Digital Transformation in Public Sector

Enhance performance across various aspects to provide top-notch digital public services, reduce expenses, boost efficiency, and cultivate a capacity for ongoing and impactful innovation.

We understand the Public Sector challenges.


We’ve created sophisticated government and public sector solutions that have enhanced efficiency across departments and user experiences. This includes establishing smooth integrations and upgrading old legacy systems to the most recent technologies.


At RVS Media, we know about the public sector’s many information and organisational problems.


Old systems, strict rules and ways of doing things, and a work environment that is naturally full of red tape can all be big roadblocks to working efficiently with digital methods. So, we’ve developed solutions that bring departments together, make workflows run more smoothly, and make services easier for end-users.

Building the public sector ahead with solutions powered by data


We’ve developed a software solution that facilitates the process of checking Early Years (EY) eligibility for parents and schools. This software directly communicates with the Department for Education (DfE) in the UK.


The software is designed to streamline the process of determining eligibility for early years educational services. It allows parents to easily input their information and receive immediate feedback on their child’s eligibility. For schools, it provides a simple and efficient way to verify eligibility, ensuring they can allocate resources effectively.


Furthermore, the software maintains a direct line of communication with the DfE. This ensures that all eligibility checks are up-to-date with the latest regulations and criteria set by the department. It’s a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and expedite the process of EY eligibility checking for all parties involved.




Digital Transformation Case Studies in Public Sector ⤵

family hub

Family Hubs Torbay

Information for you and your family

are a new way of bringing together all the support a family may need and provides a welcoming space and a ‘front door’ for families from pregnancy through to young people turning 19 (or 25 if they experience SEND)

Ealing Food Partnerships

Tackling Food Waste for a Sustainable Future

Around 900,000 Tonnes of Food is Wasted Every Year in London.
Let’s work together towards a more sustainable future by addressing the critical issue of food waste in London. The Ealing Food Partnership is dedicated to promoting sustainable food practices, Redistributing surplus food, and engaging organisations to create a thriving and fair food system in Ealing.

Eligibility Checking System

If you are a Local Authority user of the ECS and require assistance, please get in touch

Checking Eligibility System Allow Parents to check if they are eligible for the following

  1. free school meals
  2. funded early learning for two year olds (this applies to England only)
  3. Early Years Pupil Premium (this applies to England only)
  4. Childcare for Working Parents (this applies to England only)

About us

Shaping tomorrow


Envisioning a future where technology transcends tool status, becoming an integral part of life, we aim to transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Our mission is to actualise this vision through digital transformation, with a focus on government and public sector. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, we aspire to revolutionise these sectors, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and user-friendliness of services. We are dedicated to fostering a technologically advanced future that promotes growth, innovation, and enriches daily experiences.



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Technologies & Partners

We are specialised in the following technologies and partner with Adobe.


We work on the following technologies

React JS

Construct swift and efficient web applications featuring quick page rendering, leveraging the productive and engaging capabilities of React

Next JS

Create custom, high-quality web applications that load swiftly, powered by the superior performance of the Next.js


Revolutionise your sector with the fusion of agile principles and the extensive knowledge of our Angular developers, breathing life into considerate web applications.


Boost client interaction with aesthetically pleasing, scalable, and dependable interfaces for web applications, made possible by the limitless potential of Vue.js


Benefit from a sturdy codebase to obtain dynamic, fast, and adaptable PHP web development solutions for highly interactive web pages.


Transform your enterprise with first-rate web applications, vibrant websites, and desktop apps, rewriting your brand’s success

Ecommerce Agency

Laravel values beauty and clean code, offering a simple, elegant syntax that puts amazing functionality at your fingertips.


Allow us to guide businesses in embracing potent and groundbreaking strategies to establish secure and dependable


RVS Media is delighted to announce its recognition of excellence in the public sector. Our commitment to digital transformation is driven by innovation, creativity, and client satisfaction and has been consistently acknowledged by prestigious industry awards.
Selected as FINALIST in Government Sector for Procurement team of the year & Best Procurement Delivery 2024

2024 FINALIST in Government Sector for Procurement Team of The Year

Selected as FINALIST in Government Sector for Procurement team of the year & Best Procurement Delivery 2024

2024 FINALIST in Government Sector for Best Procurement Delivery

Finalist of category (Ecommerce Company of the year) - UK Ecommerce Awards 2022

UK Ecommerce Awards 2022 Finalist

Winner of category (eCommerce Company of the year) - UK Business Tech Awards 2021

Winner Tech Awards 2021, eCommerce Company of the year, 2022 Finalist, eCommerce Company of the Year