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Buy-Flooring-Online is a comprehensive online platform specialising in the UK’s top-quality flooring products and installation services. They offer a wide range of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet, along with fixtures and fittings for a flawless finish. Committed to exceptional customer service, their experienced professionals provide expert advice to ensure customer satisfaction with both purchases and installations.


Buy-Flooring-Online wanted to enhance its UI/ UX design to deliver a great overall experience to the visitors. Additionally, wanted conversion optimisation and performance improvisation for the entire website. Further, they wanted to create a visually appealing website.


In the process of revamping Buy-Flooring-Online's digital landscape, RVS Media encountered a series of stimulating challenges. Custom integration with third-party systems, the creation of a bespoke theme, and the harmonious fusion of branding with UX/UI design became steppingstones in our journey. Implementing a mega menu and custom category filters greatly improved user navigation and product discovery. The journey didn't culminate with the launch; it extended into the realm of maintenance and support, where our team remained unwaveringly committed to ensuring the website's continuous smooth operation. These challenges served as catalysts for innovation and ultimately led to an exceptional digital transformation that exceeded the expectations of Buy-Flooring Online and its discerning customers.


RVS Media rose to the challenge by crafting tailored solutions for Buy-Flooring-Online's digital realm, meticulously aligning them with specific requirements. We developed bespoke themes with the end user in mind, ensuring a captivating and user-friendly design. Custom features, including 'Shop by Brand,' were integrated seamlessly, enhancing the customer experience. In addition, Google Analytics integration provided valuable insights, while smooth integration with email marketing tools facilitated targeted communication. RVS Media's bespoke tracking and conversion tracking solutions added a layer of precision, ultimately culminating in a digitally transformed landscape that exceeded expectations.



Improvement in Conversion Rates


Reduction in Bounces Rates


Increase In Website Traffic


Increase In Add To Cart

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At RVS Media, we give the very best to our clients and help them achieve their business goals. Check out what our clients have to say about us.


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