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Top 6 New Year Resolutions 2024 for every Small eCommerce Owners

  • February 18, 2020
  • by Rajeev Nar
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    You have just wrapped up the busiest time of the year and definitely deserve a break. It is the New Year and that’s why; it is the time to take a breath and look back at the previous year’s progress.

    At the same time, it is an opportunity to set goals that make a great deal of sense. It is the right time to analyse how your business was doing in the past 12 months and what can be done to improve things further.

    Whichever industry you belong to, you always need the motivation to align all your efforts and energy. What can be better than adopting it as a New Year’s Resolution!

    Here are the top 5 eCommerce Resolutions for New Year 2024 .

    1. Improve your Mobile Conversion Rate

    The majority of traffic has already shifted to mobiles. Therefore, setting up for mobiles conversions should be your first target. Make sure to create a mobile experience that is seamless and easy to work with.

    2. Up to the Mark Content

    Content has faced many radical changes this year and has become even more important. The authentic, useful, personalised and relevant content never loses its charm. Result-focused content is the key to every marketing technique.

    It generates sales, gets higher Google ranks, grows your email list and increases your brand awareness. Last but not least, it increases your web traffic.

    3. Focus on email Marketing

    New Year, new plans; it is the perfect time to purge and segment your already existing email marketing lists. Review how responsive your email marketing campaigns are. Who is responding to it and who is not? Get over the subscribers who have not responded in over a year or two.
    It will help your business maintain a healthy reputation.

    Scrubbing your email lists will help you segment your audience. Targeted and relevant emails ensure long-term engagement. Segmenting and personalising your emails increase the chances of clicking and opening.

    4. Beef up your security

    Big brands attract unwanted scrutiny and are always under security threats. Data breaches are not only harmful to them but to their customers as well. It is the website’s responsibility to protect the sensitive financial information of their customers. Go through your web security checklist to check what other steps can be taken to ensure a secure and trustable website.

    5. Retarget customers who abandoned their carts

    Target the customers who have not completed their purchases yet. Design a better return path for them. Set up a special remarketing plan for the customers who left abruptly earlier. Motivate them to return by giving better offers and deals.

    Take a target to reduce your bounce rate to 50% by the second quarter of the year.

    6. Personalised Customer Experience

    You need to realise that every customer has discreet interests and needs. Not every product and piece of content is relevant to each of them. If they land on your website and find nothing of their interest, you will lose them. Delivering a tailored experience will keep them around and initiate conversion as well.

    It is the data in fact that backs up the power of personalisation. Research says that it can increase your sales by 18%.

    Get it right this Year

    No matter how good you are doing, there is always room for improvement. Trying new things can be hard, but they are worth it.

    Mark the New Year, the most devoted time of the year in your favour. Focus on new and creative things. Prioritise your goals. Expand your business. And, keep reviewing it at regular intervals.