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How to boost sales of your Magento eCommerce store?

  • July 11, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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It is hard to calculate how many businesses are struggling to get on the top in this current eCommerce market filled to the brim. In order to stay ahead of all the competition, you need to update your Magento store with the latest marketing trends.

Although the self-sustainable Magento platform provides you with opportunities to accomplish your goals, you still need to put in certain efforts to enhance the sales of your eCommerce store.

When you know the exact expectations and requirements of your shoppers, it becomes easier to pick up the parameters you need to work on. This way, you can improve the overall performance of your Magento eCommerce store.

Before moving ahead to the tricks that can manifold the sales of your eCommerce store, we should analyse the factors that influence the behaviour of online shoppers.

  • Security factors: Online shoppers constantly suffer from the worries of their payment details being lost or stolen.
  • Complex checkout processes: It makes them abandon their carts.
  • Return policy: Easy to understand return policies are highly appreciable.
  • Expected delivery time: It plays a key role in placing the orders.
  • Privacy risk: The risk of private information being stolen.


In this blog, we are recommending some tips to boost the sales of your Magento eCommerce store.

1. Strategise your Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s time, SEO serves as the basis of the success of the eCommerce store. It allows websites to make their way to higher rankings and access to an extended user base. Add proper Title, descriptions and user-targeted content along with the targeting keywords. Content plays an important role in achieving higher ranks. Also, make sure to add well researched relevant keywords on your product page as well.

In short, getting SEO services in London can skyrocket the sales of your store.

2. Responsiveness of your website

In the past few years, mobile has established itself as the most popular channel of shopping online. More than 67% of eCommerce visitors come through mobile, and they account for around 50.3% eCommerce sales. Now you know how mobile responsiveness can change the direction of your eCommerce.

On the whole, mobile responsive websites create better opportunities and let your website take advantage of Google rankings.

3. Speed up your Magento store

No one likes to access a slower online store. It is the era of those websites that hardly take 2-3 seconds to load a page. The slower websites leave a negative impact on customers as well as Google rankings. It makes them visitors abandon the websites as soon as they hit it. Make sure your Magento store is fast enough to avoid this kind of distractions.

Optimising the file size of your product images, compressing JavaScript and CSS files and optimising the code and database will make your website run faster. You can use performance optimisation extensions like Page Speed Extension, Speed Optimisation, etc to speed up your Magento store.

4. Reward points to build customer loyalty

You can set up your own customer reward program with the Magento rewards point module. Customers earn loyalty points when they shop from your website and these points can be redeemed at the time of next purchases as discounts. You can attract your customers with this additional shopping benefit.

5. Promote your products on the homepage

Engaging the web visitors on your online store is really important. Adding popular and new products on the homepage is the most popular trick of increasing user engagement.

Always place your crowd-pleasing products on your homepage. It is a great way to let your customers know how your store stands out in the competitive market.

Showcase so many competitive products on your homepage and change them quite often to grab attention and boost sales.

6. A simplified checkout process

Stopping your customers from abandoning their carts while checking out can prove to be the turning point for your eCommerce sales. The time-consuming checkout processes discourage customers and make them lose their interest. No eCommerce store can afford this.

Opt for an intuitive and simpler checkout process. Make sure the checkout page contains necessary components only. There should be no space for personal information. Accepting multiple payment options, delivery options, along with security badges enhances the credibility of your store.

7. Free-shipping

he shipping amount definitely leaves a significant impact on the sales of your store. The potential of free shipping is always above the fact what you are selling. Free shipping structure boosts your customers to add more items to the cart. Moreover, it can be a tough competition for your rivalries.

8. Multiple payment options

Being a web store owner, it becomes your responsibility to serve your web customers with safe, secure and user-friendly payment options. Offering multiple payment options like PayPal, credit cards, net banking etc helps you to establish your Magento store globally and enhance your sales.

9. Create and send newsletters

Email marketing campaigns and professional-looking newsletters entice your existing customers to shop more. Moreover, it is probably the best method to generate more leads and boost sales. Sending newsletters weekly, fortnightly or even monthly can highly promote your products. The informative and detailed newsletters can be a great way of encouraging your customers for more shopping.


The incredible and super creative web commerce platform Magento allows you to increase conversions and boost sales with the above-mentioned points. All these tracks will make your customers come back to shop over and over on your web commerce store without any hesitation.