Mara Vera is a substantial effort of merging the rich textile heritage techniques of India into modern designs. We use the locally sources materials, dyes for hand printed and create designs with the support of local artisans of India. The custom, handmade collection of our store includes is truly a work of art. Our unique handmade pieces are eco-friendly, sustainable and socially conscious. The electricity consumption in the entire process is zero. It is an effort to share the rich textile culture of India with the world.

Features of New Website

  • Shopify to Magento 2 Migration.
  • Improved clear and responsive design across the whole website.
  • Customised Shipping and the price is based upon the Postal code vs Cart Value.
  • Instagram live feed integration.
  • Customised Email templates


  • 28%

    increase in visitor rate

  • 56%

    improvement in conversion rate

  • 8%

    reduction in bounce rate

  • 25%

    growth rate

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