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10 Must-Have Magento Extensions to Double Your Ecommerce Sales

  • May 10, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Do you know that across the planet, there are about 12 million to 24 million eCommerce sites? Isn’t the number amazing?

Indeed it is! But the food to think about is how to stand out in the market in such a competitive era.

We all know managing an eCommerce store can be a daunting process. And at the end of the day, we all look for magic wands that can double our revenue. If we were talking about the same thing back in 2000, this can seem a little impossible. But in this digitalisation era, everything is possible. Long gone are those days when people used to rely on experts to double up their eCommerce business. Now more than anything people are doing things on their own. There are a plethora of extensions available in the market for the eCommerce store.

As we all know Magento is one of the leading and top-ranked eCommerce platforms. There are around 2,50,000 merchants who are happily using Magento as their eCommerce platform. The figures are speaking volume on its behalf which is the main reason why Magento web Development company is popular among the customers.

Why There is a Need for Magento Extensions

Coming to our next section which must be popping in your head i.e., why there is a need for Magento extensions. Every single day new innovations are rolling out in the market. And keeping the expectations of merchants in mind, Magento developers come up with a solution to fulfil every customer’s needs out there. Not to forget, extensions are a crucial element of any website. Considering all these, the Magento website development team are working round the clock to limit all the shortcomings and offering the best possible extension for your e-commerce store.

List of Best Magento Extension to Enhance the Sales

Every great e-commerce platform relies on an extension. For just about everything you might ever want, there are Magento extensions-from streamlined checkout to a complete e-commerce marketing suite. Below we are going to cast light on the popular Magento extension in detail.

1. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

The very first in our list is customer-specific product and price extension. The plugin helps to provide a personalised experience to your prospects. As the name suggests, using it you can set various prices for customers. It also allows you to set restrictions on particular product visibility.

2. Mega Menu Magento Extension

It is one of the best Magento extensions as it offers the flexibility to design dynamic menus. Now we know that converting a random user to a customer can be a tough task. The visitor hardly stays for a minute or two on-site. In such a short period you have to convince him. And a better design is always a perk. This extension allows designing dynamic menus with 3 sub-menus which are classic, category listing and content.

3. Product Attachments Extension

Many times we want to send product details via attachment to customers. This extension helps in doing that, you can attach details regarding products like specifications, user guides, tutorials and much more in the checkout page itself. It increases awareness among the customer and helps them to make wise decision.

4. Product Part Finder Extension

Following our list is the product part finder extension which is designed keeping the automobiles stores need in mind. Using the extension you can look for specific product parts, engine type, and other attributes. In simple words, it makes the search easy for customers.

5. Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension

Having search autocomplete and suggest extension is beneficial for both merchants and customers. It helps customers who are in dilemma or confused about what they are looking for. The extension helps to make the discovery stage of the product faster and stimulates the conversion.

6. Track Order & Shipment Status Extension

As the name suggests, it helps to keep customers track of their purchase. The good thing is customers need not to login into any kind of account to know about the product status. It’s a wonderful asset to bolstering your customers’ user experience and to keep them loyal to your brand.

7. Magento Auction Extension

Auction Extension of Magento helps in bringing traffic and enhancing sales. Now you must be wondering how? Well, the extension helps to set up bids which allure new customers. The customers with the highest bid will get the product. It increases competition among customers. All you need for this extension is a strong call to action.

8. Recent Order Notification Extension

One of the prominent things about managing an eCommerce store is to stay on top of customers’ requirements or recent orders. Using this extension, you will get an instant update about the purchase. It will send an instant email to both customers and the admin.

9. Cancel Order Extension

Clearing out all the pending orders can be an overwhelming process. But with the help of this extension, one can cancel all the pending orders in a single fo. Not just this, it also sent an email to customers or users. However, the flexibility of approving or disapproving of the order status is always in the admin’s hand.

10. Store Credit Extension

E-commerce business is all about making customers happy. And to keep your customer happy you must offer them rewards points which they can use in making purchases. This extension allows in-store currency which is used to process the returns or give the incentive for consumers. Not just this, it also allows you to share your incentive with friends and family.


There you go! This is our take on the 10 must-have Magento extensions to double your eCommerce sales. Extensions have a fantastic way to turn your e-commerce shop into a profitable business. Not only can you increase your productivity by using the right kind of extensions for your online enterprise, but you can also easily handle your jobs.

Also, if you need any kind of assistance, you can always reach out to RVS Media Limited, very well known as one of the Magento development company.

So, what’s stopping you now? Go and try your hands on these amazing extensions.