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Eight Top Techniques To Step Up Your B2B eCommerce Business

  • May 7, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Pandemic has made everything digital and shortly this trend isn’t going anywhere, it’ll keep on flourishing. Moreover, there are a plethora of B2B eCommerce companies already existing in the market. That’s why it is important to stand out! We believe it is only possible if you follow some techniques to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Consider Digital Marketplaces As A Part Of Your Plan

When most people think of digital/online marketplaces, they mostly think of Amazon. And when they think of Amazon, they think of it as the retail king on which consumers rely upon for buying anything online.

By the way, do you know that Amazon started a business to business (B2B) marketplace in the year 2015 that had experienced similar tremendous growth? Although having an original site is important for building your brand and for managing the user relationships, adding up your products to business to business marketplace can just stretch your visibility.

Besides, customers wish for convenience, access to information, choice and a smooth pathway to make purchases. They want a non-invasive and more personalised experience. To stay competitive, B2B organisations should accept the digital world and they should focus on everything that an online user expects from any business.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

An SEO strategy is essential for every eCommerce business regardless of where and how you sell your products. Most people start their searches with generic and basic terms and not the branded terms.

If you will not implement a perfect SEO strategy, then chances are such that you might never be able to appear in the search queries. Hence, you could lose all your customers to the more SEO optimised competitors. If the brand appears a lot of times on the results of the search engine, then half of the visitors are likely to click that result. So, if you have properly optimised your website and content by using an effective SEO strategy, your B2B business will surely appear on the top. And in turn, your brand name will present potential buyers with an answer to their question, that is your product.

Content Marketing

When content marketing is paired with an effective search engine optimisation plan then, it becomes a brilliant way to build a relationship with potential buyers. About 89% of the B2B e-businesses make use of content marketing and in that 89%, 53% are normally successful, 19% are very successful and 3% are extremely successful. To exist in such group, the successful businesses make use of content to become visible in the specialised field. Not only the dynamic content and blogging will differentiate you from others but they will also inform and educate your buyers. In addition to this, it will position your company as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Most importantly, all such interactions will help you in driving traffic to your website and in building trust with your customers or audience.

Moreover sharing such current trends, industry-related news, current promotions and tips will keep your users engaged and well educated about your brand and product as well. Ultimately, the more you engage with your customers, the more you will become a leader in your field of specialisation and a reliable source.


Chatbots are exceptionally useful for your B2B eCommerce platform. They can assist you to promote or upsell your products. Most significantly, they can answer the queries and concerns of the website visitors instantly.

Besides, customers might leave your website if they face any kind of difficulties in getting the information regarding payment procedures and other related queries.

Some studies say that a perfect chatbot feature can lead to a 50% reduction in shopping cart abandonment in the journey of a customer.

Select a Technology Platform that Fulfills Your Needs

There are plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the market. According to some reports, many eCommerce sellers pick from the topmost platforms. Around 13.69% of websites are using Magento, 13.63% use WooCommerce and around 5.87% of websites have selected BigCommerce as their eCommerce platform.

Before you begin choosing your platform, you should note technology requirements and all the requirements of your business. Most importantly, you should make a list of all the B2B website features that you need to offer to your purchasers. Once it is ready, compare it with the characteristics that are offered by the other topmost eCommerce platforms. After that, choose whichever is fulfilling all your needs. This will minimise the supplementary development and modifications that you’ll need to do. In addition to this, it’ll also save your efforts, time and money.

Offer Brilliant UX and Attractive UI

Brilliant user experience and attractive interface are important technology factors when it comes to the success of your Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce techniques. If your eCommerce platform is tough to navigate and a bit complex to use, then the buyers will not step again into your website. In all such scenarios, the lead generation capacity will be adversely affected and as a result, you may lose a big number of potential customers.

That’s why, make sure to understand the user persona that you are dealing with, their pain points and needs. Take notes of their needs and the problems which they have been facing. Most importantly, develop UI/UX that is deeply focused on the problems of customers and their requirements.

Rebuild Your Website

To move forward, updates are necessary, you can’t just keep going with the same old things! So, when did you last update your eCommerce website? If you only perform minor alterations to your layout and pages, then it is time to redesign your pages to attract more latest customers.

According to a survey of around 1000 B2B purchasers, just 10% of them make online purchases. Nevertheless, 46% of the respondents said that they would use the website of the supplier if the alternative was available. The main concern is that the buyers aren’t impressed much with the websites of suppliers. Their eCommerce pages generally lack the expected functionality and they are dated as well.

Moreover, almost half of the people said that it was tough to compare different products accurately.

A mediocre website hinders growth in your brand and it can also discourage your customers for a lot of months and even years after they abandon your website.

So, look all around your industry and also to similar ones to understand what kind of websites stand out.


So now, we are at the end of this article and we are pretty sure that you are now aware of all the strategies to boost your eCommerce business.

With so much competition going on, you need to get more and more creative to stand out in the long run and to keep up with the customers. Make sure to keep the customers at the heart of everything that you write and create. And ask yourself if you’re really solving the problems or just pedalling the features?

Also, don’t forget to do a routine check to know what’s working and what’s not.

In case you need any help, then we are right here to help you. We can assist you to achieve top-notch performance with SEO optimisation, content marketing,
website development and everything that is needed to empower your niche.