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Raft’s founders identified a crucial problem in the furniture industry which was the scarcity of affordable well-crafted pieces. They recognised the need to break away from the current trend of disposable, mass-produced furniture and instead sought to challenge conventional manufacturing techniques.


Raft was founded on the realization that there was a significant absence of high-quality, affordable, and eco-conscious furniture in the market. They sought to break free from today’s disposable culture by challenging conventional furniture manufacturing techniques. Their goal was to create chic and sophisticated furniture designs that defied the stereotypes associated with eco-friendly products. We at partnered with Raft’s journey began with a commitment to redefining the industry and offering furniture that marries craftsmanship and sustainability.


Raft's ambitious mission to redefine the furniture industry was marked by several significant challenges. Their commitment to crafting high-quality, eco-conscious, and affordable furniture meant challenging conventional manufacturing techniques. Developing these innovative features for RAFT's website, in collaboration with RVS Media, presented complex challenges. Creating a sophisticated “Sofa Configurator” and improving fabric colour selection required intricate backend development, while achieving a fully bespoke design demanded meticulous communication and project management. Streamlining the checkout process and enhancing the UX/UI necessitated redesigning the interface and coordinating with payment gateways. Furthermore, crafting a responsive design, ensuring a superior customer experience, optimizing configurable product attribute selections, and implementing an "Order a Sample" feature involved meticulous attention to detail, database efficiency, and new logistical processes. Through dedication and a keen focus on RAFT's vision, these challenges were overcome, resulting in a website that epitomizes sophistication, flexibility, and an exceptional user experience in the realm of online furniture shopping.

Our Solutions

At RVS Media, we wholeheartedly embraced Raft's vision to challenge the furniture industry's status quo by offering high-quality, affordable, and eco-conscious furniture. To support their mission, we took a comprehensive digital innovation approach. Our primary focus was to create a top-tier website that not only showcased Raft's chic and sophisticated furniture but also reflected their commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. We approached this endeavour with a client-centric strategy, emphasizing user-friendly design and seamless navigation, ensuring the website resonated with both their existing clientele and new audiences who shared their values. Our partnership is a testament to our shared dedication to redefining industry norms, where RVS Media and Raft collaboratively marry craftsmanship, sustainability, and creative digital solutions to craft an inspiring online presence that mirrors Raft's mission and captivates their audience.



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