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Link Building

Look, if you want to stand out in your online SEO game, then you definitely need to know everything about link building services. Whether you’ve been doing it for a long time or you’re new to this, this guide will surely prove useful to you!

  • February 2, 2023
  • by Rajeev Nar
What is Link Building?

Link building is the exercise of creating one-way backlinks (which are also known as hyperlinks) to a website with the motive of enhancing the visibility of the search engine. In simple words, link building is a way of promoting your website to various other websites with the main goal of having a backlink of your website on their website. Sounds interesting, right? So if you’re a novice or if you have just stepped into the online eCommerce world, then this article is just for you. Now it’s the time to dive into the depths of link building to know more about its importance and everything else that you need to know.
Let’s begin…!

Why Link Building Is Significant For Search Engine Optimisation?

You must be wondering why link building is so important for search engine optimisation and what exactly it does to your website? To answer it in a few words, we would just say- If you wish to promote your website and if you wish to gain better search engine visibility, then link building is just for you! And if you can become a pro in learning the techniques of link building, then we bet, you can go ahead of your competition and SEO, unquestionably.

How Link Building Can Be Advantageous For Your Business?

As we have already discussed the significance of links and how important they are to determine the rankings of your website on search engines.

With all the being said, we now know that adding more and more superior quality links signalling at your website can make your site rank better.

Well.. wait, this isn’t the end. There are many other benefits that link building offers to your business. They are as follows:

  • Outreach

One of the most important benefits of link building agency is creating relationships. It involves outreach of your website to some other relevant blogs and websites in a particular industry.

This outreach regularly relates to the promotion of anything that you have recently created, like an infographic or a piece of any content.

The most basic goal of outreach is to have a link, but this isn’t it, there’s still a lot more than only this. Outreach can also assist you in building long term relationships with the main influencers in your particular industry. These relationships of your business with the other business will be of so much use to ensure your trustworthiness.

Don’t you think this is a hell lot valuable? Even if you, me or anyone else forget to create links, there will not be any repercussions of that as you are building genuine advocates and evangelists for your business.

  • Transmitting Referral Traffic

Now that you know how links have an impact on the rankings of your website, it is time to know how links impact the referral traffic of your website.

Do you know that a quality link from a richly visited website can also boost the traffic on your website? Yes, you heard it right, it also boosts the traffic on your website. Moreover, if the website is relevant, then there are high chances that the traffic will also be relevant which means it can expand your sales too. Exciting enough, no?

But again, in this circumstance too the value of a link isn’t only about search engine optimisation but it’s about the users or customers. A good instance of this was the guest post which was written by Michael Ellsberg on the blog of Tim Ferris. Not only this but also he had written a case study on Forbes in which he explained the value that the guest post holds to him.

  • Brand building

When done right, link building can do wonders! Yes, link building can surely do wonders if you know how to build the links and add them in an ideal way. It can help you in creating the value of your brand and also it will also establish you as the top authority in your area of expertise.

Moreover, there are various link building strategies, one of them is content creation, which displays the expertise of your enterprise. And this display can be very beneficial to you in building your brand.

For instance, if you create content based upon the data of your industry and publish it, then chances are that you’ll become well known and reputed in your particular industry. In addition to this, when you try to get the links on your website, you are displaying your expertise and asking the viewers of your industry to show and spread the same to others.

A Key Note on Link Earning vs Link Building

Or, the significance of having the websites that are worth connecting to.

Before creating links, you need something valuable to create links to. Mostly, the homepage of your website is the best place to add links. Most commonly, though, you create links to exclusive resources like the tool, blog post, graphics or research study. Every so often, these assets last longer before your link building strategy. And other times, you build all these resources with an aim of link building only.

This introduces us to the concept of “Link Earning” or “worthy to rank”. Besides, all the link building strategies must begin with something worth linking or connecting to. It is very tough to get links on web pages that hold minimal value. Nevertheless, when you start with something that people or users find useful and worth sharing, link building becomes a much simpler task.

Okay, as you now know the benefits of link building, you must be curious to know some of the simple techniques of link building, right? Keeping that in mind, we have jotted down some of the most simple tips to link your site to the others.

How Does Search Engine Works?

Links are an important factor in building a good reputation for a site. And it is absolutely okay if you wonder about the working of a search engine to identify the top quality links. Here in this section, we will clear all the air about how a search engine works.

Google crawls the internet by following links and compiling an archive of the sites it discovers. When you search, you’re not browsing the live site; instead, you’re searching Google’s web database.

Google’s index is stored in several data centres, each of which is massive and complex. Appearing in search results is important. To decide the most important answers, Google employs both machine learning and human-coded algorithms.

Google’s search algorithm employs over 200 ranking signs. Many people guess about these signs, but no one knows for sure. To improve the search results you can perform various SEO services such as technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

The optimisation of technologies used in Google crawling and classifying your web is known as technical SEO. Domain infrastructure, page speed, technology stack, robots.txt, internal connections, redirects, and so on are all part of this.

Next, On-page SEO is the means of optimising the text and HTML of the website’s pages. This is a more detailed view of the items on the website, which aids Google in determining the page’s subject and purpose. This includes the page’s text, URL, title, header tags, photographs, and meta tags, among other things.

The term “off-page” usually refers to links, but it may also refer to citations. It is a section which you have the least control over. All you have to do is convince another website to give you quality backlinks. A backlink is a positive signal that enhances the reputation of your site in Google’s eyes. SEO is an important factor for link building. This is a reason why SEO company are prevailing in the market. So, if you struggle with optimising your websites then you can definitely hire an SEO agency.

A Few Simple Strategies To Link Your Website With The Another Website

There are lots and lots of link building techniques that are used by the website owners to link the external website to theirs. Here are some of them:

  • Content Promotion and Creation

This is one of the most preferred techniques of link building. All you need to do is, create unique, natural, compelling, and top quality content that people will want to read and share. Your content shouldn’t be vague and useless, it should be of value, otherwise, people won’t be interested in reading it.

On the other way round, when your content will be catchy, factful, and rich in quality then they’ll surely want to read and refer to it on other websites. So what say, are you ready to focus on creating content and making it visible in the eyes of people?

  • Start Being Active on The Social Media

If there’s one link building strategy that’s most popular these days, it is networking through social media. It has fully transformed the marketing and it can be a blessing for your guest post attempts and link building goal.

So, if you’re not on social media sites, then you’re surely hampering the growth of your brand. Share new posts, videos, images, build connections and start being active on social media to build your presence. Also, assist your fans in finding what they want, by constantly sharing your stuff on other social media platforms as well.

Eventually, when you become active on social media, then you can doubtlessly increase your engagement, even if you are a newbie.

Hence, you’ll display your website URL and brand to the public who, in turn, will share your posts with the focus audience. That’s how you link up everything subsequently, right?

  • Recreate The Leading Links From Your Competitors

It’s not that easy to know from where your challengers have earned links. That’s not that necessary, what’s important is, how can you recreate their links in your own link creating strategy. Concurrently, you would wish to avoid receiving all such links that come with a red flag.

That’s exactly when social media enters. If you wish to attach with influencer marketing and blogs, then that’s not possible without social media. You need to use social media to do all this.

Moreover, if you want your links to improve the ranking and if you want them to be effective, then begin with a tough base and keep building it.

Recreating or copying success is not much of a difficult task now. All this is possible because of the resources and tools available for you. And you know what? The leading or best links of the competitors are no longer kept hidden.

As soon as you get these links, you should start taking benefit of them. But how would you know which link is the best? Okay, well… there are various metrics to know that, but the most strong links are usually from the website that has page authority and high domain.

  • Email Signatures

An email signature is also one of the simplest and proven ways to build links. All you need to do is, attach a link to all the emails that you send. If you send 200 emails per day with an email signature having a link back, it can attract 100+ people per month to your site. See, it’s not a lot, but it requires negligible efforts

Getting something by doing nothing, isn’t a good thing especially when you are short on time

  • Mentions and Reviews

Reviews play the most important role in showing the trustworthiness and value of your website and so is the case with mentions.

Display your service, site or product in front of the famous influencers of your industry, and ask them to review it. Other than this, let people become aware of your brand and then ask them to mention it. This way, you will be able to gain a lot of audiences.

  • Links from Partners and Friends

Here comes the easiest way to build links. Ask your friends, partners and other people you know to link to your website. If not this, then what are partners and friends for? By the way, just kidding but you see, that’s one of the best techniques of link building.

Oh, wait, one more thing that you should keep in mind is that relevance matters a lot. The links that are of other industry or niche will not hold as much value as the links from the same industry will hold. Got that?

A List of Some Link Building Tools

There are a plethora of tools available in the market for the purpose of link building. But here we are going to discuss some of the tools that we think are good.

  • Ubersuggest

Do you know Ubersuggest used to be laughing stock days back? But you see, now it’s one of the best tools of link building.

It is one of the most brilliant tools of link building. It helps in building the links in the best possible ways and yes, it gives assured success.

Backlinks are the key parts of the algorithm of Google. So, when your competitors’ website has more top quality links than your website, then it is clear that he/she is in a far better position than you.

But, with the help of Ubersuggest, you retrieve the link data for your competitors, permitting you to understand their link profile in a much better way while focusing on the same links.

Moreover, it lets you get an insight into the common strategies that are prevailing in the market. So that you can adapt and enhance them.

  • Ahrefs

Let’s move to the next well-known tool for link building, which is Ahrefs. Mainly, it’s a link analysis tool but it can also be used for other link building purposes.

Above that, it is the ideal tool for competitive research. In addition to this, it is also used for the other metrics related to search engine optimisation and other elements like the keywords a site is ranking for.

With the help of Ahrefs, you can perform a full analysis of backlinks and check how the link profile changes with time. Also, you can unreveal the backlink opportunities for some specific terms. Not only this, but you can also discover all the broken links on other sites.

  • Scrapebox

It is a tool that can be genuinely high powered when used with any specific Google search promoters.

In the bygone days, Scrapebox was one of the favourite tools of black hat search engine optimisation ( it was used to automate the comments on blogs). Also, it can assist you to get results from the search engine result pages in a matter of seconds.

Instead of compiling the list of expected URLs manually, you can make use of Scrapebox to drag and export all the results.

This will help in saving a lot of precious time of yours. By saving time there, you can utilise it here in the other important areas. Instead, you can reach out to the candidates and persuade them to link to your site.

How to Get High-Quality Links?

It is important to know that links are of both kinds which are good and bad. It is worthless to build quality links. Good and high-quality links help to improve Google ranking.

Now if you’re new to this, you must be swinging in a dilemma about how to get high-quality links. Well! Not anymore. Here in this segment, we will focus on the part that will help you to get high-quality links without any trouble.

  • Authority of the Page

The authority of the page is important and creates a great impact. It is also known as the URL rating of any website. Google pays close attention to PageRank of any website. You can easily check the page rating of any website using a tool such as Ahref, Moz, etc.

  • Authority of the Site

The link quality also depends on site authority. A website with a high domain ranking generally considered good to get links from. You can easily check the domain authority of any website using a keyword research tool like Ahref, uber suggest and much more. Getting links from a popular website is not a walk in the park but it is worth giving a try as these links have great impacts.

  • Relevancy of the Site

When you get links from any website, always keep in mind that the site is relevant to your website content. Even if the site has good authority, it won’t be useful for you if the relevancy doesn’t match.

  • Link’s Place on the Page

Link position is very crucial. The links should be distributed evenly in the content. Generally, we put links in the footer or sidebars, such links are not highly appreciated from an SEO perspective. Make sure to add a link in the middle of the content body

  • Link Should be Editorially Placed

Editorially Link is considered as high-quality links by Google. Basically, an editorially placed link is someone who links to your website because they thought that your site is authentic and relevant. Google count links are unnatural that are not editorially placed.

  • Anchor Text of Link

Anchor text is the clickable segment of a link. Google appreciates anchor text as it helps search engines to identify the context of a blog. If you’re using keyword-rich anchor text then it will draw more traffic to your website. But keep in mind that it should not be spammy. Only use anchor text in a considerate amount.

  • Nofollow vs Dofollow

It is important to display the Nofollow and Dofollow links on a site. A no-follow link is a tag that indicates search engines that link is not an endorsement. Do follow links are appreciated from the SEO perspective. Try to get normal Do-follow links as much as possible.

  • Guest Post Link

Guest post is another way that Google loves but make sure it is not spammy. Recently Google’s former head released a statement claiming that guest posts have gotten too spammy. But this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. There are some points worth considering while doing a guest post. If you’re doing a guest post on any website, make sure it is related to your content. If you’re paying someone to publish your post then in Google’s eye it is wrongdoing. Always post on an appropriate and trustworthy site.

  • Link Co-Occurrences

Link co-occurrences are another important way to build high-quality links. Co-occurrences are basically text that appears around the anchor text. It helps Google to identify the context of your article.

How to Make Top-Notch Links With Content Marketing?

There is no denial in the fact that content helps to generate a high quality of backlinks with ease. But if you think that publishing content regularly will draw you links. Then you’re wrong. The type of content that helps in link building is important. Here we are going to cast light on certain things that support generating more links.

  • Visual Assets

Visual representation of the content is a very important factor to develop high-quality links. Visual assets are classified as images, diagrams, charts, infographics and much more. These stats and charts on a post are a great way to get links from others. Visuals get links faster compared to other approaches.

  • Listicles Posts

Listicles posts are a great way to generate backlinks. In one of the surveys done by BuzzSumo, it has been discovered that lists posts draw more links compared to any other content format. Not just this, such posts are shared by a lot of people too

  • Original Research and Data

One of the important things worth giving consideration when you are trying to build links with content marketing is to add authentic data in the post. If you can do some research of your own that would be highly appreciated.

  • In-Depth Posts

Lastly, always keep in-depth content in your post. If you’re covering everything about the topic in the post that would be highly appreciated by the search engine. If you create content that is detailed and resourceful, it will draw high traffic and get linked by others too.


So, here we have arrived at the end of this blog on SEO link building strategies, it’s importance and benefits and everything else that you needed to know. We have tried our best to put all the genuine and best information to help you out in building your business.

That’s all from our side, we have done our job. Now, it’s your turn to implement all this, win and stand out in the online SEO world.

We genuinely hope that you like and bring into action all the information that has been provided here. And yes, in case you feel like contacting us, feel free to do so as our doors are always open for you!