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Email Marketing Trends 2020

The key to the landscape of Email marketing was always personalisation. The expanding loyalty program targets quality over quantity. The world of email marketing took an interesting turn in the year 2018. The emergence of AMP for Gmail guided mobile email reach its...

A Magento PWA Guide

What is PWA? The latest buzzword of the industry PWA, Progressive web app is based upon modern technologies and design patterns. The far-reaching concept is one of the popular Magento eCommerce trends. The new software methodology is known to produce a reliable, fast...

How Artificial Intelligence will impact the future?

It is not very hard to realise how Artificial Intelligence has taken over our day to day lives. The ubiquitous presence of technology is making the world more vibrant. It is believed that AI will substantially change the marketing and strategies and behaviour of the...

A complete guide to Magento 2 migration: Take the plunge

Are you wondering why every Magento store owner is running behind migration? Why everyone is in such a hurry? What is migration timeline and how will it affect your eCommerce store? In this migration guide, we will discuss every aspect related to Magento 1 to Magento...

5 Reasons to move your Magento platform now!

Magento 2 was launched almost 4 years from now, yet there are thousands of eCommerce stores that are still stuck with the first version.. With the launch of the Magento 2 platform, the community had promised improved performance, enhanced scalability, better checkout...

Top 5 Magento Furniture stores in the UK

eCommerce is the retail holy grail. Unlike a physical store, you get an endless space to play in. The advent of m-commerce has left every obstacle behind. Search engines land unknown customers on your website serving as an additional source of traffic. Creating an...

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