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5 Interesting mobile E-commerce trends

  • February 15, 2019
  • by Rajeev Nar
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Mobiles are addicting and so is the mobile ecommerce. In the past few years, it has become a major part of the retail sales of today’s world. A research reports that 54% of the retail sales will be converted to mobile ecommerce by the year 2021.

The device in your pocket is relevant to making online purchases and making payments through your debit or credit cards. Mobile e-commerce is so influential and capable that every purchase you make is first browsed on its screen. It is not really difficult to understand how mobile ecommerce is influencing the market, sales and engagement.

Precisely, this is the moment to convert these statistics into your profits. You need to know the concept and its working n and out before entering into the competition. The article will help you peep into the insights of your competitors.

Advanced Chatbots

With the advancements of AI of computers, it is really hard to differentiate whether you are chatting with a computer or a real person. Chatbots were there since long but they have never used so profoundly before. They work 24×7 that too without asking for a paycheck.

People agree that Chatbots have made their life easier in many ways. In many instances, the regular SMS and updates you receive are sent by the Chatbots.

Think about it. How easy it is? The world will simply cut down a huge cost of customer care support.

Single click payments

A single tap is sufficient to make a purchase. How interesting it sound? Research says that 28% of customers abandon their cart as soon as they realise that making the payment will take too long.

People believe in saving time these days. Making a purchase through one-click or one-tap can potentially save your time. But, a number of security loopholes are attached to it. Confirming a payment without asking for high-security passwords, OTPs and addresses raise the risk of fraud.

However, other methods like facial tracking, biometrics and voice recognition are other methods that can be implemented to secure mobile ecommerce.

Ads based upon Geographical location

Ads based upon geographical services are beneficial to everyone: either businessman or customer. Consumers tend to believe more in nearby stores. Mobile ecommerce and smartphones are more likely to send your location to the businesses. GPS tracking plays an important role in customizing the messages and location of the people.

87% of people use Facebook on mobile. Make sure your ad is visible on the facebook page of consumers around your area. It has become vital to create a mobile-based app for your business if you want to trap local traffic.

Increasing automation

Automation is the most efficient time-saving and cost-cutting tool of the industry. For example, marketing automation can handle the work of many employees by saving you’re the incurring overhead charges. Chatbots and ads are just the tips of the icebergs, automation is more commonplace in the arena of mobile ecommerce.

Mobile ecommerce automation includes loyalty programs and aggregated reviews to attract and indulge consumers. Cross-selling methods are another popular feature.

Automating loyalty program is a set up to never lose your customers. For example, a regular customer of a coffee shop earns automated loyalty points on his every visit but he has to log in through his mobile. These points will turn into a free coffee or earn you a gift like after a number of visits.

Advancing AI

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and voice recognition are constantly developing. Mobile ecommerce will be the first to buy this.
It has become a fact that AI will improve how the world look and act. However, it will increase the risk of hacking in case of loss of any personal information. Even, with the increased risk of hacking people still, believe in AI, only because of its benefits. Overall cost savings, recall of data and a better storage and processing speed than humans encourage people to take risks.

However, a few people agree that how creepy the world will become when your phone will know more about your personality than you.

Mobile ecommerce industry is growing and it will continue to grow over years. If you want your business to grow in current circumstances, adapt according to the leading world. Never let your potential customers slip to your competitors.