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Magento Meet 2021 UK Highlights

  • July 21, 2021
  • by Rajeev Nar
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    Just like every year, Meet Magento UK 2021 was a complete pack of knowledge and fresh ideas. Organised on 14th July 2021, the virtual meet hosted more than 1900 people. This would not be wrong if we say that the popularity of Meet Magento has increased immensely. This year the count of attendees was 600 more than last year. This indeed is a huge number. Moreover, the attendees joined from more than 80 countries and made this truly a global event.

    The event was sponsored by 15 sponsors including RVS Media.

    Talks worth mentioning

    The event started with the address of Jamie Huskisson followed by the session of keynote speaker Peter Sheldon. Peter talked about ‘Move over Millennials, there’s a new online shopper in town’. He stressed the need of staying relevant to the millennial audience that is focused on expression and truth. Other than this there were nearly 40 other speakers who shared their insights, experiences and development projects with the audience.

    Some of the other topics that were discussed include the change in retail business because of the pandemic, Buy now, pay later boom and what it means for the retail industry, psychology of email marketing and a lot more about Magento. Also, there were panel discussions on various topics of significant importance such as Amazing women in eCommerce and PWAs for retail.

    After a complete day of knowledge sharing and fruitful discussions, the event came to an end with the keynote session of Brian Green, Head of Commercial Sales & GTM, EMEA at Adobe, and a vote of thanks by Jamie Huskisson.

    Virtual but engaging

    Just like any other event this one too was virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the event was as engaging as the offline or physical event. How can we claim this? During the different sessions of the event, nearly 1000 messages were sent to discuss or share knowledge through chat.

    Other than this, nearly 125 questions were asked to different speakers. This reflects that despite being a virtual event, it was productive and engaging.

    The engagement was not limited to messages and questions. During the event, 90 matches were made. That means 180 people found their customer, employer, friend or partner. This is the magic that happens when people of a community come together in an event from the sound of the globe.

    The worth of the event can be tracked from the fact that on average each attendee spends more than 3.5 hours in the event. Also, the event got an average rating of 8.9/10 from the visitors or attendees.

    Did you attend the MM21UK? How was your experience?