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Torbay Council is an important local authority that operates in the Torbay region, located in the county of Devon, England. The council holds borough status, meaning that it serves as the local government for the region. Torbay Council is responsible for a wide range of services and duties that are essential for the well-being and safety of the community. These services are not limited to waste management, environmental health, social care, housing, transport, education, and planning. The council is headquartered in the seaside town of Torquay and is committed to providing high-quality services to the residents of Torbay.


Torbay Council had been struggling with the issue of fragmented information across multiple platforms, which has been limiting the access of families to essential services. To tackle this challenge, the council has decided to implement the “Start of Life Family Hub”, a UK government initiative aimed at centralizing all information, resources, guidance, and services into a single system.


RVS Media confronted a set of distinctive challenges in planning and designing the website for Family Hub, aimed at centralizing Torbay Council's online presence and enhancing their services. The primary challenge was to consolidate content, features, and functionalities from six different platforms into one cohesive website, necessitating a complex integration process. Additionally, the team had to ensure the user-friendly interface provided seamless navigation and access to a diverse range of resources. Resource allocation optimization and efficiency improvement were critical, along with the task of reducing costs and enhancing operational effectiveness through centralization. This transformation aimed to streamline access, foster improved coordination among professionals, and empower families with essential tools for early childhood support, overcoming these challenges through careful planning and execution.


RVS Media orchestrated a comprehensive solution for Family Hub's website, deftly addressing Torbay Council's unique requirements by centralizing their online presence. Our approach encompassed the development of a centralized website, seamlessly integrating content and features from six distinct platforms. We meticulously designed a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and access to a wealth of diverse resources. The optimization of resource allocation and increased operational efficiency led to significant cost reductions, ultimately improving overall effectiveness. This strategic centralization not only streamlined access but also enhanced collaboration among professionals, while providing families with indispensable tools for early childhood support, effectively transforming their digital landscape.



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Overall, it has been a very positive experience of working with RVS, they have been responsive to our requirements and understanding when we didn't have a clear plan for what we needed. Since the project ended, i have had to contact RVS a couple of times when i couldn't remember how to do something or when we had an issue and they responded straight away.

Helen Hallam


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