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Why is SEO Important For Your Furniture Store?

In this era of digitalisation, almost everything is online. People make use of the internet to search for various stores and products or to compare their prices. This encourages the furniture stores to take the advantage of search engine optimisation.

  • February 3, 2023
  • by Rajeev Nar
Why Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

All the successful furniture outlets always engage in meticulous online marketing strategies that consist of SEO. The businesses are now understanding the value of the SEO solutions and marketing tactics. There are several reasons why you must build your furniture store with the help of SEO. Hence, let’s have a better and a bigger picture of why SEO is so important for your furniture store.

What Exactly is SEO and why should Furniture stores pay attention to it?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation. It is the process by which a business expands its number of visitors. As you already know, your furniture store will only bring about sales when it will attract more and more traffic. Moreover, organic searches are one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your online business website. But the problem with organic searches is that it has a lot of competition. What happens is, the starting pages get the most traffic on SERPs. So, in case your website doesn’t rank on the starting pages for the targeted queries, then your chances of getting the traffic will be less.

Why is SEO significant for your online Furniture store?

Every second individual who wishes to buy furniture online just prefers to click on the link appearing on the first page of search results. This makes SEO a big and important strategy. To survive in the market, SEO is the most important thing that you can do.

Also because of all these problems of ranking, SEO comes into the picture. It assists you in ranking your business on the top. By making use of effective SEO strategies, you can:

  • Enhance the visibility of your website.
  • Assist the search engines in understanding your website.
  • Help people in finding your website.
  • As a result of all this, you will surely gain more traffic.

That’s the whole reason why SEO strategies are so important for your e-commerce furniture store.

Local SEO in the Furniture Industry

The furniture stores that provide products for the local markets need to pay keen attention to the SEO that takes their location into the account. Furthermore, having an understanding of the preferences of your future customers is worth knowing. In addition to this, knowing what they are looking for will assist you to modify your offer and communication methods according to their expectations.

Besides, the fact that people are being more and more impatient to buy furniture digitally, is a clear sign that it is way too beneficial to invest in effective SEO services. The best benefit of local SEO is that even a small company gets the chance to compete with the most significant tycoons in the market.

Here are some of the tips to assist you in building an SEO strategy so that you can gain numerous local customers.

Creating local links

Creating relevant content with links to your site is the very first step that you should take. Advertising services, local SEO for eCommerce guide, local catalogues, NAPs i.e, Name, Address and Phone number will let you easily locate your company in the virtual as well as the real world.

Registration of company on Google My Business

With all this discussion, it is quite clear to all of us that registering with Google My Business will positively affect the online visibility of your business. Moreover, including the address of your business will help the users to assess your location easily. Also, if you post the content, information and photos regularly, then it will assist you to do SEO for your business listing so that it can be displayed more frequently in the search results.

Optimising the Website for local SEO

This is the foremost step which is always suggested by the specialists. At the time of conducting local search engine optimisation for a fa furniture business, it is quite important to observe the actions of other local furniture stores i.e, your competition. The introduction of changes on a routine basis will surely help you to outperform your challengers.

On-page search engine optimisation for your Furniture Store

You can’t overlook the technical features of SEO. Your store must also focus on these tech features to target the correct audience and rank much higher.

Make the Structure of your site better:

Have a basic and easy structure of your website. A simple structure will make the navigation easy and free from any kind of confusion. A website that’s simple and quick to navigate ranks higher and assists the customers in finding several pages. For that, just follow this rule:
The time to reach your homepage shouldn’t be more than three clicks. For that, you should make the URL structure of your site better. Ultimately, reaching from point A to B should be an easy task for the new visitors.

Mobile Performance:

Is your website mobile optimised? Does it perform well on the mobile as well? If not, then you need to pay attention to it because if it doesn’t load easily on mobile phones, then your store will not rank in the mobile searches. However, ranking high on mobile browsers has become very very essential. Do you know? Google has begun making use of mobile indexing and as per that, google inspects the mobile website first and ranks the site following the SERPs. That is because a big chunk of the searches take place on cell phones. So, if you wish to get traffic, then you need to focus on optimising your website for mobile.

Optimise Metadata:

First things first, what is metadata? In simple words, Metadata informs the search engines about the data available on your website. The meta tag, meta description and e tags that you use for your site, all are part of metadata. Both meta descriptions and title tags influence the CTR of a site. The higher the CTR, the higher you’ll be able to rank. Moreover, you must also include at least one or two keywords in the meta descriptions. Other than this, don’t forget to categorise the pages of your site properly.

Internal Linking:

This refers to inserting the links of different pages in a specific page of your website. So, make sure to insert some internal links in the pages of your furniture store. If possible, try to use keywords in the anchor text of the links. That means, at the time of linking to the page of “dining tables”, don’t write, “buy them from here.” In place of that, say, ” buy our dining tables” and hyperlink “dining tables”. This is a very basic thing, but it surely enhances the SEO of your furniture store in the UK.

Now that you have already taken proper care of the on-page SEO of your store, the time comes to have a glance at the off-page SEO of your store. To carry out off-page search engine optimisation of your store, you will need to perform content marketing. But what is content marketing? Let’s discuss it.

What exactly is content marketing?

It is the process of offering valuable information to your users and building up trust. Most importantly, it increases the awareness of your brand and makes you a leader.

Do you know? Almost all the individuals prefer to know your brand through useful articles rather than advertisements. This opens our eyes to the significance of content marketing, right?

Now the question arises, how does content marketing assist in SEO? So here’s the answer:

  • It enhances the quantity of content on your site.
  • It assists you in reaching more prospects.
  • It expands the number of keywords you’re focusing on.

How to execute content marketing for your digital furniture store?

The most common method to do content marketing is by starting a blog. You can write detailed descriptions about the products available in your store. Other than this, you can also offer designing tips to the users.

In addition to this, you can create videos or begin a podcast depending upon the resources available to you. Ultimately, your main goal should be to provide value to your customers and users.

International SEO vs Furniture Industry

The manufacturers who wish to take their business international must keep in mind some significant principles. There are times when even the best product is not enough. You will require various online activities as well as advertisements that bring the attention of customers to your furniture store. Also, such advertisements will make you stand out as compared to the offers of opponents in the market. Most importantly, making use of SEO to gain clients from foreign means everything about the minute details. Therefore, it’s worth paying heed to them before you begin implementing your search engine optimisation strategy. We have mentioned some of the most important tips below:

Specific Domain For Country

It is significant to understand that having a specific domain for a country can be very hectic when you decide to do SEO internationally. Moreover, if you know that your focus group lives there in another country, then it’s a great idea to get a domain for that particular place.

Another probability, that is much unpleasant from the point of view of an SEO, is subdomain and directory. The translations of your website are important and they should be done properly with the help of professionals. The mistakes in the translations might discourage the users and also Google robots will consider your site as less valuable. That’s why, make sure to get your website and all its elements like titles, meta descriptions and URLs translated properly.

A Deep Analysis of the Focus Market

Having proper knowledge of the expectations of the market and your customers you wish to have will assist you in planning your SEO activities properly. This is significantly important when you know that the enterprises operating in foreign have taken full advantage of the SEO strategies for years. In this type of situation, you need to be better prepared for greater competition.

Selecting The Correct Search Engines for SEO

What you need to understand is that the internet is not only limited to Google. Although it is the most popular search engine in some countries, that doesn’t mean that it prevails everywhere. There are some other search engines as well like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, UC Browser, Opera Mini and a lot more. Each one of them has their algorithms that directly affects the process of search engine optimisation.

How to create content for the furniture business?

The furniture business shouldn’t only focus on the graphics. The aesthetic pictures of beautiful scenarios might look good and catch the attention of many, but what’s most important is your communication and it should be supported with the text. Let’s say, you run a blog of a company where you routinely post things that discuss interesting solutions and current trends, it will increase the number of phrases on which your website is displayed.

Other than these graphical representations, your website should also consist of product descriptions. That’s why take reviews and ratings from your customers and consider them, try to improve your user experience. Also, you can include the subpages or tabs to showcase the latest furniture collection in the main menu.

Moreover, the furniture industry always places much emphasis on visuals, that’s why you should always boost your content by using quality graphics. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the image optimisation rules. Also, make sure to post original photos that were taken by you only or intended for public use.

Furthermore, select the quality images to post, but they shouldn’t be too large as the large images tend to slow down the loading time of your website. Moreover, the graphics and images should be professional and they must be related to the products available on site. If there are some issues in uploading the website, then you’ll see the names of the graphics presented in place of photos. All thanks to this feature because the users will at least know what the pictures are all about. If you’re wondering how this can be done, then it is quite simple. All you need to do is set up the appropriate Alt tags in the HTML code. Other than this, these tags inform the Google bots about what’s there on the site and they also assist with SEO for the graphics. So, it’s worth adding the keywords in the picture descriptions.

What is the one big SEO Mistake Online Furniture Store Make Usually?

There’s one simple mistake that’s common among furniture store owners all around the web. That is, they have a lot of identical content. To be more specific, the furniture store owners don’t even realise the value a piece of good content holds. All this neglect leads to a lot of loss of traffic and attractive opportunities in SEO.

Why do the furniture stores have identical content?

Most of the furniture stores have the same product description as the others. For instance, if you’re selling dressing tables of multiple brands, then you might have added the same description to the other products of the same brand.

Google doesn’t punish or fine websites and businesses for posting fake content. Though, it reveals that the Furniture owner doesn’t care about the user experience. But how to fix the identical content? To tackle that issue of duplicate content, you should make use of all these. They’re as follows:

Make Use of Canonical Tags:

You must be thinking what exactly are the canonical tags, right? Don’t worry we will let you know. The canonical tags inform the search engines about the version of the webpage they need to crawl. There might be different versions of your product pages. These tags will advise the crawlers about which page they should cover and which shouldn’t. Your several versions of the same pages will prevent any type of identical content issues. All in all, a canonical tag is a real canonical tag in the coder’s language and you should insert it in the source code of your page.

Write Worthy Product Descriptions:

Making the product descriptions of your furniture store better is another big thing that you should target. Writing valuable and captivating product descriptions is not that tough, in real.

  • Know who’s your customer:
    To write good and effective product descriptions, have an understanding of all the basics such as know who purchases your furniture? Who are you selling to? Is it for the office bosses or homeowners? It is vital to target the correct audience with the help of your descriptions.
  • Explain the characteristics and benefits:
    Moreover, you should make detailed personas of buyers and make sure that to keep them in your head at the time of writing product descriptions. Many people read the description before buying any product, so attractively writing them might increase your sales. Also, they are a good way to insert the keywords on your site.
  • In addition to this, make sure to add quality in the descriptions by jotting down the significant features, pros and cons of the product. A customer wouldn’t know what’s special in your product, that’s why you must make them aware of it. Suppose, if you wish to sell a leather sofa, then you should tell your customers why they should buy that. Also, you should tell them about its beautiful and aesthetic design, the comfort it offers, and its durability. The product description must clarify all the advantages of the product and convince the buyer to buy it.
  • Do Steady Branding
    How is the tone and voice of your brand? Do you sound professional, funny, serious or quirky? It is really important to keep all these things in mind at the time of writing descriptions of your product. No, you don’t need to sound too professional or too funny, instead, you need to be a perfect mix of both by keeping your brand voice in your mind.
  • Keep Them Simple To Read
    People these days are so busy, they just glance through the content. They don’t pay attention to every detail. Therefore, you should keep the product descriptions simple to read and understand. Also, you should make use of subheadings, short paragraphs and bullet points to simplify the product descriptions.


Finally, we have arrived at the end of this article and we are sure that you’re aware of the significance of SEO for your furniture business.

To conclude, we would just say that doing SEO in your furniture store is worth it, whether you wish to sell abroad or in your home country. Also, it will assist you in becoming more and more profitable and at the same time, it will make your brand recognition better.

Moreover, advertisement strategies complement the SEO strategies for the furniture business. So, if you synchronise both of them in the right way, then getting new customers will just be a matter of seconds.

In case you need any help with SEO, then we at RVS Media Limited are right here at your service. We offer content, tools and professional expertise to make your furniture store visible on the internet. Also, we assist you in generating more leads. Overall, we can help you in ranking your furniture store on the top.