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CBD plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle of an individual. Vital Herb identified the good effects of this pure, naturally grown chemical and made it available to the thousands of people. Vital Herb offers totally pure, 100% organic and balanced CBD products that carry its authentic scent and taste. Their range includes CBD oil, CBD drops, CBD tea, shots and honey-infused sticks.

Features of New Website

  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Fully Bespoke Design
  • Optimised UX/UI simplified checkout process and responsive design.
  • Greater Customer Experience
  • Configurable Product Attribute Selections
  • Auto Suggest Products


  • 8%

    Improvement In Conversion Rates

  • 19%

    Reduction in Bounce Rates

  • 17%

    Increase In Website Traffic

  • 21%

    Increase In Add To Cart

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