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E-commerce Trends In The Beauty Industry

  • July 13, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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    “Loss and Adversity makes a man wise” Has there ever been a time other than this where you can relate with this proverb so much? Not! The pandemic has made every one of us wiser, that’s why we are packing our bags and rushing into the e-commerce world, right?

    1.Consumers Are Engrossed In Ethical and Clean Products


    In the United Kingdom, the sales value of organic beauty and health products is over 86 million pounds. The demand for clean beauty products has risen now. Although the term has become a cliche since every popular cosmetic brand makes use of it to attract customers. But it is now very important to take care of the cleanliness while preparing the beauty products.

    Moreover, gone are the days of “Caveat Emptor” where the seller used to be the king and consumers used to be the ones accepting whatever comes ahead. Now, “Caveat Venditor” is in practice, the consumers are the king and they decide what they want. They now want sustainable products, which means, natural and organic products instead of inorganic and artificial ones.

    Furthermore, the consumers are making themselves well educated so that they can choose better for them. Besides, the rise in the demand for natural beauty products has risen from the arrival of covid-19. The reason behind this is because people want to stay safe, they want their body both physically and mentally safe.

    That’s why offering natural products is one of the most growing trends of 2021. If you are running an e-commerce cosmetic business, then you need to be fully conscious and prepared.

    2.More Focus On Inclusion And Diversity


    There’s no space for exclusivity. If a beauty brand wishes to reach all the demographics, then they need to make collections where each individual can find themselves in their products. If you are selling goods for the white skin tone, then you need to sell goods for the brown skin too.

    As various non-western countries jump in purchasing power, their overall influence on the demographics follow. With culture, rituals and ethnicity from Europe and North America, the diversity shapes a wider international market in the image. Variety and diversity is the new norm now.

    Moreover, age also plays an important role in the way customers shop for beauty products. But what remains the same among all the age groups is value, quality and the brand.

    3.Customisation and Personalisation Are As Famous As Ever


    Who doesn’t like customisation and personalisation? Every one of us, because it adds value to the normal products and gives a happy and content feeling. Moreover, every individual wants individuality, most especially when it comes to buying beauty products, eCommerce shopping or personal care.

    Some research suggests that 80% of consumers are likely to purchase something if they get a personalised experience. Also, they want customised products, an option to personalise their product and a brilliant user experience and user support.

    While the millennials wished for the subscription boxes such as Birchbox, Generation Z is wishing for products that can be personalised and customised according to their needs and tastes.

    Applying influencer marketing strategies and even cosmetic influencers is one of the best ways to make this trend popular. This way the consumers would know that the products available on your website can be personalised and customised.

    Moreover, any campaign that’s curated around the UGC or user-generated content is an excellent way to initiate this shopping experience of e-commerce into life. You can do this with the help of the already existing community and brand ambassadors to show others how it works.

    4.Shift Away From Traditional To Online Shopping


    Remember the last time you went outside at a shop to purchase something? Can’t even remember, no? It was long back when we used to go to the physical shops to buy stuff. But the traditional ways don’t work anymore, now! Everything is now just a few clicks away from us.

    This is one of the most popular trends of the short future. The cosmetic industry will lead in bringing the home try-on, artificial intelligence, realistic filters and various other digital extensions on their online stores that can enhance the experience of customers.

    For instance, some of the big players of the market like MAC, L’oreal and many more have already added a layer of this technology to their digital shopping experience.

    In the coming days, more such advanced trends will surely enter the cosmetic market. So, keep your eyes fixed on the VR, AR and AI from your most favourite brands. In addition to this, various skincare brands are also providing skin analysis tools too, where you can find your skin type, skin colour and texture and get the customised skincare product based on your selfies as well.

    5.Voice Search Is Time-Saving


    In this hush and rush of life, everyone wants their time. That is why a lot of people rely on their voice assistant to fulfil their tasks.

    Not only this but also so many people own smart speakers. and as the trend to adopt is on, more and more consumers are making use of voice search to search or shop online, to order food and to organise their lives. Also, the increase of voice search brings an opportunity for the e-commerce industry in terms of content and keywords.

    6.Mobile Shopping Is Still On


    Almost every person owns a smartphone now and not only do they own but also they have their smartphones in their hands only. Every minute, every hour they unlock it just to check. They perform every task from paying electricity bills to buying groceries and shopping online through their phones only. So, maybe now you know how important it is to have a mobile responsive website.

    Mobile Shopping lets customers make purchases from any corner of the world, which is quite important in this era. Nevertheless, if your e-commerce website is not mobile responsive, then you’re missing out on something so big.

    So, if you’re in the cosmetic world and haven’t stepped into the e-commerce world still, then this is high time! Get in as fast as you can!

    7.Numerous Ways To Pay


    When it comes to the method of payment, every customer has their comfort. However, they might even cancel an order just because they don’t see the payment method of their choice.

    By providing lots of options to pay money is a great way to increase sales on mobile devices. In addition to this, if the buyers can keep their payment information saved then they’ll be able to leave as soon as they can after purchasing.

    8.Augmented reality or AR


    AR is the future of the e-commerce industry. It has changed the way businesses operate. Using AR technology, customers can now see the product they wish to buy in the same way.

    Moreover, AR makes the shopping experience much better when it comes to the cosmetic industry.

    For instance, one of the most popular cosmetic companies, L’oreal, makes use of Augmented Reality to enhance the experience of users. AR allows the customer to try our different kinds of makeup.

    Okay, consider it as a Snapchat filter. The application identifies your face and then it will display your different versions to you. It will show you how you would look with a particular colour or shade of a product.


    So, we have finally arrived at the bottom of our article. We believe that you are now well aware of all the e-commerce trends in the cosmetic market. Aren’t you? We have researched and jotted down some of the most important e-commerce trends of the industry.

    E-commerce has become a lot more important since the arrival of the pandemic. If you wish to survive in the industry at such challenging times, then you need to go with these e-commerce trends. And yeah, we would love to know if you have implemented any of these eCommerce trends in your marketing strategy yet?

    Also, if you have any query, confusion or question, then feel free to contact us at RVS Media Limited. We and our whole team are right here at your service.