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A Global eCommerce Solution that simply works.

Why limit your products to one country, when you can sell globally? Start selling your products to the people abroad and generate more revenue.

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What do you need for global eCommerce?

Selling in the global market is different from selling your products in one country only. From technical aspects and customs challenges to updating customised content for different markets, there are many things to manage. Yet, RVS Media has helped businesses in starting global eCommerce stores and expanding their business.

  • Authentic Localization
  • Pricing
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Local Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing

Authentic Localization

Define end-to-end customer experiences:
Creating relatable solutions based on the experience of local customers to give them an indigenous experience at your site.

IP geolocation:
Using the technology to identify the origin of a visitor and showing them relatable content and products.

Product targeting:
While going global you have to take care that you show only the products that are in demand and permitted in that region.

you may need to translate the content of your website to the local language to give your target audience a sense of relatability and familiarity. You can translate the product descriptions, reviews language and other content that can affect the buying decision of visitors.


Landed cost:
It is the cost for bringing your product to the country of the buyer or in the warehouse. Make sure to provide information to customers about the shipping charges, duty and taxes, etc.

Taxes and duties:
Make sure to select the right taxes & duties and inform the customers about these before their purchase. This will enable you to give them a smooth shopping experience.

Show the prices of all the products in the local currency of the customers. This will give them ease in selecting the products and checking the value of a product.

Different methods are used in different parts of the world to display the pricing of the products. In some countries duties, taxes and shipping charges are added to the total cost and in some countries, it is shown separately. Research what your target customers are habitual of seeing.

Shipping and logistics:

Order fulfilment:
While selling products globally you have to take care of order fulfilment. Select the best last-mile service provider to give timely delivery to the customers.

Global address validation:
using this you can collect the address of the customers in the right format and deliver the products on time. This also minimises the chances of errors in the delivery.

To ship your products efficiently, select a faster carrier and also take into consideration the cost. High carrier expenses will increase the overall end cost for the customer.

Shipping policy and cost:
Clear out your policy and cost. For instance, whether you plan to give free delivery for bulk order or how much you will charge for the single items. All these things should be clearly mentioned in your shipping policy.

Local payment methods:

Cash on delivery:
Out of all the options this is a must have payment method as in many countries people still use cash for most of their transactions.

Credit/debit cards:
There are many developed countries where people prefer to pay using credit cards and debit cards. Add the option of cards so that people can pay for products easily.

Alternative payment methods:
There are many other payment methods such as reward points or in-app currencies, you can enable international buyers to use these alternative payment methods too.

crypto is the new famous currency, which is famous among many sections of the world. It is a must add payment method especially if you are trading something related to IT.

Customer service:

Return policies:
Not all the orders end up being a successful purchase as some people return the goods for many reasons. You should have a precise return policy.

Localised FAQ:
People in different regions may have different sets of questions which they would wish to know. Add questions that are related to the local and targeted audience.

Loyalty programs:
You can research what types of loyalty programs your competitors offer and you can offer better than that to the customers. This may help you in establishing your presence in the new market.

Customer support:
Your customers may need assistance for many reasons from returns to delivery of wrong products and it is important to provide them customer support in their local language. With this, your customers would be able to connect with your business in a better way.


Your website should be optimised for global SEO. This will improve the ranking of your website in the search engines and bring in more traffic to your website.

You have to customise your discounts and offers for different regions, according to the buying habits of your customers.

Marketing budget:
Select a marketing budget related to each country you want to sell in. The marketing budget should be based on the customer base, purchasing power of the audience, buying habits and other factors.

Content marketing:
To connect with people, customised and relevant content should be created frequently. This will help in generating more visitors to your website and resultantly increase your sales.


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