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B2B Ecommerce with Magento

B2B is a cost-effective and flexible choice that assists you in managing quote requests and price negotiation efficiently, through a streamlined process. It allows you to create customized catalogues and personalized price lists for individual businesses. A single solution to manage sales from all the channels, B2B provides fast and convenient purchasing options that in turn improve sales. We understand the importance of providing your clients with accurate and actual time inventory and how Magento can assist you in keeping a track of it.

Essential Features of a B2B Website

  • 1Multiple Users Accounts

    Magento 2 B2B platform allows customer companies to access your eCommerce store with multiple accounts.

  • 2Customer Specific Catalog

    The visibility of products in the catalogues can be controlled according to customers.

  • 3Bulk and Product Re-Ordering

    The large-sized repetitive orders can be easily placed and scheduled.

  • 4Buyer Dashboard

    There are useful tools along with reminders and alerts for business clients.

  • 5Quick Order

    The customers can place bulk orders instantly. It limits cart abandonment and promotes sales.

  • 6Customer Specific Pricing

    The owner can set up exclusive prices for different customers.

Magento Products Power Business-to-Business

Magento Commerce

No matter what is the size of your business, Magento 2 gives you an opportunity to create the unique, unlimited and engaging user experience. This out-of-the-box, feature-rich platform offers major security and benefits of cloud services.

Magento Order Management

The platform basically fills the in-store and online gap to drive seamless user experience. Magento Order Management system allows you to provide flexible and convenient deliveries in a cost-effective manner.

Magento Business Intelligence

Magento 2 B2B platform opens up new dimensions for the growth of your business. A few clicks will enable you to analyse the primary users, products, promotions and discounts.

Magento-The Preferred Choice for B2B

The feature-packed Magento 2 is no less than an ideal platform for B2B. It covers each of the primary and essential features of the B2B store that are often overlooked. The highly customized platform, along with thousands of extensions is ideal for B2B business requirements.

  • Built in Quotation
  • Customer Groups
  • Powerful Search Capabilities
  • Multilanguage, Multi Currency & Multistore
  • Shipping & Payment Support
  • Integrated API Support

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