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How Having an eCommerce Partner for Your Online Store Can Increase Your eCommerce Business?

  • December 28, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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Not getting the desired ROI from your eCommerce business? Having the right eCommerce partner by your side works like a magic pill in bringing your business back on top. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Whether you’re dealing with a sudden drop in sales or struggling to convert leads despite having top-quality products onboard, the right eCommerce partner will make sure you don’t face any obstacles while taking your business to the top. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business owner or just getting your feet wet, having a reliable eCommerce partner is crucial to cut through the fierce competition.

With that in mind, we have compiled this blog with all the reasons and signs showing that you need to join hands with an eCommerce partner right now. It’s going to be very interesting, make sure you stick to the end!



Why Do You Need the Right E-Commerce Partner?

Creating eCommerce to eCommerce alliances becomes important for firms that are just getting started or that
are aggressive and competitive. Those that fit into the latter group might recognise how many duties must be
finished as a result of the process. There are times when you and your team are unable to complete all of
them on time, if at all, due to a lack of manpower, time, or other resources.

Successful eCommerce alliances offer more possibilities than what either party could achieve on their own.

eCommerce partners can dramatically increase the value of their products through joint marketing campaigns,
with the support of two times as much marketing power.


How Does the Right ECommerce Partner Can Benefit Your Business?

Still not convinced that you need to partner with an eCommerce company? Well, here are some reasons that show
how the right partner can bring fortune to your business:



1. Expanded Commercial Reach

One of the biggest benefits of eCommerce is that it allows you to reach customers in places where you can’t
physically be. You can offer your goods and services from one location to multiple ones by setting up an
online business. Additionally, if you choose shipping services like Shiprocket, you will be able to send
throughout the nation’s 29000+ pin codes. As a result, you can provide services to clients across the nation
despite just having one facility. You can transport your goods to 220* different nations using Shiprocket,
thus it’s not just one country but the entire world.


2. Business Revenue Growth

Your customer base would expand as the scope of your firm expanded, directly affecting the volume of sales.
It will therefore increase your revenue. With more money coming in, you may expand your product offering or
spend more on marketing to reach a wider audience.


3. Traffic From Search Engines

Sending emails, making phone calls, or delivering marketing materials to your audience can be time-consuming
tasks. But with the help of search engine traffic, drawing customers into the store has gotten a lot easier.
You can start obtaining regular visitors to your store and rank highly in the search engines by using an
eCommerce business. With the greatest eCommerce techniques, you may gradually turn these into a consistent
stream of clients for your company. Simply make the website SEO-friendly to show up in searches and draw in
more visitors.


4. Low Cost of Operations

One advantage of having an online store is that you wouldn’t need to construct physical stores at each
location where you wish to sell your goods or services; instead, a single eStore would take care of that for
you. This will help to keep the operational costs of your organisation low. As a result, your operational
costs are reduced to a minimum while you have access to clients from all over the country.


5. Building an Online Reputation

When your customers praise your goods or services, it might be challenging for you to use their praise to win
over new clients as a small offline firm. However, if your company has a presence online, your clients can
express their gratitude on its social media pages. These reviews are publicly accessible for everyone to
read, which aids in converting new users to paying clients. You must, however, have company profiles on
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar social media platforms in order for this to happen.


6. Flexible Schedules

With an internet business, you may remain open for new orders and consumers around-the-clock, which is not
possible with a brick-and-mortar location. Therefore, ordering online gives you access to orders
around-the-clock and ensures that you never miss a chance.


7. Reviews

One of the most effective marketing strategies that can make any brand go viral overnight is word of mouth.
While getting customer ratings in a physical store is challenging, doing so online is considerably more
convenient. Customers can provide online reviews, which you can then publish on social networking sites and
other sales channels to gain credibility.


8. Tracking Products Easily

One of the most significant benefits of an eCommerce company can be the ability to track a product online.
When you give your merchandise to the fulfilment business, you may promptly find out its status. You can
then keep track of the product’s location and estimate its delivery date.

As an alternative, you can keep track of the items in your inventory that will soon run out of stock and add
more as needed.


7 Tips for Choosing the Right ECommerce Partner

There are many eCommerce development companies out there. Hence, choosing the right one can
be very difficult. But don’t worry!

Below are some points to consider when finalising your eCommerce partner:


1. Experience

The first quality to consider in an E-Commerce partner is that they have a track record of success in their
industry. Use reviews, case studies, references, and recommendations as the foundation of your search to
determine whether a potential partner is capable of meeting your needs. These details could be helpful while
looking for the right partner to gain a sense of their experience:

  • Have they successfully completed projects in both the
    business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors?
  • Have they worked in both local and international e-commerce? This is
    helpful if you wish to conduct business internationally.
  • Has their experience included both small and large businesses?
  • Make sure they are capable of managing website operations as well as
    web design.
  • Do they have sufficient experience with the systems needed to
    integrate your e-commerce? These could include, among others, PIM, ERP, POS, OMS, Search, CRM, Payment
    Gateways, and Loyalty Programs. It is not necessary for your partner to have any experience, but the
    more the better.
  • How have they enhanced customer experience and increased business

There are further considerations, however, they may vary depending on your goals. Make a list of the issues
that are crucial to your company and ask the prospective partner to address them.


2. Integrations Experience

The most effective ecommerce systems typically include a variety of integrations to boost operational
effectiveness and enhance the user experience. We at Vaimo have integrated PIM, ERP, POS, Order Management,
Search, CRM, Payment Gateways, Loyalty Programs, User-Generated Content (UGC), and Content for clients to
help them scale and accomplish their objectives.

However, doing so calls for expertise and understanding. The last thing you want is to have a tech stack that
is fragmented, where data gets trapped in silos and you end up paying for many pieces of software that
aren’t useful for your company.


3. Knowledge of the Strategies

Your e-commerce solution is a crucial component of your company, and every choice you make affects your
strategy to some degree. You’ll need a staff that is knowledgeable about both the operational and managerial
aspects of your company as well as the strategic roadmap if you want to achieve your goals.

The proper people’s involvement is essential to success, and at RVS Media, we frequently assist our clients
in determining who and how to involve them. Giving everyone a seat at the table from the start lowers the
chance of overlooking crucial project components.

Each department will have its requirements that you should take into account, for instance, your IT team will
probably have a more technical perspective on things than your marketing team. Gaining support from every
department in your company is essential and will make change management much easier later on.


4. Price

Of course, the cost comes last. This will frequently be the deciding factor. We recognise that you have a
specific e-commerce budget and that you must adhere to it. However, there are a few things you need to bear
in mind when it comes to price.

Depending on the partner, e-commerce systems have different pricing structures and delivery schedules. One
quote that is based on fixed expenses, completely transparent, and offers you an accurate picture of what
you will pay both during and after the project is possible.

A different partner, meanwhile, can offer a cheaper starting price to win the business before slapping you
with extra fees for the build and for using the site after it goes live. It is hard to predict the cost of
the solution in this situation.


5. Cultural Fit

Always keep in mind that a digitalization transformation initiative is no easy task. It will take time, and
stakeholders from across your business will need to provide input and buy-in.

Managing change is never easy, and your success will depend on your ability to convince everyone to join you.
Your interactions with your ecommerce partner will likely be more frequent than those with some of your
coworkers. And if you have a successful working relationship, it might last for a long time.


6. Reliability and Support

Make sure the partner you select offers solid solutions and broad support. Any kind of downtime has serious
financial repercussions in today’s digital environment. Additionally, if clients are unable to access your
website or make a purchase, they may never come back. It is obvious that dependability, security, and
support should be deal-breakers when you are seeking an ecommerce partner whenever you take into account the
constantly expanding issue of internet security.


7. Omnichannel Capabilities

Make sure the partner you select offers solid solutions and broad support. Any kind of downtime has serious
financial repercussions in today’s digital environment. Additionally, if clients are unable to access your
website or make a purchase, they may never come back. It is obvious that dependability, security, and
support should be deal-breakers when you are seeking an ecommerce partner whenever you take into account the
constantly expanding issue of internet security.



The benefits of eCommerce are numerous. It saves time and effort, and with just one mouse click, you may
market your goods or services to a wide global audience. It is less expensive than competing firms. You may
accomplish wonders for your company by reducing operational damage and improving sales through greater
reach. At RVS Media, we partner with retailers, brands, and businesses to provide them with the best
e-commerce solutions that ensure their success. In case you’re looking for any kind of assistance, feel free
to visit us!