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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

  • February 21, 2020
  • by Emma Parkar
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    As we have already entered the New Year and New decade, it is the high time to work on your Digital Marketing strategy for 2020. Many new trends evolved and emerged in the previous year, but most of them left us bewildered and confused. The time to shape these trends has arrived.  

    Do you know that voice search will be accountable for 50% search queries in the upcoming year? However, this is not the only thing. There will be a few other things that will be accountable and affect the trends.

    Reviewing these trends will definitely help you stay ahead of the competition.

    Let us read what is going to happen in 2020.  

    Artificial Intelligence

    You must have realised it by now that AI will dominate the digital world in 2020. It has already taken over the simpler daily tasks as this technology is more accurate and less expensive.

    The biggest commercial opportunity will affect the global GDP greatly in the coming years. Ignoring this technology will land you in a serious competitive disadvantage

    Every digital marketing agency in London is interested in adopting AI because

    • It will allow them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.
    • It will help them enter new markets and move new businesses.
    • The total cost of the businesses will reduce.
    • The demand for AI-driven products and AI-driven offerings will increase.  

    AI will analyse customer’s social media, blog posts and their search patterns to understand their behaviour.  

    Chatbots are the most effective and efficient examples of AI.  

    That time is not far when AI will be the driving force behind numerous services including:

    • Basic communication
    • Product recommendations
    • Content creation
    • Email personalisation
    • E-commerce transactions 

    Adopting AI in 2020 is definitely the best way to cut your staffing costs and getting an edge over your competitors.


    Like every year, chatbots will continue to be the most important part of digital marketing in 2020 as well. The instant, real-time messaging technology has taken over the customer support services up to an extent.

    • It is estimated that Chatbots will power 85% of customer services by 2020.
    • The 24-hour service, instant response to queries, and simpler answers to questions make chatbots beneficial.
    • 63% of users prefer messaging on an online chatbot.
    • By 2022, businesses will save over $8 million per annum.
    • 80% of businesses will rely on chatbots by 2020.

    Chatbots gained popularity because of its 24/7 availability. These virtual assistants will take care of your automotive repetitive tasks giving you time to focus on more important tasks.

    Most of the food delivery apps and cab services are already using chatbots.

    Video Marketing

    It is expected that video marketing will trend in the market for at least 5-10 coming years. These numbers will help you realise the importance of incorporating video marketing:  

    • 70% of consumers prefer sharing a brand’s videos.
    • 72% of businesses agree that videos improve their conversion rate.
    • 52% of customers agree that videos help them build confidence in a certain brand.
    • Videos are believed to increase the total number of executives and vendors. 

    As you know, YouTube is not the only video posting platform now. Businesses can drive higher engagement rate by posting live Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn broadcast.  

    Moreover, video content is the easiest to reformat.  

    • It can be transcribed in the form of text.
    • Transcription can be embedded under the video and help in getting better rankings.
    • The transcription can be further used as a standalone blog article.
    • Videos attract better engagement rates and higher impression rate as well.
    • The ripped audio can be used as a podcast as well.
    • Video thumbnails can increase the opening rate of thumbnails by 19%.  

    A digital marketing agency in London will advise you to use these video marketing techniques to gain more attention:  

    • Live video
    • 1:1 video
    • Video SEO
    • 360-degree content  


    If you want to influence your customers in 2020, personalisation will help you stand tall. Personalise your every marketing technique including emails and content.  

    Consider these stats: 

    • 63% of customers feel annoyed with generic advertisements.
    • 80% of customers take an interest in the brand only when it offers a personalised experience.
    • 90% of people claim how personalisation appeals to them.

    Personalised emails work 3 times more efficiently as compared to batch-and-blast content.

    Netflix and Amazon Prime are the top examples of personalization. The tailored movie titles are really hard to overlook.

    Influencer Marketing

    As the word explains, influencer marketing refers to influencing your customers. Amplify your brand message and let it spread like word-of-mouth.

    An influencer can be anyone with a huge fan following. It can be a well-known celebrity, a popular Instagram or YouTube personality. Their huge niche following will spread the name of your brand. Leverage the benefit of their name and different social channels.

    On the whole, Influencer marketing is believed to be more authentic than corporate advertising.

    • 63% of customers believe the words of an influencer much more than what a brand has to say about itself.
    • 58% of people buy products on an influencer’s recommendation.

    You can collaborate with the popular vloggers of the area and take their help to popularise their brand.


    Change is the law of nature and one need to be prepared for it. This definitive guide will mark a new direction for your business and brand in the year 2020.

    Adapt to these trends to beat the competition.