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How PWA can accelerate your business?

  • June 7, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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The acronym PWA is on everyone’s lips. The top players have already started using it and are gaining around 50-100% increase in retention and conversion rates. Ali Express, Flipkart and Google are a few examples.  

The web is evolving at a rapid rate, faster than you can even imagine. Progressive web apps are one such idea that has changed the world of websites and apps. The concept of Ecommerce stores started with websites but the slow loading speed of websites and increased use of smartphones gave birth to M-commerce stores. As soon as the apps were launched, 60-70% business of the websites shifted there. However, the honeymoon period between the apps and smartphones has come to an end.

What is a PWA and how implementing it on your Ecommerce store can change the course of your development?

The acronym PWA stands for Progressive web apps. These web applications are created by the addition of the newest javascript features on standard web technologies. The combination gives space to ultra-fast web pages to provide better user experience, better visitor engagement and increased conversion rates.

Moreover, PWA is a bridge between a web page and a native app. It can be saved on your Android or iOS mobile screen just like an app.   

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

The potential of Progressive web apps can bring significant benefits to business owners. Let’s see how:

The mobile-first approach

The progressive web app stores function perfectly well on mobile stores without any issues. The app-like structure of PWA advances the user-experience. The tools and framework of PWA provide enhanced speed, responsiveness and comprehensive capabilities with database access. As a result, search engines index Progressive web apps quickly and impose a favourable effect of your web page views.  

Low development cost

Though the PWA stores work like native apps, there is a significant difference in their developing cost. A businessman can save up to 75% of the money by shifting his base from a native app to hybrid apps.

Quick installation

Unlike traditional apps, PWA does not have a lengthy and complex installation process making it user-friendly. Users can directly download and install it on their devices without visiting the Google play or app store. It reduces user abandonment and streamlines the process. The teasers like call-to-action enhance the credibility and reliability of web pages. PWAs are basically URL links that are quite easy to share.

Better performance

The cache of progressive web pages serve text, images, videos and content in a specific and efficient manner to improve the running speed of the web pages significantly. The quick operation and impeccable performance of the web page are other attributes that impact user-experience and conversion rates.

Platform and device-agnosticism

Regular applications are quite demanding when it comes to operational platforms and technical capabilities of various devices. There is no such issue with PWAs. They provide a uniform experience to all the users on all the devices.

It significantly contributes to business automation. PWAs perform seamlessly regardless of platform. Also, they adapt perfectly well to different screen sizes.

No updating required

Unlike a regular application, the specific functionality of PWAs allows them to update automatically without asking for permission. The web pages update each time when a user visits them and download the changed batch. Some web pages even produce push notifications.

Seamless offline operation

PWAs can be conveniently operated in the offline mode or with compromised networks. The service workers store the cache and produce information each time when asked for. It eliminates the requirement to download it. It helps retail stores by improving customer abandonment rates. The catalogues and product lists are always available in the offline mode. There will be a significant enhancement in customer retention.  

Independent of App distribution services

PWAs are independent of usual app distribution services like App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.

Push notification functionality

Just like native apps, PWAs can also produce push notifications. This capability can be a great use for content marketing. A data says that almost 60% of customers allow PWAs to send push notification to them. It significantly improves the promotion of products or services. Even the bouncing notification adds to brand recognition.

Enhanced security

To enhance data safety and minimise the risk of security issues, PWAs rely on HTTPS. It prevents snooping and content tampering.


PWAs are an elaborative combination of efficient capabilities of native apps and websites that significantly improves the user experience and increase customer retention rates. Enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction adds value to your business.

PWAs are the way to the future. Be progressive with the Progressive web apps and take your business to another level.