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Ecommerce 101: Time To Upgrade or Not!

  • May 31, 2022
  • by Poonam Chauhan
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This question arises in everybody’s mind about whether to upgrade their eCommerce platform or not. If you are dwelling on the same, then here in this blog, we will talk about eCommerce website development and the trends associated with it.

Is Choosing The Other Ecommerce Platform Right?

The main aim of every online and offline business is to multiply their profits and increase their customer base. And every once in a while, all the business owners sit down and take time to look at how they are doing, which involves whether the business is earning profit. And based on that, businesses make decisions to double up their profits. And online business is not an exception when it comes to adopting the changes.

We live in the era of digitalization where the internet is one of the most essential things in every person’s life. From searching things online to ordering groceries, one can do anything. It has given the superpower to a common person to do things from the comfort of their own home. And seeing the popularity of online stores, many brick and mortar stores are moving online. Not just this, the existing online stores are also trying to keep up with all the latest trends, which brings to our question of whether or not to upgrade the eCommerce platform.

The answer depends on the website’s performance. But it is not necessary to upgrade to another platform if your store is not working up to your expectations. Instead of upgrading to another solution, one can try to update the website from time to time.

Website update is an integral part of online business growth. It will prevent activities like hacking and all, but it will also enhance the website’s security.

What Points Should One Focus On While Enhance The Website Performance?

Usually, the success of an online business depends on its ability to stand change. And, many times, when the eCommerce platform cannot deliver what we need as store owners, we start to look for other eCommerce solutions. But the reason for poor customer retention can be many other things, and here in this section, we are going to discuss the culprits that affect the growth of an online business.

Enhance The Website Performance

  • High bounce rate – If the website has a high bounce rate, it is a sign that there is something wrong. A bounce rate means the user landed on your website but leaves it without further scrolling. If that’s the thing, you need to focus on strategy to rectify it.
  • Slow loading speed – It is true what they say about website speed is that it can make or break any business. If a visitor is landing on your website and taking too much time to load, the user will move to your competitors.
  • Poor customer experience – Another culprit which brings website performance to the ground is the poor customer experience. The visitor won’t retire or purchase if the website has a poor customer experience. It simply means having a lengthy checkout page, difficult navigation, unresponsive customer support, etc.
  • Improper keyword research – What’s the point of having an online business if you cannot land it on the first page of Google. Online business will not thrive if you don’t have a proper SEO strategy. And a critical aspect of SEO is keyword research. If you do not do keyword research properly and optimise your website for the right keyword, your business will not rank.
  • Irrelevant content – “Content is the king” for online business. If you have to connect with your user base, having a blog is essential. But if you are posting irrelevant content on your site just for blogging, then it’s not going to do any wonders for you. Search engines like Google have strict policies regarding relevancy.
  • Poor lead conversion rates – If the navigation on the website is too confusing for the users, they will not convert. He will rather leave the website instead of buying anything. So it is necessary to have reasonable conversion rates.
  • Lack of mobile optimisation – Lastly, you will not survive this cut-throat competition if the website is not optimised for mobile devices. Most buyers who order things online use their cellphones, and if the website is not optimised for mobile phones, they won’t waste another second on that website.

If you notice any of these symptoms, this is the red flag that your business is in danger and requires necessary efforts. However, one can rectify all this on their own, but it will cost you your precious time, and there is no guarantee that it will get you back on track. It is necessary to delegate all such tasks to reputed eCommerce agencies.

But other than this, if you want to survive the competition, you need to follow eCommerce trends, and a reputed eCommerce consultancy will help you achieve that.

1. Eco-friendly

More and more customers are leaning toward the eco-friendly brand. It’s not just a fancy term anymore; people are attentive and cautious about mother nature and prefer shopping with stores that use sustainable products. Store owners can take this to their benefit by employing sustainable products for packaging. Or the other thing they can do is collaborate with sustainable fulfilment companies.

2. Subscription Model

The subscription model is no longer limited to Netflix and other streaming services. Because of its popularity, it has become a business model, and eCommerce giants like Amazon are also taking advantage of it. The best part about it is it benefits both retailer and buyer. The retailer will get a long-lasting customer, and the buyer will get the product at a regular interval at a discounted price. This model has many benefits like brand loyalty, predictable revenue, proper stock management, etc.

3. Live Shopping Experience

To make the shopping experience more user friendly, brands offer live consultation via video calls. This will end the urge to visit physical stores, but brands will have a real chance to connect with the buyers. Other benefits associated with the live shopping experience are reduced cart abandonment, improved brand reputation, etc.


There you have it! When it comes to the benefits of eCommerce, there are plenty, and that’s why the digital market is booming. But if you think you can lead the online world relying on old methodologies, you need to think twice. “Change is part of growth”, and eCommerce stores can’t survive if they are not ready to adopt the latest trends and technologies. With that in mind, you should check if your store needs an upgrade or not. And if you are looking for a top-notch eCommerce development solution then you can surely reach out to RVS Media.

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