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Get ready to take the plunge of Migrating from Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2. Adobe Commerce 2 is the latest version of the Adobe Commerce platform and offers several improvements and new features compared to its predecessor.

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Upgrade from Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2

The one and the only reason behind Adobe Commerce 2 migration is evolution. Adobe Commerce 2 is a huge upgrade from Adobe Commerce 1 in terms of performance and scalability. The process is a bit complicated but you can always use migration tools to ease it up.Migrate your eCommerce store to Adobe Commerce 2 platform without breaking anything on your existing store.

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Why migrate from Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2 Now?

The end of life date of Adobe Commerce 1 is approaching fast. Begin the process quickly before it gets too late:

  • The architecture of Adobe Commerce 2 is flexible and advanced.
  • It improves your business’s agility and productivity.
  • The file structure of Adobe Commerce 2 is highly user-friendly.
  • Adobe Commerce 2 supports CSS processing.
  • You will get access to advanced SEO features.
  • Enhanced security features and secure payment methods.
Support only for Adobe Commerce Extensions
  • Powerful page builder CMS
  • Content staging and preview
  • Dedicated B2B capabilities
  • Improved merchandising capabilities
  • Up-to-date technology stack
  • Improved security and upgrades
End-to-End Adobe Commerce Solution

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Adobe Commerce Migration

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We provide exceptional support and maintenance with regular backups and disaster recovery.

Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2 Migration Process