers. So, here are the 3 key features of B2B eCommerce Platform:

  • Complex Costs: Pricing becomes naturally reasonable with a B2C eCommerce website as each consumer receives a similar rate. B2B eCommerce websites are varied as you have fluctuating configurations in spots for various consumers. It can happen because of the percentage of business you worked with or the regularity of demands, or the kind of commodities they purchase.
  • Bulk Discount: Bargaining is a widespread trait of B2B business. It is a means of facilitating greater order qualities and making client commitment. Discounts are displayed with the product investment data. They can be founded on the amount of bargain percentage. Discounts are very uncertain and can belong to all stock in the supply (internationally).
  • Least Order Quantities: In extension to agreements such as deductions for purchasing in quantity, several B2B shops yet regulate the least order price for some of their products. Least order amounts are always important for overseeing leeways and guaranteeing you stay beneficial.
  • Shopify Plus: There are some of the Internationally loved brands, which are presently utilizing Shopify Plus as their genuine B2B business solution. Shopify is moreover identified as one of the growing eCommerce B2C platforms, certifying nearly a million online stores. And you can not doubt its credibility or question its authenticity
  • Pros: Good Combination, Good Client Assistance, Quick Interface

    Cons: Pricey, Dearth of Customisation.

  • Magento Commerce: Magento is the most popular platform for direct marketing production. Annually, Magento deals with over $100 billion in total stock quantity. It is also one of the most celebrated B2B eCommerce platforms that you will ever find as it has its own distinct and awesome characteristics. Magento delivers effective marketing, catalogue-management devices, and SEO as well.
  • Pros: User-Friendly Interface, and Good Customer Support

    Cons: On the costly angle, Exclusive Integration Aptitudes.

  • Big Commerce B2B: It is also one of the most outstanding eCommerce mart makers for B2B missions, giving you a detailed bunch of eCommerce equipment out-of-the-box. You can approach your audience and incorporate this forum with the best outcomes needed to prep an extensive and beneficial B2B eCommerce ecosystem.
  • Pros: Thorough Solution with Durable Usability

    Cons: Smart Characteristics Can Be Expensive, Substandard Assistance.

  • Open-Cart: This is a well-recognised B2C eCommerce platform, which is presently giving a solution for B2B actions. There is an available edition with improvements ready in the configuration of additions and add-ons, that might expect specialized skill to launch. Nonetheless, it is a slight cost to spend on a very thorough and good solution.
  • Pros: Thorough Solution with Durable Usability

    Cons: Simple To Use, Powerful Community, Good for new companies

  • Salesforce: Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) that aims to connect the customers and companies together. It's one integrated CRM strategy that provides all your offices — comprising commerce, sales, marketing, and employment — a sole, shared view of each consumer. This is an internationally acknowledged eCommerce trademark with the newest product data available (supply, specs, numerous impressions, videos, and so on.), enabling you to compare your contribution to your consumer by utilizing the data you have mentioned.
  • Pros: Its a cloud-based CRM, and it has many advantages that arise from its cloud nature: Cost-effectiveness of Salesforce solution in contrast with on-premises CRMs since you require limited IT solutions to install CRM.

    Cons: An apparent cons of Salesforce is that it’s completely dependent on the internet support. The connection should be permanent to guarantee the stability of the business.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best B2B Platform

If you go by the statistics, you will find out that 89% of the B2B consumers shop online. Therefore, it is important to have a good presence online. However, operating a B2B eCommerce company can be arduous without the appropriate equipment. To remain active, you must erect an inclusive eCommerce mart, and for that, you will have to select a broad platform. These programs have to be tailored-made to empower users with an outcome that suits their necessities. So here are the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best B2B platform:

  • Least Programming: Changes are happening in technology every day, and to keep your business updated and fast, it is necessary to follow the norms. Most of the industries are wielding free source strategies that are unrestricted and handily convenient. Nonetheless, for the long run, they will amount to money to retain and function since you rely on innovators to formulate even minor twists on your eCommerce shop. With the help of the SaaS (Software as a Service) eCommerce platform, the demand for specialized information about things is no more required. It now becomes easy to manufacture and create the store on your own; you can even make slight changes and add any type of features to your extension.
  • Mobile First: The international mobile internet trade is compared to 48.91% in 2019, which tells half of the consumers are utilizing smartphones to have an understanding of products and other business strategies. Hence, mobile-first is an important aspect of your online achievement. You moreover have the choice to create your eCommerce mobile app to build an unforgettable shopping experience for your buyers.
  • Competitive And Proximate Costing: The cost of a commodity is what the buyer considers most. Ensured cheap rates are the largest commerce moves to assure repeat clients. Consumers are largely happy when costs are in their particular currency. If you trade in numerous geographic nations, get an eCommerce solution that indicates the reasonable currency to connect generously with your local consumers.
  • eCommerce Strategies: Operating a business needs numerous skills. From arranging the stock to books, the job entailed is extremely time-consuming too. Online marts have a small drawback because consumers cannot touch and know about the merchandise. They can barely depend on stock portrayals and inscriptions. Besides, cataloguing is the major characteristic of any online eCommerce industry. Proper categorization is important to deliver buyers effortless navigation and enable them to get at more stocks conveniently.

Best Open-Source B2B Platform

Presently, there are numerous B2B e-commerce platforms available but Magento is one of the leading names in the game. It is one of the most famous Open-Source B2B platforms and you probably have noticed it on several B2B websites too. This outstanding platform functions excellently for almost any type of industry. The incredible aspect of Magento, besides from a terrific whole price of possession cost, is that it’s simple to launch, and it has A lot of characteristics with least expenditure. While you’re searching for the most reliable B2B eCommerce platform, Magento has the commendations to demonstrate its influence. For example, Magento was appointed as the nicest B2B platform by the Forrester Wave.

It is an all in one B2B eCommerce software alternative that was manufactured especially for companies. You’ll be apt to utilize this platform to achieve even the most problematic business objectives.

    Some Of The Features Magento Has:
  • Durable cloud-based product
  • Comprehensive B2B functionality
  • Custom costing and catalogue
  • Strong merchandising characteristics
  • Susceptible backend network integration
  • Backing for accounts
  • Outstanding shopping experience and so much more!

How long does it take to set up a B2B e-commerce platform?

Businesses usually work under a fixed timeline, and that enacts most of the determinations while choosing an eCommerce platform. New technology including API-first and heedless strategies enable businesses to run quickly. While there isn’t a common explanation for how long it needs to enforce B2B eCommerce, there are some aspects of it that will describe how you can quickly set up a B2B eCommerce platform:

  • Systematic product data Having systematic product data will not just boost up performance but it will also keep you tension free. All of your product data should be combined into your current eCommerce platform. Having your inscriptions, features, and pictures regulated will assist you in many ways.
  • Response and permissions: Digital adaptation isn’t only signed off by the IT company anymore. Your eCommerce program requires to be signed off by authorities in several divisions including commerce, trades, and organizational management. Before enactment starts, make sure that all stakeholders are on the exact page.
  • Integrations: TBusinesses nowadays, work with numerous policies such as CRMs, ERPs and other. Recent technologies including APIs create integrations quickly and simply to incorporate with your existing company's important networks.

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Importance of online reputation Management in eCommerce business!

Online Reputation Management

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What do you do when you hear about something new? The first thing that comes to your mind is Google, right?  Moreover, in a recent survey, it was found that about 63% of the customers check Google before they visit a business.That clearly says how important online reputation management is for your ECommerce developers website. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the significance of online reputation management in your ECommerce agency.

Furthermore, the expanded notoriety of web-based social media services, digital marketing agency, outsider audit locales, and blog communications caused customers to be fully informed regarding the brand they operate. Along these lines, keeping a strong online standing is essential for organisations. 

Customer discernment impacts a business definitely; it can even put your business out of your speciality industry. That’s why you must focus on building your image notoriety; it makes your customers trust your business and improve your deals and income.

It is significant for organisations to keep up online standing

  • Over 54% of computerised advertisers think about ORM for their organisation's prosperity.
  • 70% of individuals trust other clients' conclusions.
  • The associations that put resources into ORM accomplished a 25% expanded development rate in deals.
  • Organisations screen their online standing consistently: 42% of them screen every day.
  • Web-based media is most regularly utilised by 46% of organisations to understand what purchasers talk about their image on the web.
  • 70% of organisations favor proficient ORM administrations to deal with their online standing.
  • Almost 35% of associations consistently plan to assign more assets to ORM.

Why Online Standing Administration Ought to be Considered by Organisations?

Each business fantasies about obtaining its business destinations. However, it keeps a decent standing in the midst of existing and likely customers, it can effectively meet its objectives. In any case, once in the event that it is influenced by a negative or awful standing, it is hard to keep a solid relationship with the clients. Along these lines, ORM ought to consistently be considered for ceaseless insurance of the online standing.

  • It Improves Internet searcher Rankings

Online audits can produce a responsible effect on Web optimisation. The web index calculation realises that clients look for online surveys prior to making a buy. Henceforth, a business that keeps a decent online standing will improve in SERP rankings. Web indexes classify sites dependent on their nature of administrations, client prominence, and trust and validity among their crowds.

ORM improves the organisation's whole character by overseeing web-based media channels, customer relations, and site audits. It encourages you to rank all your image pages to rank rather than a solitary page.

It implies a solitary negative audit among many positive surveys can influence the SERP.

  • Increment Client Trust and Validity

Client trust is a higher priority than a web crawler calculation. In any case, most organisations ignore this factor. ORM encourages your possibilities to distinguish your image. As a detail referenced above, we know 70% of clients trust online surveys acquiring those clients' trust is fundamental. When they acquire trust in your image, they will talk about your business to other people.

A decent standing encourages your business to acquire the trust of expected clients. And furthermore, it makes your business more dependable than your rivals.


A couple of individuals befuddle to conclude if to confide in online audits.

  • Drives high return for capital invested

Online Standing Administration assists your clients with separating your business from your rivals; it implies your image is more solid. The brands that are more dependable pulls in 3X more deals.

Online standing administration is extremely critical for a business. As indicated by an examination driven by the Harvard Business college, the site that appreciates higher rankings will drive high return for money invested.

  • Gives an Expert or Brand Picture

Brand picture is a crucial promoting instrument that drives the majority of the specialty deals to your organisation. Numerous individuals probably won't know that standing can assist a business with getting improved deals. What's more, these improved deals further raise the brand picture of the organisation.

It's all the more a cycling interaction once you get a brand picture, it expands your deals, the expanded deals further improve the brand picture. To proceed with this cycling interaction without a break, you need to ceaselessly ensure your online standing of the brand.

Advantages of a Decent Standing
  • An all around online standing advertising effort guarantees that organisations have an incredible initial introduction on their possibilities.
  • Over 80% of shoppers say positive audits affected their purchasing choices.
  •  It centers around building up a positive brand picture by understanding client touchpoints.
  • 65% of web clients trust online data about organisations and individuals.
  • A decent standing forms the brand of a business as well as viably counters any negative exposure by the contenders.
  • 86% of purchasers utilise the web for essential exploration prior to purchasing an item.
  • The higher trust improves the likelihood of cold guests transforming into leads or deals.
  • A decent online standing causes organisations to be pioneers for all industry-related issues.
  • 58% of Fortune 500 advertisers accept notoriety. The board ought to be a center promoting technique for each business.
  •  84% of advertisers accept that building trust will improve deals and brand picture.
These are the channels that can be checked:
  • Customary or standard sites
  • Social news bookmarking locales
  • Web-based Media Organisations
  • Communitarian research locales
  • Buyer survey destinations
  • Free conversation discussions
  • Audit destinations
  • Client produced content
  •  Destinations like Wikis
  • Online journals
  • Article accommodation destinations
  • Businesses Think about Online Media Stages for ORM Administrations

Pages and profiles on different web-based media stages are an augmentation of your image to speak with individuals. Web-based social media agency are the most ideal approaches to improve the positive standing of the brand.


Online standing administration is certifiably not a basic word. It's a reality, and you ought to truly consider ensuring your standing on the web. It doesn't make any difference what sort of business you run, however in the present market, online standing administration is exceptionally pivotal. Considering it can assist your business with improving website optimisation positions and gain the trust of buyers.

Do it right away and avoid all kinds of disappointments. And yes, in case of any confusion feel free to contact us at RVS Media Limited.

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The Ecommerce Guide For Selling On Digital Marketplace

Ecommerce Guide For Selling On Digital Marketplace

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes, 32 seconds

Finally, after making all the efforts to sell your products offline, have you made up your mind to step into the eCommerce world? But, are you worried about where and how to start to get the best possible returns? If that’s your situation, then you really need to check our detailed guide on selling on an online marketplace.

Moreover, if you’re a junior marketer, store owner or an eCommerce manager, then this blog is just for you. So, without dragging much, let’s get to the point!

The number of internet users has arrived at 4.1 billion by the end of July 2018. Not only this, it is expected that half of them would shop online in 2021. Can you believe it? Today, one out of every two internet users is gonna order something online. You see, you definitely took the right decision to set up your E-store.

Excited enough to know more? We are too!

What to Sell On An Digital Marketplace?

First things first, you need to select a product to sell online. Choosing the right product is actually much like rocket science, that’s why you need to have some prior knowledge of the market!

So, you wish to sell a product that will give you the hottest and highest returns, right? Then open your ears, eyes and mind! This guide is going to be so helpful for you.

The first question is what to sell online? Honestly, there are plenty of products that you can sell on an online marketplace. To select one, you need to do proper research and studies, otherwise your failure is final!

Either you can sell the products that everyone needs. Or, you can select the ones that are only needed by a particular audience. Various eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart sell commodities. Moreover, Etsy focuses mainly on unique, handmade and bizarre products.

Other than this, you can also choose to sell a combination of both. Only if you have the required knowledge to manage them both effectively. Besides, if you decide to sell common commodities that can be found on every other E-store, then it would be hard to gain attention.

Picking up a unique product can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible, right? So, here are our suggestions for you, keep reading to know more..

Points That You Should Keep In Mind Before Selling On An Digital Marketplace

  • You must choose or create such products that solve the issues of people. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be brand new, it could be a slight modification on an already existing product as well.
  • On the contrary, begin selling products only if you’re sure that they’ll let people indulge in guilty pleasures. You can’t do that? Don’t worry, then you can find the products that you’re impassioned about.

  • The Ecommerce market is expanding largely and quickly, so step into it as soon as possible. There’s a lot of risk in it but this can prove to be the most effective selling strategy. It’s all the matter of timing, the early you step into it, the earlier you will get the returns. Most importantly, establish your credibility and goodwill as soon as possible. This will let you be the pro in a game when everyone’s just stepping into it, what say?
  • You can sell your products through your store or these big eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Email, affiliate websites, social media, Craigslist, and many more. Don’t bother much because starting your e-store is also not much of a task. All thanks to the hosted services like PCI compliance, SSL certificate, and shopping carts.
  • What about the payment gateways? You can select as many payment gateways as you wish. A lot of them also offer various SEO and business tools to let your e-store appear on the top of search engines. Also, the more options, the more will be customer satisfaction. Tell me, what’s better than this?

Selling Products With Amazon is Indeed a Great Way To Start!

If you’re a beginner with no tough knowledge of selling online, then Amazon is a good option for you! Why? Because it is the most famous online store, with around 2.53 billion pounds, as of 2019.
So, how to start? First and foremost, choose a product that you’re gonna sell with Amazon. Just for your basic information, let us tell you that you can sell pretty much everything except some restricted items.
As soon as you’ll decide what to sell, you can select a plan. You can pay 28 pounds per month to sell as many products as you want. Other than this, there’s a plan where you need to pay 0.72 pounds for each product you sell, that depends on you. 

Moreover, if you’re just a beginner, then opting for the individual plan would be a better idea. Because with this plan, you’ll only need to pay the transaction fees and not the flat fee. So, an Individual plan would save lots of money.

What Are Some Basic Marketing Strategies For E-Marketplaces?

Here are some of the basic marketing strategies that you can follow to achieve success in your online business.

Stand Out In The Customer Service

Customer service should always be your priority. You must try each possible way to make your customer happy and satisfied. No doubt, the expectations of the customers touch the sky but you need to touch it too. After all, gone are the days when buyers used to be the king, now the marketplace is a kingdom of the customers.

Most importantly, you must aim at providing a user-friendly environment for the customers. Also, the payment and delivery options should be top-notch. For instance, the customers of Etsy expect some personal communication. Whereas, the customers of Houzz expect faster delivery.

Besides, there are some things like personal communication, quick reply service and problem-solving, amicable environment, faster delivery, quality, discounts, easy returns, and other such things that make the customers happy. So, you must keep on making these services better.

Enhance Your Listings

It's always a great idea to optimise your listings for SEO and to make them click through rates better. Make sure to showcase good HD pictures of your product, do proper research of the tags and keywords, and pitch them in the product descriptions.

Moreover, your main focus must be the customer. So, make sure to present all that is in the product to them, in the best possible way. Also, you can make use of various SEO tools too.

Adjust Your Pricing

Make sure to automate the pricing to every single e-marketplace. The reason why the price should differ is, the structure of the fee and audience are quite different.

The best and proven way to keep a record of all the pricing on each online marketplace is by using an automation tool. It is a pricing tool that lets you know about the pricing of different marketplaces.

Yeah, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must put proper pricing of your product on Amazon. Because various studies show that almost 44% of the shoppers' checkout the price of any product on Amazon.

Promotions And Advertising

Marketing without advertising seems more like life without water, isn't it? Promotions and marketing go hand in hand. That's why you must promote and advertise your product as much as possible.

There are a lot of online marketplaces that provide advertising and promotion services to sellers. One among them is Amazon, where customers are earning huge sums of money. Also, the advertisement platform of eBay is quite developed.

In addition to this, various other channels such as Houzz and Etsy are also working on their advertising services. Although they are less vigorous and don't provide customisation that you can get on Google Ads or Amazon, they are still powerful in generating sales, clicks, and impressions.

Offer free shipping

What can be better than free shipping? Nothing Every one of us are customers at one place or the other and we expect free delivery, don't we? Even the studies show that almost 96% of the customers expect free shipping. And you know what? Some of us even abandon the carts after looking at the delivery services.

The point is, that's how important the delivery services and free shipping are!! So, you must work on making the delivery services better to achieve success. Moreover, there are some E-marketplaces like Wish and Etsy, they offer free shipping through more impressions and lower fees.


So, here we are at the end of "The Ecommerce Guide For Selling On Online Marketplace." We hope you are now totally equipped with all the strategies to boost up your online marketing game!

In case you find any difficulty or you need some guidance, then you can surely contact us at RVS Media Limited.

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How To Choose An eCommerce Development Agency For Your Business?

An eCommerce Development Agency For Your Business

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes, 44 seconds

Hey, as you are here reading this article, we are presuming that you’re looking for tips to choose an eCommerce development agency for your business. When it comes to choosing one from the best, our minds boggles, especially when it comes to choosing something for the success of our eCommerce business. But you don’t need to bother yourself much now because we are right here to eliminate some of the burdens from your shoulders. Goes good, right?

Why is it so tough to select an eCommerce Web Development Company?

This question pops in the head of almost every person, why is it so tough to choose the right one for your business? And the answer to this is simple, because there are plenty of fishes in the sea and you need to dive into the sea to find the best one! Terrifying, isn’t it?

In addition to this, there are lots and lots of eCommerce developers in the market and that makes opting for the one so challenging! But it all turns out to be an easy task when your goals and objectives are clear and when you know exactly what you want and what you don’t want from that eCommerce company. The Elimination technique (eliminating what you don’t want) works the best at such times of confusion, that’s what we believe!

Worry not as we are going to show you the way.. keep walking with us all through this article and by the end you’ll know its worth!

However, most people are not aware of it. This is exactly why we are going to provide the list of practices that Magento offers and why you should give it a try rather than going for some other eCommerce store.

How to Select A Good eCommerce Development Company?

At the time of establishing your online business, it is quite significant to search for the right eCommerce agency and determine the not so good IT teams. Moreover, some eCommerce Web Development companies are not considered good because they do not perform well, offer wrong eCommerce solutions to their clients, never work on time, make expensive estimates of projects and are not at all effective.

Besides, there are some very significant criterias that you should consider to keep your business safe from upcoming mistakes. Furthermore, we are going to discuss those criterias for choosing the best eCommerce agency for your business.

So, without wasting even a single second, let’s begin!

All that you should consider while selecting an eCommerce Agency

1. Experience and Clients

The very important thing that you must check is the credibility and experience of the marketing agency. If you find that the agency is well established and has renowned clients, then you can go further and ensure if it provides quality work or not.

What most of us commonly do while searching for something is, we Google it, right? So, let's suppose you have searched for the best eCommerce company in your area. Google showed you a list of many companies, but how would you find out the best among them for the success of your business?

Pretty simple, click on each company's website and check out its clients' list and portfolio. The portfolio page will give you an idea about the credibility and experience of the agency.

Moreover, this will give you detailed information about the company and its work.

2. Location

The location of the agency matters, isn't it? Of course, it matters, almost everyone wants their eCommerce agency to be in their city. Otherwise, you'll not be able to meet them in person at times of urgency.

Most significantly, you won't be able to make them understand all about the project without meeting them. That's why you must choose an agency that's within your city.

Okay, the case is not the same with some other business owners, they can work with the companies that are not in the city. The reason behind this is the credibility of that particular agency.

But, if the agency is new and the project is expensive, then we would suggest you to find an agency that's within your reach.

3. Budget

When they say money matters, don't roll your eyes on them, instead, believe them because money matters! Your budget decides how it's all gonna work! When you have lots of money then you'll be able to afford the best eCommerce development agencies (exceptions exist though).

So, the first step in selecting an agency is preparing your budget. With the maximum budget, you'll be able to negotiate the services that the development company has to offer.

You can check it using a budget calculator as well. It asks the needs and requirements of the users and then offers them automatically with a figure. This way, time is also saved by both parties.

4. Reviews

Reviews help a lot while opting for an eCommerce agency. So, make sure to check the reviews of the company you're thinking to take services from.Let's say, you Googled for an eCommerce company online. After reviewing its location and the portfolio, you get impressed!

But you wish to take every step cautiously so you need to confirm if it's good or not.. how would you do it? With the help of reviews, of course! Checking the reviews is indeed a great way to ensure the trustworthiness of the company

5. Work

Now as you are aware of all that the eCommerce company has to offer to you, take the next step of knowing its strengths.Find out the quality of work the company has offered to its past clients. In addition to it, find out the outcomes it received through that work.For instance, one eCommerce company might be good in digital marketing, and another might hold specialisation in redesigning an eCommerce website.

But why is it so significant to find the strengths of the agency? Simple, because you wish to get the best and topmost services for your eCommerce website, isn't it? The most simple and convenient way to know about the strengths of every single development company is by searching them on various freelancing websites. There you can easily see their ratings and portfolio.

6. Approach

The next thing you must look for is their approach. Every eCommerce company has a different approach to work on projects. Some will want you to fill a quick form, and then they'll offer you an estimate.As soon as you will agree upon their terms and conditions, they'll start working with your business. They may not ask you for more details during the project and will keep you up to date with the progress.

However, there are some companies who don't believe in updating their clients, they do not keep the clients updated about the project. This is not at all a good way to do things! That's why you must consider this at the time of selecting an e-commerce agency.

7. Awards

Without a doubt, hiring award-winning eCommerce companies is the best option! They have won awards that mean they have all the necessary qualities and they'll surely let your e-commerce business touch the sky.

But what you need to keep in mind is to select a company that got the award in the field you want them to work on. Suppose, you wish to change the design and UX and you hire an agency that got an award in the marketing strategy. Just think.. will that be a right fit? Absolutely not!

That agency holds specialisation in optimising the store and not in revamping its design. That's why, as I have already said in the beginning, you must know what you want and what you don't, that will clearly solve half of your problems


We have come down to the end of this article. We hope that by now you're almost aware of the things you need to consider while choosing an eCommerce company.

Moreover, the eCommerce industry will continue to flourish as more and more people are shifting their businesses online. It's a great opportunity for the retailers. But it can be challenging as well because of the increasing competition.

Therefore, select the right eCommerce agency for your business and achieve success with their help. Also, in case you feel confused and if questions are still popping in your mind, then we are here to clear out all your confusions. Contact us at RVS Media Limited, Thankyou!

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10 Security Tips to Protect Your Magento Store from Attackers!

10 Security Tips to Protect Your Magento Store from Attackers!

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes, 36 seconds

Are you head over heels in search of security tips to protect your Magento store from attackers or hackers. If yes! Then you’re at the right place as here we are going to remove drapes from some proven techniques and tips that help many small and large businesses out there.

What is Magento Security?

When it comes to the eCommerce platform, Magento needs no introduction. It is one of the popular platforms in the eCommerce industry. As per the Datanyse Ecommerce Platforms Market Share Survey, Magento (out of 467 technologies) is used by 12,708 eCommerce websites in Alexa’s top 1 million. It is estimated for 14.31 per cent of the eCommerce business. However, having an eCommerce store is just not enough, you must stay on top of its security which most eCommerce websites out there failed to provide.

But that’s not the case with Magento. Here we are providing in detail what exactly is Magento security.

Basically, Magento security is an inbuilt protection measure that helps in overcoming security issues such as information leaks, data theft, illegal transactions, malware outbreaks and much more. Magento provides top-notch security. It is packed with security extensions and themes that make sure you stay on top of everything. Magento developers are making sure that people all across the globe will get the splendid security which they are looking for in their Magento store.

However, most people are not aware of it. This is exactly why we are going to provide the list of practices that Magento offers and why you should give it a try rather than going for some other eCommerce store.

Without any further ado, let’s jump to the security tips to protect your store from attackers.

How to Secure Your Magento Store Without Any Difficulty?

Securing your customer’s data is everybody’s first concern. As customers are king and violation of privacy and data can cost your brand reputation. In this segment, we are going to discuss Magento store tips that can protect you and your store from hackers and data breaches.

1. Migrate To Magento 2

The very first thing you need to do is Migrate to Magento 2 if you haven’t till now. Back in September last year, when a huge data breach occurred in Magento, it left so many customers in wonder. Then Magento takes the attack seriously and launches Magento 2 that ensures a ton of high-security reforms and great performance. You'll be able to conveniently comply with PCI protection specifications with Magento 2, and your business will be covered with all of the features like XSS protection, Clickjacking prevention and much more. Not just this, the perks of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 comes up with SHA-256 cryptographic password hashing. Now understand the pain of migrating a store from one to another can be a daunting process, but there many Magento migration services available in the market that help you to get started quickly.

2. Keep Your Magento Version Up-To-Date

It is important to keep your version up to date as every new version comes up with specific features to ensure high performance and security. Many times you won’t find the new Magento edition best. There can be many reasons for not liking a particular update. But every new Magento update typically contains fixes for previous Magento security patches problems. As a consequence, keeping up to date on the new Magento updates is crucial. Once a stable version has been released, you can test Magento before enforcing it.

3. Ensure Two-Factor Authentication for Your Store

One of the best security tips is to ensure Two - Factor Authentication for your eCommerce store. It provides an extra layer of protection and makes it impossible for hackers to attack your store. It comes up with different two-factor authentication methods like Duo security, author, Google authenticator and much more. Using the built-in Magento Two Factor Authentication extension, you can boost the security of your Magento admin username by using your password and a security code from your devices. Always share the security code with a trusted user.

4. Do Backup Regularly

If you don’t back up your websites on a regular basis then start doing it now. As backup prevents data loss. In case, if things went south then using your back up you can automatically recover all the crucial data. There will be no data loss. Holding your backup on the same computer as your website is problematic not just because your copy should be secure in case your server crashes, but also because if an intruder gained access to your server, he can gain access to your backup copies, which is clearly unacceptable.

5. Use Complex Password

Never ever set an easy password for your million dollar store. If you are one who forgets a password easily and in that confusion, you try to use an easy password. Then believe us, it is not the smartest move. Always use a complex password which is a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols, etc. The other thing to avoid is to make sure that never keep your Magento store password different from the other applications password.

6. Set a Custom Way For the Admin Panel

Setting a custom path for your admin panel is important. As hackers can easily access the regular admin panel which is my-site.com/admin. You can escape this by using /admin with a custom word. The custom word can be anything based on your store requirement. It also stops hackers from accessing your Magento admin login page if they happen to get their hands on your password. In Magento 1, you can change the Magento admin route by editing the local.xml file, and in Magento 2, you can change it by editing the env.php file.

7. Get an Encrypted Connection (SSL/HTTPS)

One of the biggest reasons for security breaches is an unauthorised connection or unencrypted connection. However, you can easily avoid that by using a secure Magento connection. Getting HTTPS/SSL is not rocket science if you are using Magento. You simply have to search the tab “Use Safe URLs” in the device setup menu in Magento to get a secure HTTPS/SSL URL. To get the SSL certificate, try the Let's Encrypt section. It's also one of the most vital aspects of ensuring that your Magento website complies with the PCI data protection norm and that your online purchases are secure.

8. Spend in a Best Hosting Plan

When it comes to web hosting, never cheap out. The second thing to cross out from your list is shared hosting. Shared hosting is not a good option for an eCommerce store as it opens the door to data breaches cases. It might seem a comfortable option for you right now but for the long haul, it’s not suitable. Dedicated hosting is also an alternative, but you'll be limited to a single domain, which could be inadequate for your needs. It cuts your money, and if your Magento store's traffic spikes suddenly, the platform will crash. Now the only suitable option to consider is Managed Magento Hosting Platform that offers security. Always go with the best hosting plans for your Magento store.

9. Turn On Session Expiration

Keeping session expiration on help to protect your Magento store in any case of emergency. Know that people who have access to your website are no exception. This unauthorised access can harm your security. But Magento keeps you on top of that by offering session expiration. Session expiration makes sure that it will instantly lock the admin panel if there has been inactivity for a particular time period. You have to decide on the timeframe. It is always best to set a lower time limit.

10. Reconsider Spending in a Magento Security Assessment

Most eCommerce store owners find investing in security a waste of money. But it is the other way, if you’re having a successful eCommerce website then investing in it seems a valid option. Finding the loopholes and flaws on your own can be tricky or daunting if you are aware of the cybersecurity breaches. If you have any kind of doubts or second thought then hire an expert in a beat. The expert will do a deep assessment of your Magento store. They will provide you with a detailed report which will give you actionable goals to secure your Magento store. Above all, hiring an expert won’t put a hole in your pocket, it is affordable.

Final Takeaway

Tada! Here we have discussed 10 security tips to protect your Magento store from attackers. We understand how humiliating and troubling can be a process of a data breach. Nobody in the world can guarantee you that your store won’t get caught in any cyber attack if you don’t even budge to follow the normal security protocols. Know that prevention is always better than cure. Keep your Magento store update.

In case you need any kind of assistance, you can always reach out to RVS Media Limited. We'd be pleased to do an initial review to evaluate the protection standard of your store and identify any loopholes.

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