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Why I preferred Magento over every other fashion eCommerce platform?

  • June 6, 2019
  • by Victor Lawson
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When I decided to start my fashion eCommerce store, the biggest decision was choosing the right platform, capable enough to fulfill my requirements and boost my business. I was all set to turn my passion towards business into a success story and all I wanted was a reliable CMS platform that can help my business boost through growing AOV.

A customisable platform and successful conversions were the first two things I was looking for. At that time, I realized that the world was going gaga over Magento as the best fashion eCommerce platform. The fashion fiestas couldn’t stop gushing over it and it inspired me to try it out for my eCommerce store. Although Magento fit in with almost all industry models, but it is especially designed for the fashion eCommerce store.

Shopping cart abandonment is the most common issue fashion eCommerce stores go through. According to a recent research paper:

  • 25% of customers abandon the carts because of the poor navigation of the website.
  • 21% of customers abandon the cart because it takes too much time to place an order.
  • 15% because of the incapable payment gateway.

Because of constantly evolving trends and so much creativity and innovation, it is impossible to work with limited functionalities in the fashion industry.

My encounter with the breathtakingly responsive Magento fashion themes made me even more confident about my choice. Straight forward returns, exchange back-end system, secure payment gateway and advanced shipping and CRM integrations were other features that attracted me.

I decided to dive into the ocean and explore the extraordinary offerings of the powerful Magento eCommerce store. This brief guide will explain my journey with the store and how I experienced the sure shot success with its help.


The looks of the website is a top priority for fashion websites. The essential features attract shoppers and Magento as a platform helps us to represent our services elegantly. The great and inspiring looks secure your online presence.

Loyalty and rewards

The loyalty program of the Magento feature special discount packages for frequent customers. It catalyses mouth advertising. It can be a tough competition for your competitor. The additional sales discounts kind of force your customers to return.

Promotion campaigns

Magento allows you to plan a solid email marketing strategy for your web store. You can post information about your latest collection and exciting offers to your customers before your competitors reach them. It also allows you to customise emails according to demographics or personal interest of customers. You can get a massive boost in your sales this way.

Excellent fashion images

Fashion is all about what you can show off. Customers can reach your products only through the pictures. Magento is an excellent platform for showcasing high-resolution pictures. If clicked nicely, pictures can pass every detail. On the top, they are the decisive factors when it comes to online shopping.

Be creative and responsive

Don’t fall into the trap of stereotype content. Create catchy content suitable for your products and images and present them nicely. Also, make sure your developer created a responsive website because most of the shoppers use smartphones and tabs instead of laptops or desktops.

Find online fashion affiliates

Exposure is very important if you want to attract customers. Tie up with key bloggers and encourage guest posting. All these things when combined with a perfect Magento website help you to establish your brand.

The incredible functionality and amazing features of this open-source platform instilled awesomeness into my store. I am happy with the results and now it is your turn to try it out.

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