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Is Shopify A Best Choice for Ecommerce Platforms?

  • April 27, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Do you often contemplate when it comes to choosing Shopify as an eCommerce platform? If so, then you’re at the right place.

Well, here we are providing you with an unbiased review of Shopify.

Why Shopify?

One of the biggest misconceptions among many users is, setting an eCommerce store is a daunting task. But that’s not true if you have the right operating system that can help you set up your own marketplace.

And Shopify is one of the best solutions for eCommerce owners. The platform is packed with features that help to skyrocket your business sales. And the best part is you don’t have to learn any kind of coding skills to get your eCommerce store off the ground.

Some of the Top-Notch Benefits of Using Shopify

It is obvious to get confused when you are a rookie and don’t know much about the eCommerce platform. Basically, Shopify is a software for e-commerce that helps merchants run a shop digitally. This tool allows you to build an online shop, choose a design issue, tailor the interface, upload items, handle inventory, process checkout purchases, change shipping taxes and produce sales reports.

Here we are listing down all the possible reasons why to prefer Shopify when it comes to setting up your store.

1. DIY Website and Store Building Tools:- One of the main concerns of a majority of small and big owners is to present their store in the best possible way that can set a permanent impression on customers. This is exactly why they prefer a DIY website and Shopify offers 100+ professionally-designed themes to customise your websites. The themes are fully responsive. Not just this, you can also choose a domain name and hosting according to your plan.

2. Marketing Features:- To get the word out about your store, it is important to do marketing and Shopify keeps you on top of that. It has a marketing feature that allows you to send newsletters, email templates, and abandoned cart notifications to your customers or prospects.

3. Complete SKU and Inventory Management:- Shopify is the best option for merchants or owners who run brick and mortar shops but secretly wishing to go online. The platform offers an in-house POS (Point of Sale) system. As soon as you sign up for the Shopify store, you will get access to the Shopify POS. With the help of Shopify POS, you can enable shopping transfers and credit card purchases in-person quickly to be completed. Not just this, your whole inventory can be managed by Shopify PoS. It tracks stock numbers, reports transactions, and ceases selling automatically when stock is exhausted. Also, the number and type of items that you will sell regardless of the selected plan have no cap. The goods uploaded can be sorted by SKU, height, colour, materials, weight, price, etc.

4. Multiple Payments Gateways:- Having restriction on payments gateways is the biggest bummer to many eCommerce store owners or even customers. But if you prefer to go with Shopify then it has wide varieties of payment gateways options like a credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and much more. Shopify provides flexible payment solutions for operating a company that serves consumers around the world. A total of 70 leading payment gates incorporate the checkout process.

5. Various Languages Options:- It is important to provide a checkout experience in the local language when you are trying to connect with local customers. And Shopify knows that which is why they offer more than 50 languages. Using it, you can convert the checkout process into any language to cater to the needs of your foreign customers.

6. Customer Feedback System:- Customer is always the key to a successful eCommerce store. It is important to keep all your prospects and customers happy by resolving their queries on time. That is only possible through a customer feedback system. Shopify store allows its users to write an unbiased review that not only increases brand awareness but also helps to convert potential leads into customers.

7. PCI Compliant:- The another benefit of choosing Shopify is, it is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. It is for all the stores built on Shopify. It ensures regular monitoring or testing of the network. You will get a secure network without getting worried about anything. The information of customers and payment details will be safe. The good thing about Shopify is, it is very much transparent about the compliance policy which is why they have showcased all the certifications and proofs on their main website. Further, it also offers a free SSL certificate to all its users.

8. SEO Features:- Another important benefit you will get with Shopify is all the stores built on the platform supports best SEO practices. It means it provides flexibility to customise headers, add titles, metadata tags, and much more. Shopify automatically produces a sitemap.xml file that is useful for scanners. You can also get items like Google Adwords Credits, product review assistance, and gift card use on your website as part of your strategy as well as simple use on various social media sites to tell the story.

9. Add-ons and Integrations:- Often when we run an online store we look for add-on and integrations to make the whole process smooth. It is packed with several third-party integrations.

Is Shopify a Great Pick for Small Businesses?

Now it all comes down to whether Shopify is a great pick for small business or not? And the answer is quite simple, there are plenty of other eCommerce solutions available in the market but Shopify is the best software as a service(SaaS) model. Below we have highlighted some of the prominent reasons to pick it.

1. Easy to Manage:- One of the reasons why many small owners pick Shopify is it is very easy to manage. As it is the SaaS-based model which makes the whole process very easy. Al you have to do is manage the admin and frontend of your store. It also looks after servers, database fixes, surveillance and many other items that might not be addressed by certain small business owners.

2. One Pack for All Features:- Even in its basic plan, you will get everything like inventory, shipping and much more. All the necessities that are important to start your store.

3. Low-Cost:- One of the biggest advantages is there are no hidden charges, Shopify is very much transparent about everything. And it won’t put a burden on a small business owner’s pocket.

4. Amazing Support:- The other complaint most business owners do is reckless support which is not an issue with Shopify. It provide support via email, phone and live chat service 24 hours a day. Furthermore, comprehensive information and documents online are available, which help you not only use the Shopify platform but also develop your company.


That’s all! This is our take on the “Is Shopify A Best Choice for Ecommerce Platforms”. We tried to cover every possible thing here and in our opinion, if you are starting then Shopify is your go-to guy. However, we understand the process of building your own store can be a little tiring, in that case, you can reach out to RVS Media, one of the affordable eCommerce development agencies in the UK.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop your feedback in the comments section.