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An ultimate guide to earn more profit on Black Friday Cyber Monday!

  • November 25, 2019
  • by Rajeev Nar
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching fast. The biggest shopping time of the year is almost here. It is definitely the right time to launch a new product, announce a sale or expect a considerable increase in traffic.

Gear up for the event and be a part of this shopping festival with specially tailored marketing ideas.

Implement tips to increase the AOV of your website

  • Have you noticed your shoppers rushing straight towards the checkout page? Block their way through personalised content and on-site recommendations.
  • Integrate your web store with alternative payment options such as ‘Buy now, pay later’ that encourage customers to fill their baskets more stuff. Partner with those finance solutions that offer pay later option and cover the involved risk.

Looking at a bigger picture

  • Think about selling subscription-based products and premium delivery plans. It will prevent your customers from going off-board and ensure their long-term loyalty as well.

For instance, offering free-shipping over certain value can have a significant increase in total basket value, which will have positive impact on the total revenue.

  • Steal the attention of your users with the help of newsletter pop-ups. It will encourage new sign-ups. Once you know their preference, remarketing and conversion is not an issue.

Sending thank you emails should be an essential part of your business. It will keep up the momentum and maintain the flow.

  • Having clear call-to-action can help customer focus on elements that are highly important on the page, such as Add to Basket button, Add to wish list, Refer a friend, Recommended products, share your purchase etc.

Abandoned Cart email notification

  • Your best-selling products may go out of stock and it will result in an abandoned cart. Make sure you have out of stock notifications in place and notify customer when the item is back in stock.
  • You may even launch a promotional code to finish their shopping.

Carve a special niche for you

  • Everyone out there is trying to attract customers, why should they prefer you? Either you opt for marketing or SMO, make sure to stand out in the crowd. Hook them up with the eye-catching headlines, promising call outs or something they can stick to.
  • You must have running promotions but will your users be able to find it? To rectify the issue, make sure your hot deals are easy to navigate. You can even create a special landing page for them. Easy to find deals will bring better results.
  • ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Add to wishlist’ are quite common terms. How about renaming them as ‘Black Friday basket’ or ‘save it for Black Friday’? Little creativity will inspire your users to shop more.

The much-anticipated annual shopping counter has become even more powerful than Christmas for some industries including electrical and fashion. Be a part of this annual fixture and enjoy a prosperous final quarter.

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