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Project Highlights

  • New UX/UI development
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Rebranding
  • Bespoke integrations

Project Details

Project Overview

About Amathus Drinks

Established in 1978, Amathus Drinks prides itself on the exclusive portfolio it continues to meticulously source from all corners of the world. Over four decades we have sought unique products selected on the criteria of provenance, distinction and, more than anything else, exceptional quality.


Amathus Drinks approached us with a detailed list of requirements. However, after careful review, we collectively agreed to devise a plan specifically tailored for Amathus Drinks, aimed at enhancing conversion rates and ensuring alignment between the business and online channels. Upon project handover, we commenced with a code audit, followed by a redesign of the website’s UX/UI, and the development of a custom API connector.


Our journey began with a formidable challenge, a test of our resolve and determination. We were faced with the task of rectifying the existing bugs and establishing a seamless communication between the Adobe Commerce Website and Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. This was not just a technical hurdle, but a test of our ability to innovate and adapt.


The second part of our challenge was even more daunting. We discovered a disrupted flow that was severely impacting the conversion on the website. This disruption was not just a glitch in the system, but a gaping hole that was leading to a significant loss in revenue and a deteriorating user experience.


Time was not on our side. We had a narrow window to address these major areas affecting our business. But we saw this not as a setback, but as an opportunity to demonstrate our resilience and ingenuity. We were determined to turn this situation around, to transform these challenges into successful outcome. This was our mission, our challenge, and we were ready to rise to the occasion.


  • We built brand new UX/UI which is highly conversion optimised
  • While the major issue was communication between online website and CRM we reviewed and corrected the flow.
  • Improving the checkout flow in order to make sure customer have all the required options available.
  • Along with that business requested to build some bespoke feature in order to run their business on autopilot.

What is the Outcome?

We worked quite hard in order to make sure that all the implementation were positively impacting the business and we kept track on this for 6 months and got the following imrovements


Improvement In Conversion Rates


Customer Loved The Improve UX/UI


Abandon Basket Rates


Increase In Add To Basket


Our Streamlined Process

Our Process vary based on the customer needs and objective of the project, this specific case Amathus Drinks was looking to improve user experience and fix broken outdated system in order to make sure their business runs smooth and without hiccups.

Review & ETA

Shared List of Tasks

Client Approval

Development Initiated

Core Solutions

Over a period of six months, we collaborated closely with the Amathus team, achieving outstanding results. Our dedication and expertise instilled a deep sense of trust in them, and our partnership continues to thrive as we persist in our work on the project.


We are spearheading substantial enhancements to the overall infrastructure. These improvements have not only resulted in significant cost savings for Amathus but have also led to a surge in online sales. Our journey with Amathus is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the positive impact of our work. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and driving further success.


We were receiving a steady stream of feedback from users expressing dissatisfaction with the website’s user experience. To tackle this issue head-on, we engineered a completely new UX/UI flow for the website. This strategic move not only appeased our users but also had a positive ripple effect on our revenue. It was a clear demonstration of how attentive we are to our users’ needs and how their satisfaction is intertwined with our success.


Similar to many other B2B brands, Amathus Drinks harbored a strong ambition to expand into the B2C market. This expansion would allow customers to purchase our products without the need for a business account. We successfully implemented and launched our B2C services within the existing infrastructure, which has been met with significant market success.


Adobe Commerce and CRM integration has major issue with the data sync and our team address this issue by first doing a code audit on the website and finding the cause of this inconsistent communication and implemented the logics, which fixed the syncing issue between both of the system, this has a major impact on the business operations





In addition to numerous enhancements, we develop custom CRM connector APIs. These APIs are designed to ensure that the EPOS systems in our brick-and-mortar stores can effectively communicate with our internal systems. This integration allows all data to be centralized, enabling our accounting team to generate reports and annual statements with ease.