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Email Marketing Trends 2020

  • October 22, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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    The key to the landscape of Email marketing was always personalisation. The expanding loyalty program targets quality over quantity.
    The world of email marketing took an interesting turn in the year 2018. The emergence of AMP for Gmail guided mobile email reach its tipping point.
    As the year 2019 is taking the leap and the next year is around. The technology landscape has constantly evolved, adjusted and adapted. The availability of tools, technologies, tactics and the amount of data at our fingertips has made the marketing trend more predictable.
    The digital channel is known to provide a wide array of benefits to marketers. It has been identified as the leading marketing tool and provides the greatest ROI of digital channels.

    Top email marketing trends

    Email marketing serves as the paramount for both B2B and B2C enterprises. If you plan to stay ahead of the time and stay on the top, you should follow these top 4 email marketing trends. Take a dig in these strategies and implement them for their good.

    1. User-generated content
    It is a form of content that is created by the end-user (text, images, audio and visual). This type of content drives real-time engagement that prospect and evangelist your brand. Above all, it motivates your customers to pen-down their experiences. It will promote the authenticity of your brand and improves conversions directly.

    According to research, 82% of consumers give extreme value to user-generated reviews and around 70% of consumers check reviews and ratings before making any purchase. Email marketing shares a symbiotic relationship with social media especially the user-generated one.
    However, it is important to know how and when to gather feedback. Knowing an answer to this question can be a crucial step towards success. The right email marketing software will help target feedback outreach.

    2. Responsive interactivity
    2020 will be the first year when mobile email traffic will be more than desktop or laptop traffic. It is important to know that 2/3 of the users delete the email if it is not optimised properly. Opt for a multi-device responsive approach to stay updated.

    The advanced email marketer should combine responsiveness with interactive challenges to make your email campaign successful. In the coming times, email marketing campaigns will become more functional, engaging and will prevent customers from leaving the mail unread.

    We have enlisted the hottest interactive email elements if the year 2020:

    • Call-to-action and animated buttons
    • Rollover effects for showcasing product offerings
    • Users can control the interactive image and product carousels
    • Surveys and polls

    3. Accessibility
    The voice assistant reading email will gain popularity in the year 2020. Smart email marketers have planned to install more than 250 million smart speakers throughout the world by 2020. Designing such email will be a daunting task, but the presence of assistive technologies will simplify the process.

    Accessible content: People prefer reading concise and to-the-point content. The ideal length of the content should be 50 words. Make sure to follow these tips:

    • Use shorter sentences
    • Never use difficult words
    • Localize your content for a global audience

    Accessible design: Instead of laying stress on the images, emphasise on a real text in HTML. Use these tips to make your designs more accessible and affect a broader audience:

    • User real text HTML
    • Your email should contain a strong visual hierarchy
    • Avoid long-text and cognize text justification
    • Realise the importance of appropriate font sizes.
    • Optimise line spacing
    • High contrasting colours will ease the readers

    Accessible code: Manipulate the code in such a way that it becomes sure-fire to create accessible emails. A strong code base ensures the accessibility of emails:

    • Make sure to use alternative text with all the images
    • You HTML tables should be readable by the screen readers
    • Use semantic HTML
    • Specify a language in HTML
    • The journey of easy automation can be lead by small steps. You can increase ROI by increasing usability and accessibility.

    4. Automation
    The automation has changed the entire channel of email marketing. Marketing cloud services and have highlighted the power of data and processing.

    Working through a smarter automated segmentation increases your performance, customisation and accessibility. The process of automation will reduce the burden of the marketers, trim their costs and enhance their profits.

    Foresight is 2020
    No one can predict the future accurately, not even us. Luckily, this is not the case with email marketing. It will continue to evolve strongly.