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How we helped CBD Armour stand out in the cannabis wellness industry?

  • February 3, 2020
  • by Rajeev Nar
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Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD is one of the rare products that have grasped global attention in a very short span of time. It created a surge of enthusiasm in the global market.

The demand for the most frequently discussed cannabinoid has increased like anything. No doubt, the therapeutic attributes of this non-psychoactive Hemp has taken over the world.  

Do this attention and a sudden rise in demand guarantees success?

No, that’s not sufficient. You will always need a highly dependable eCommerce partner to support you on your way to success.

We at RVS Media, have an experience of working with CBD Armour, one of the renowned CBD brands of the UK. Our sure shot strategy was to create a scalable, flexible and responsive solution.

The following steps proved to be the biggest game-changer. 

Improved UX/UI design with responsive and optimised pages.

We migrated CBD Armour’s website from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The migration was followed by the improvement in the designs of the whole website.  

The UX/UI interface of the eCommerce store was fine-tuned in order to create a beautiful and intuitive store.

Next step included the introduction of tools that helped in website optimisation and improved conversion rate.

A customised payment gateway for merchants of all sizes

Introduction of a customised payment gateway was one thing we were sure of.

Improving the relationship with a payment partner that fits your needs is necessary especially when you want to upgrade your current internet presence.

We integrated the custom payment gateway with the website to smoothen their transactions.

The internal and legal shipping process

We believe that the merchants are experts in their industries, but they always need suitable shipping software to make the process easier and convenient.  

We automated the whole shipping process of CBD Armour internally by integrating Royal mail click and drop.

A tight grip on security and compliance

Our developers ensured multi-layered security, unparalleled bandwidth and blazing fast speed of the website. Entrepreneurs know how well they can do with their sales when they are relaxed from the security of the website.

We maintained and monitored the website for the owner allowing him to focus on the products and traffic.

Our strategic approach and style played a key role in establishing the brand and enhancing traffic. We ensured their success with astonishing results.

  • Their visitor rate increased by 267%.
  • The conversion rate improved by 105%.
  • The bounce rate was reduced by 64%.
  • Last but not least, their growth rate has become 210x.

It is our experience, technical excellence and ability to tweak the customisable CMS solution for your CBD or hemp store that makes us the right eCommerce agency

We are on a mission to serve CBD businesses with scalable websites, marketing ideas and tactics to create brand awareness. Our marketing campaigns are based on adequate research.

Grab the opportunity of working with us!