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E-commerce trends of 2019

  • February 14, 2019
  • by Rajeev Nar
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Ecommerce is a rapidly growing beast and you constantly need to move with its speed. Lagging behind the changing trends can kill your business while staying ahead of the latest online shopping trends will definitely help in boosting your sales and conversion rates.

Internet trends report state that 60% of the purchases of an average customer is done via digital channels. Organizations that believe and excel in forward-thinking medium, approach to ecommerce.
Your ecommerce presence might be mature enough but to ensure future success, you have to keep looking ahead. These emerging ecommerce trends will elevate your business to another level.

1. Animation

We need something to catch attention. What can be more attractive than motion on a static screen? Do you even remember how auto play videos became an instant hit on platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Animations and movements can accelerate the growth of your website or online portal. The animation is must if you are trying to highlight a specific detail. Remember, don’t overdo it otherwise it will draw customer’s attention from the primary target (like making the purchase).

2. Focus on social media to sell your wares

Social media is a huge opportunity when it comes to selling your products. Instagram and Pinterest are two most popular visual platforms for ecommerce brands. These platforms give you space to reach your market and customers in a creative and organic way.

3. Automation

You can make your business more scalable by making your business tasks automatic. Many aspects of the business like marketing, targeting, customer service and fulfilment can be automated now. Basically, automation helps in taking stress off your human resources.

4. Influencer marketing

This older trend has become more profitable and prevalent in the year 2019. The word of mouth marketing creates trust and allows the burgeoning brands to connect with niche audiences more easily.

5. Artificial intelligence

Chatbots is not a new term in ecommerce trends. It helps popular ecommerce brands to interact with their customers on social media platforms. Messenger bots facilitate customers by making the online shopping process easier. This ecommerce trend facilitates the busiest customers who demand immediate answers. It allows brands to interact with customers simultaneously on multiple platforms.

6. Photos and videos of high quality

The photos and videos of your product are the gateways to your business. This is how customer differentiates your brand from others. The use of-of branded photography and videography on your website, emails and social media can make shopping a memorable experience. The latest ecommerce trend is 360-degree product videos.

7. Augmented reality and virtual reality

The innovative ecommerce companies are allowing their customers to take advantage of augmented and virtual reality. How does it feel when a brand gives you a glimpse of how their furniture will suit your office? Amazing, right? This ecommerce trend lets the app users visualize their homes or offices with the products they want to buy.

8. One-click purchasing

This is the latest up gradation of the ecommerce trend. Ecommerce stores are mobile friendly now. The checkout and purchasing process has become easiest- based on one-click only. It can boost your conversion rate and is most satisfying for busy clients.

Start with the trends you believe in and your company will get the best return on the investment. Choose one that will make the shopping process constant and optimize your performance.