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Fushi Wellbeing is an award-winning health and beauty product brand based in London. The company creates products that optimize your well-being by combining hand-blended, fresh and cold-pressed organic oils and herbs that are ethically sourced from the current season’s harvest. Fushi Wellbeing is committed to using only the purest, all-natural ingredients to create products that have genuine benefits for their customers and the planet.


Fushi Wellbeing aimed to fully leverage the potential of e-commerce. They wanted a website that would be meticulously tailored to reflect their brand identity. The website should be mobile-responsive and provide an enhanced user experience. They were looking to boost user engagement, increase sales, and translate their commitment to well-being into a visually captivating and high-performing digital storefront.


The design and development journey for Fushi Wellbeing presented us at RVS Media with a series of intricate challenges. We navigated the complexities of data migration from Magento 2 to Shopify, ensuring a seamless transition while preserving essential data. Custom development was paramount, involving the creation of bespoke integrations and localizations for multiple countries to cater to diverse audiences. Speed optimization became a critical focus, demanding meticulous fine-tuning to enhance website performance. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to maintenance and support was pivotal in upholding the website's seamless operation, transcending these challenges to deliver a robust and internationally accessible digital platform for Fushi Wellbeing.


RVS Media, in response to the complex challenges faced during the development of Fushi Wellbeing's website, provided an array of solutions that transformed the digital landscape. This encompassed comprehensive SEO optimisation for improved visibility and search engine rankings, successful implementation of localisation to cater to a global audience, seamless integration of “Yotpo” to enhance user reviews and engagement, refined layout improvements for an intuitive and captivating user experience, customer segmentation for targeted marketing efforts, and a holistic approach to conversion optimization, ultimately ensuring that the website not only met but exceeded Fushi Wellbeing's expectations, fostering growth and success.



Improvement in Conversion Rates


Reduction in Bounces Rates


Increase In Website Traffic


Increase In Add To Cart

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