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How To Start A Cosmetic Manufacturing Business in the UK

  • October 26, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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Do you know? Cosmetics is one of the largest growing industries in the whole world. This is one of the
biggest reasons why people are shifting towards starting the cosmetic product business. Well, we don’t want
you to experience the feeling of FOMO. That’s why we have come up with this blog.

How to find a cosmetics manufacturer for your beauty business?

Wondering how to find a cosmetic manufacturer for your business? We know, finding a cosmetic brand
manufacturer can be a very tricky task. There are various factors that you need to keep in mind like the
kind of product you need, how much you can spend on manufacturing and where you want it to get manufactured.

You know what, the cosmetic ingredients industry is expected to generate approximately $ 177 billion
by 2025? Doesn’t it sound like a good opportunity to you? C’mon let’s learn more about it.

Cosmetic Ingredients

How to start your own beauty business?

There are plenty of things that you will be required to take care of if you decide to start your own
cosmetics product business, but don’t worry as we are here to help you through it.

1. Choose a sector of the beauty industry

It’s normal to get confused at the start as there are plenty of beauty sectors to choose from, especially
when they are expanding at a rapid pace. To stand your business out in front of your competitors and to
provide your customers with their desired products. To continue to be lucrative, these are some main factors
that you should keep in mind. Then you should select the desired sector through which you can establish your
spot in the beauty industry. You must choose a sector in a way that serves your passion
so that you can slowly become an expert in it. Along with it, you must stick to one thing at a time. Build
your grip on one
thing and become knowable. Research it and then move on to the next.

2. Consult an attorney

After selecting a sector, another thing you should keep in mind for cosmetic product safety is to consult an attorney. There are many rules and
regulations, such as manufacturing and labelling, that a product needs to follow to get approved by the
regulations. Also, as you just stepped into the beauty business, it’ll be tough for you to handle all of it.
After getting the approval for your products, they will be authorised for selling purposes. It’s a long and
hard process, but with the help of an attorney, you can sit back and work on other things for your new
business while your attorney takes care of it for you.

3. Set up your accounts

When you start any business, you should make a separate business account for it. A separate account will help
you distinguish between your personal and business expenses and to keep a record. It will also help you to
organise financial documents, keep track of over-payments, and file taxes more precisely. However, when
selecting a bank for your new business account, remember to do your homework. Be sure to research their
insurance options. In addition, check to see if the bank offers a refund scheme. Keep all of your legal
documents in a safe and make sure to not mix them with your documents. So that whenever you need them, you
don’t have to search through several documents that you don’t require.

4. Design a brand mark

What intrigues a customer’s attention before buying and trying any products? It’s their logo! Make sure that
the logo of your brand depicts your brand’s sincerity. Be creative with your brand’s logo, and for that,
you’ll have to think of your business’s name. Come up with something easy to pronounce and then move on to
designing the logo based on that name. You can hire a designer for it, or you
can also use several logo-designing apps and design the logo all by yourself!

5. Create the ideal packaging

Have you ever purchased a product just because you liked the way it looked? Even if you’ve never purchased a
product, certain people are drawn to how attractive the packaging looks and purchase a product only for that
reason. When your product is neatly and efficiently packaged, it demonstrates its high calibre. As a result,
when customers purchase your product based on the packaging and are subsequently satisfied with its quality.
They will love your brand and become its unpaid promoters, which will be advantageous to your business in
the long run.

Beauty and cosmetics manufacturer in the UK

Some of the well-known and well-liked cosmetic company in the UK are Surefill, which was established in 1980,
and Herrco, which was founded in 1988 by the husband-and-wife team of Nigel & Sue Herrmann and is a cosmetic
company, Viaderm produces high-quality beauty
and personal care products and Orean, which is an award-winning private label cosmetic
manufacturing company operating in the UK and USA.


Let’s call it a wrap! By now, you must have realised the importance of starting a cosmetic manufacturing business. To establish your cosmetics manufacturing business, all you need to do is, follow all these steps and you’ll win.

In case you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. We at RVS Media Limited are just here to help you out.