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5 Top Notch Reasons to Give BigCommerce A Try

  • July 30, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Having second thoughts about BigCommerce? If Yes, then here in this blog, we will explain all the reasons to give BigCommerce a try.

What Is BigCommerce?

There is no denying that online shopping has become the new normal for people all across the globe. This is precisely why most physical store owners are shifting towards the online platform. Every day new members are putting their foot in the online world. So with this many online stores out there, you need to have something that stands out in the crowds. This is where BigCommerce comes as a player.

BigCommerce is among the most sophisticated eCommerce platforms available, allowing you to build your brand faster by using all of the features of corporate eCommerce and double up your online sales without difficulty or expense.

Is Bigcommerce The Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Business?

BigCommerce is a user-friendly online store builder platform that offers a host of options and layouts. Finding your way through BigCommerce, unlike most other solutions with a learning curve, is very simple. To personalize your BigCommerce online stores, you wouldn’t need to be a full-time programmer. BigCommerce also has the advantage of being a hosted solution. As a result, you won’t need to hire a particular hosting company or spend on server space. When you choose BigCommerce, it’ll become your one-stop store. BigCommerce, unlike other eCommerce systems, allows you to sell unlimited products on other platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Pinterest and much more.

BigCommerce also has excellent marketing strategies, business insights and analytics, safety features, multiple payment gateway and enterprise-level extensibility to enhance your online presence. It is the perfect platform for you if you’re searching for a robust, hosted ecommerce platform with SEO-friendly capabilities and the ability to expand to tremendous heights without paying any extra costs.

Top Five Reasons To Give Bigcommerce A Try

Now you must be wondering about all the reasons why you must give BigCommerce a try? So here, in this section, we will outline why it is the best ecommerce platform. It is the ecommerce platform that offers wide range of features.

1. SEO friendly


According to much research, it has been concluded that 70% of the purchasers start their shopping spree by searching for things on Google. So search engine is the main factor for every ecommerce store and to improve ranking you need to have top notch SEO. Going with any random ecommerce platform can be risky because you never know what is letting your online sales down. It’s critical to choose a solution built to benefit your brand or online business from an SEO standpoint, and BigCommerce has shown to be the most successful in this regard. Unlike any other online store builder, you will get headings, meta descriptions, page titles, and alt-text. But BigCommerce thrives in a few areas when it comes to SEO.

  • Google-friendly URLs – Google favours the short and sweet URLs that are on point. Having prefixes of the category page may seem cool to some of you but search engines like the short URLs. And BigCommerce offers that flexibility. One can design their URLs using BigCommerce, which are almost always sure to rank highly in search engines.
  • Ease of redirects- If you ever make changes to your goods or sites, it’s critical to set a redirection on the old page to notify the browser where the new page is. It is mandatory for Search Engine Optimisation purposes. You may establish this redirect immediately with BigCommerce, but other platforms would urge you to do it manually. The advantage of automated redirection helps you save a lot of time.
  • Accelerated mobile pages- These HTML pages are subsumed of the web pages that deliver more interesting, quicker, and simpler to read. For most of BigCommerce’s layouts, AMP has activated automatically for all pages and items, saving you the trouble of installing third-party apps and reaping the SEO benefits.

2. Better customisation

One of the prime elements in every online business or store is product and pages. It is the attraction point of your ecommerce store. So it requires top-notch customisation. As we have mentioned earlier, there are many stores available out there, to stand out you need to be distinct, and there is no better way than full-fledged customisation. BigCommerce stands apart from the competition when it comes to customisation for several reasons.

  • Free and easily customisable templates – Every platform worth pursuing offers a library of free templates to select from. Still, not all platforms have designs that are as simple to alter as others. BigCommerce offers a drag-and-drop platform that enables updating your blog content pages more efficiently, allowing you to design unique web pages that sound remarkably as you want them to rather than being limited by current layouts.
  • Bulk editing or product pages – If the business has a few product lines, it might not seem like a big problem. Still, suppose the business is large enough to have numerous categories and subcategories. In that case, the web team will value how simple it is to update several market segments at once. This feature saves time.
  • Advanced product options – As the bespoke products industry grows, we see fewer e-commerce firms selling single items on their websites. Quite a few choices for product listings come equipped with most ecommerce platforms. But you may have up to 250 product alternatives with BigCommerce, allowing you to construct huge lists of product variations that suit your unique goods. It is simple to extend a text field as a product option.

3. Budget-friendly

Now most people who step into the ecommerce world initially get scared of the budget. Because starting the company off the ground is not an easy task, it requires money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. It will seem not very reasonable if we invest our life savings in the business without giving it a thought. Launching an e-commerce store is a costly venture. Inventory and development costs may add up quickly, particularly when paired with staff wages, advertising budgets, and other expenses. Compared to many other options available out there, BigCommerce is cheap and offers a variety of options.

  • Zero transaction fees – The most significant advantage of opting with BigCommerce is it offers zero percent transaction fees at every level, whether it is essential or premium. Other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce offer that functionality on a premium level.
  • Lower credit card fees – Bigcommerce charges lesser credit card fees compared to other platforms. This way, you can save a little money if you wish to purchase a premium plan.
  • Value at standard level – BigCommerce’s Standard Level offers a great deal of value than competing e-commerce platforms. These value-added elements are a clear advantage above competing platforms’ baseline offers. Advanced features such as built-in page builder, real-time carrier shipping quotes, automated currency conversion and much more are included in the BigCommerce basic plan.

4. Scaling

BigCommerce was created to grow with your company. After putting effort & energy into getting a website you wanted, and then actually spending resources on the marketing efforts to help strengthen the page views and trying to make configurations to the product pages, the very last thing you would like to think about is ripping it all up and begin again when you’ve hit your ecommerce platform’s capacity. However, that’s not going to be an issue if you go with BigCommerce. It is the platform that will help your business grow; below are some of the features that support our point.

  • Cart abandonment assistant – One of the annoying things on ecommerce stores is the cart abandonment issue. It is stated that it will occur less rarely with BigCommerce. According to BC, their abandoned cart saver helps firms recover around 15% of their lost revenue. BigCommerce makes it easy to create up to three automatic follow-up emails to consumers who quit their basket.
  • Real-time carrier rates – In comparison to other e-commerce solutions, BigCommerce charges a considerably lower fee for third-party real-time carrier quotations. This is a tool that will come in handy as you extend your delivery alternatives as your business grows.
  • Multi-currency Benefits – You’ll get a far superior multi-currently option with any of BigCommerce’s free themes, as they all inherently enable automated currency conversions based on internet protocol. For all other networks, this generally necessitates the use of a third-party interface or app. This will place you in a commanding position to reach out to people outside of your native nation.

5. Advanced features


Having an ecommerce store is not a new thing, but managing it is a daunting task and getting profit out of it is the wish of every ecommerce store owner. When an ecommerce store fails, people jump to conclusions like poor performance, but nobody gives a thought to advanced features like reporting and support features. What if you need support while running a store. Gladly, BigCommerce looks after all theory user needs. Below are some of the top-notch advanced features.

  • Reporting and analytics – BigCommerce offers a professional ‘Ecommerce Insights’ bundle for a charge, the bulk of report kinds with every BigCommerce subscription. Many other ecommerce platforms offer the same features by charging an extra amount for it, but you will get this feature included in your preliminary plan.
  • Customer support – Often, ecommerce store owners complain about poor customer support, but you can dodge that bullet if you prefer to go with BigCommerce. Customer service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week by email, phone, and live chat, which is very appreciated.
  • BigCommerce community – BigCommerce is a friendly community with a wealth of tools to assist you. BigCommerce will make you fit in nicely with its Q&As, news, and announcements, forums where thoughts are discussed, and groups where you can connect with people from enterprises that have similar problems. There is a powerful sense of community and information sharing among users of the site, which is a huge plus for everyone who uses it.

There are many more reasons to give BigCommerce a try. It is the platform that offers advanced features of shipping alternatives, offering real-time delivery quotes for customers who purchase higher-tier products. If you desire, you can also provide free delivery to your clients and generate shipping labels using BigCommerce’s third-party connectors. Not just this, it comes up with its shipping solutions too. Moreover, enterprise businesses may establish pricing for individual currencies using sophisticated SKUs, which is an added feature of BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is the best choice for someone who wants to put their foot in the ecommerce world, but many times newbies get scared of an overwhelming initial process like setting up a website, SEO and much more. If that’s the case with you, you can try your hands on BigCommerce development services to assist you in the process.


That’s all! Here we have mentioned why you must give BigCommerce a try if you are looking for affordable ecommerce solutions. In simple words, it is a complete solution for everyone who wants to skyrocket their online sales.

So what’s stopping you now? Go and try BigCommerce out, and if you need any assistance in the development process, you can reach out to RVS Media, one of the best eCommerce development agencies in the UK.