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SEO For eCommerce

Everyone wishes to be at the top, be it in real life or google searches, isn’t it? So, whether you have just stepped into the eCommerce world or you’re a growth marketer who’s searching for various ways to expand your business, then you are exactly at the place you need to be. This blog is just for you!!

  • February 3, 2023
  • by Rajeev Nar
What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a way of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your eCommerce website through organic or natural search results. In other words, it’s a process of improving or enhancing your website to make it visible on the relevant searches. The better the visibility of your website on search engines, the more you’ll be able to attract and gain customers to your eCommerce business.

Paid Social Media Ads or Search Engine Optimisation which one is better?

As against search engine optimisation, many people depend on paid ads and social media. No, I’m not saying they are bad, but there are other simple ways by which you can optimise your eCommerce website. So why go for the ones that require a lot of continuous effort when you can do it in minimum efforts? Smart work goes right in this hectic and busy world, isn’t it?

Whereas search engine optimisation just requires effort in the beginning, and then once you start to rank on the top, you make a lot of sales automatically with no repetitive expenses.

That’s called simplification and smart work, right? But doesn’t that idea make you excited?

So, grab a bowl of popcorn, shut the door and settle inside your room… finally the time has come to learn a lot more about eCommerce search engine optimisation or SEO for eCommerce website.

There are three main characteristics of SEO:

  • 1. Technical stuff

There are certain technical sides of search engine optimisation that you need to cover. When you’ll not have good technical stuff then you’ll not be able to do anything, it’s as simple as that! It is more like a thread of a garland, everything else is based on this.

  • 2. Great quality content

The second thing is content, it’s the most significant part. If your content is of high quality then it will surely help in the ranking of your website. Likewise, if it’s not good then you’ll not be able to achieve success in your SEO strategy.. Content can help you in achieving your business goals. For example, if you want to attract local customers, you can create content specifically for your local audience. It is even possible to do local SEO of your website to attract more local customers.

  • 3. Quality backlinks

Thirdly, quality backlinks are the key, they represent the authority of a website. Having a perfectly optimised website and great content is good but it all comes down to the authority of your website. So, having quality backlinks on your website is another important thing that you need to have on your website.

What is On-page and off-page SEO?

  • 1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means everything that you can do on your website which includes optimising it by making use of the technical aspects such as :

  • Keyword research
  • Internal Linking
  • Content Optimisation
  • Page Optimisation
  • Title tag optimisation

Overall, the goal of on-page SEO is to offer both the UX and perfect content and displaying the search engines, what the website is all about.

  • 2. Off-Page SEO

Whereas, off-page SEO is all about earning high-quality backlinks to your website to display that your site holds value and has authority.

Gaining links may include techniques such as :

  • Email outreach
  • Guest Blogging
  • Broken Links Building

Moreover, it is deeply connected to the other fields of online marketing, like branding and social media marketing. They have an indirect impact on building the authority and trust of your website.

Keep in mind that, a successful and robust SEO strategy includes both on-page and off-page SEO.

eCommerce SEO tips:

  • Proper keyword research to get the kind of keywords that your prospective customers are searching on the web.
  • Website architecture is based upon your keywords research.
  • Technical search engine optimisation to assure that the search engines drag your website to the top more efficiently.
  • It includes on-page search engine optimisation through planned keyword optimisation in content and meta tags.
  • It must include link building to assist in improving the authority and connections of your website.
  • Additionally, it should come with various SEO measuring tools such as Ahrefs and Google analytics.
  • To get more natural visitors, it must also include content marketing.
  • Also, local search engine optimisation to gain local traffic to your website.

How does SEO work?

Now, you must be thinking, how does search engine optimisation work? So here is it..

Various search engines like Google and Bing use bots to drag the pages on the internet. Along with this, they gather information about all the pages, travel from site to site and then keep that in an index.

Most importantly, your task is to assure that Google or any other search engine looks at your site as the best result for a specific search.

But what are the factors on which they decide that your website is the best? It is based on an algorithm that considers relevancy, authority, loading speed, query and many more things. (By the way, Google has about 200 and more factors that determine the ranking.)

After that, algorithms look over all the pages in the index, and in the process, they keep taking hundreds of other ranking signals or factors into account. All this is done to find out the order in which pages will be visible in the search results for a given question.

The factors that rank the searches can be contemplated as substitutes for aspects of the viewer experience.

Paid Results vs Organic Results

The result pages of search engines are generally classified into two different sections which are paid results and organic results.

  • 1. Paid Results:

Paid results are the advertisements that display above the organic search results. The factors that determine their ranking is the amount paid to them.

Moreover, they are independent of the organic search results. The sponsors/ promoters in the paid search result section are ranked by the amount they are willing to pay for a particular visitor using a specific set of search results. This is also called pay per click advertising.

  • 2. Organic Results:

The organic or natural search results are the results that rank based upon 100% merit.

Or in other simple words, here you don’t need to pay to rank higher, you just need to improve your SEO as naturally as you can.

Moreover, search engines like Google rank natural searches based on several ranking factors.

But generally, natural results are considered by Google to be the most trustworthy, relative and authoritative. They are of much higher quality than the paid ones.

Advantages of SEO for eCommerce business

By now, you know what is SEO, how it works and all, but we know that you must be wondering what are its advantages, what good is it for, right? So, to address your problem, we have listed down some of the points of advantages of search engine optimisation. They are as follows:

  • 1. Better User Experience

It is not just about the quick and easy wins to upgrade your eCommerce site above the rankings for a temporary term. Being an eCommerce business owner, you need to know and understand the significance of serving the customers well. Satisfied, good-serviced and happy customers gravitate towards your website time and again after their first purchase. Most importantly, if they like your services and products too much, then they recommend them to others as well. See, how important customer service is for the growth of your business, isn’t so?

But you must be pondering over the thought that what is the role of SEO in this? So, keep in mind that to get higher visibility and rankings, customer experience is also considered by various search engines like Google, Bing etc.

But how is this possible? Worry not, because it’s quite simple!! If your business is offering answers to the queries of customers and viewers in a concise and streamlined way, then you’ll be good in the eyes of search engines. Yeah, they’ll prefer you over anyone else!

Moreover, optimising your website and it’s replication to effectively answer the questions of consumers will surely assist in making the user experience much better.

  • 2. Develops Trust

Trust and authority are important for a website to be considered as a reputable and credible source of information. There’s not much difference when it comes to your eCommerce business.

Okay, answer one thing, being a customer, do you purchase from a website that’s not easily visible on the internet or that seems mysterious? Answer it? We know that your answer is a big ‘No’ because you are smart, yes we said it consumers are becoming smarter day by day and they should be!

Of course, you would want to buy from a website that’s on the top of your search result! By this, you must have understood how important it is to build the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. But how can this be attained?

For that, you need to have a strong SEO strategy! Develop a simple to search website that offers a brilliant customer experience and then you’ll be on the track of your success. Next, include a real, optimised copy of your website, along with high-quality backlinks, informative blog posts and this way you’ll also be able to build good user behaviour.

No doubt, this will take up a lot of time, patience, hard work and above all, consistency. But the results that you’ll get after all this will be much much greater than this.

  • 3. Enhances the Organic Search

We have now confirmed how significant it is to be visible on the search engines, so give your organic work all in and then search engines will surely reward you for the efforts.

Organic search is a huge aspect of the website and its performance, which includes all those key conversions. To put it all simply, just put all your efforts into making yourself visible on the internet, so that the potential customers can easily find you.

  • 4. Economical Investment

Yes, you read it right!! Organic SEO is quite affordable and that’s such a big advantage for your business, isn’t it?

No doubt, an efficient eCommerce strategy will cost you a little bit by considering the wider and bigger picture of your business in mind, this can be comparatively less than that.

Moreover, the increased flow of traffic, conversion rates and credibility that are offered along with the organic search engine optimisation will provide a healthy return on investment.

  • 5. Increased and Better Engagement

You must optimise your SEO for the local search and then you’ll be able to get more traffic, conversions and engagement in a particular area.

Mostly, focus on improving the local SEO and then you’ll be able to get more and more conversions. With the help of local SEO, you will be directly visible to the customers and they’ll surely get attracted to your business.

  • 6. Easy To Measure

The next advantage of SEO for eCommerce business is that you can conveniently measure the accomplishment of your efforts. Moreover, to understand the behaviour of users in a better way and to know the strategies that you can use to get success to implement a combination of tough and strong tracking tactics and high-quality analytics tools.

When you would have a lot of data in your hand, your business will surely evolve and prosper.

  • 7. Stable Evolving Strategy

As we have already talked about how SEO can offer the users attractive quick wins, it’s not only about the small term. The businesses having a robust eCommerce strategy will feel the advantages of a stable approach that functions with them as they prosper and grow.

Furthermore, you’ll get to see the best results of your search engine optimisation strategy within the first year of following it. But believe us, it’s not going to stop there. If you build your foundation of SEO with honest and great efforts then it’s going to stay longer than usual, it will keep benefitting you for as long as it’s possible.

  • 8. Aim For The Page one

Wishing and aiming to bring your eCommerce website to number one is an open secret, there’s no lying to this fact!

Okay, let’s play a game of honesty, be honest and answer it. When you search for anything on Google, do you even go beyond the results of the first page? And even if you do, then how often? Most of you have answered a “No” to the first question, right?

You see, that much important ranking is!!

SEO strategies are curated to assist your eCommerce website to get on the top and be there. Moreover, more efficient organic search practises can convey this goal, even when the market is full of competitors, that’s why keep working for it. By using the right SEO strategy you can rank your eCommerce store higher in the search engine rankings.

Other than this, try to collaborate with the experts and improve your content to make it bring to the top.

  • 9. Fresh Opportunities

Open up your ears and mind and listen, being in the background and hiding away will never show you the latest opportunities. The more the visibility of your website, the more the opportunity.

Moreover, implement the best organic search engine optimisation techniques into your eCommerce strategy and see how quickly everything changes!

  • 10. Capture Customers In The Purchasing Cycle

It all comes down to being visible on search engines to offer your business some lucrative opportunities.

When you optimise your site to be visible in the searches for the services and products that you sell, future customers will automatically find you when they will be searching for something to purchase.

Therefore, you must optimise the website of your eCommerce business and enjoy the competition. Also, turn on the messaging feature on your site to get more traffic on your eCommerce site, increase the engagement of consumers and lift the conversion rates.


Okay, so we have finally arrived at the end of this blog. We hope that this article has made you believe in the fact that SEO is the heart and soul of your eCommerce business website. Also, how important it is for you to rank on the top. Other than this, you also came to know about on page and off page eCommerce SEO services and how their proper combination is important for the success of your business.

So, we would only advise you to get your basics right at first and then you’ll naturally put your business in the best place for evolution and growth in the digital world for a stable term. Other than this, you can take help of the best eCommerce seo company in case you need it.

We have various eCommerce SEO specialists at RVS Media Limited, (which is the best eCommerce platform for SEO) they all are well qualified in their work and they’ll surely help you out too. So, what are you waiting for?

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