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A Magento PWA Guide

  • October 21, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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What is PWA?

The latest buzzword of the industry PWA, Progressive web app is based upon modern technologies and design patterns. The far-reaching concept is one of the popular Magento eCommerce trends.

The new software methodology is known to produce a reliable, fast and engaging user experience.

  • Reliable: because it loads fast and works offline as well.
  • Fast: jank free scrolling, smooth animations and seamless navigation even on the flaky networks.
  • Engaging: can be operated from home screen and receive push notifications.  

Basically, PWA is a modern and capable web page that provides the app-like user experience to the customers. These web apps meet certain requirements: these are deployed to servers, accessible through URLs and indexed by the search engines.    

What is Magento PWA Studio?

Magento PWA Studio is a suite of modern tools and libraries that allow you to create a PWA storefront. The framework adheres to the principle of Magento compliance.

Why PWA, Progressive web App is the future?

PWA is the future of modern technology. This is what we mean:


  • 50% higher conversion rates
  • Quicker to deploy
  • No listing or approval processes
  • Faster updates
  • Save time, money and frustration

End customers

  • No downloads required
  • Offline functionality
  • Works across all devices and browsers
  • Consistent experience delivery

Why should merchants choose Magento PWA studio?

M-commerce has taken over the sales of the eCommerce stores. A significant increase in ROI has been observed in the past year. Magento PWA will take your traffic and sales to a step ahead. 

Magento 2 PWA gets a nod from every iOS or Android software. It is because of the significant benefits of Magento Technology. 

Magento has been preferred by eCommerce owners and retailers for years now. PWA is another feather in its cap. 

PWA studio was launched to build progressive web apps for Magento websites. PWAs simply leverage the benefits of the thriving m-commerce. 

The combination of Magento and PWA brings a plethora of benefits to your website. Take a look at the noteworthy benefits of this combination.      

  • Take advantage of M-commerce without any cost

When it comes to shopping, mobiles have taken over the desktop. The trend is supposed to flourish over the coming years and the number of mobile users has grown exponentially. 

Undoubtedly, it is the right time to leverage the benefits of m-commerce and Magento PWA is a cost-effective option to maintain and grow your store. 

People who are using Progressive web apps in iOS are extremely happy with their performance. 

  • No more device restrictions

The code of PWA is written in CSS, HTML and JavaScript which implies their web connection. It allows a user to access Magento PWA from web browsers. 

PWA is supported by all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Above all, PWA does not need any installation and hence helps the users to save time. 

Unlike websites, PWAs can be simply placed on the home screen, in just a few clicks. Moreover, it does not acquire much space on your phone.    

  • Increase the SEO friendliness of your Magento store

It is important for an eCommerce website to secure higher rankings in SERP. Google also favours Magento 2 PWA as it offers an immersive experience for customers. 

PWAs serve the purpose of both an app and a website. They are highly optimised for the mobile experience. Your Magento website gets a better ranking and enhances its visibility as well. 

  • M-commerce becomes affordable

The trend of searching and shopping through mobiles will increase in the coming years. More than 27% of users strictly rely on mobile stores for shopping and surfing. The increasing use of mobile shopping gave birth to m-commerce and helped it gain ground. 

It was due to the high development and maintenance cost of native apps, PWA emerged as a reliable platform. Moreover, PWAs need a single code base for both; web pages and app.

  • Push notifications

It is impossible to deny the importance of push notifications. They act as a personalised marketing tool and increase your store’s user engagement at a rapid rate. 

When users give consent to the notifications of your website, the Push Manager feature starts sending them to push notifications. 

These notifications engage the users with real-time updates on different aspects like shipping, payment and dispatch updates. 

Right push notifications can help you retain customers and enhance your brand value. They act much like app notifications. 

Key Reasons to Use Magento 2 PWA

It is no less than folly to believe that customers will download every app and use it for their benefit. On the contrary, PWAs exist. They don’t need to be downloaded. 

The technology should not be avoided because of the following reasons:

  • Nimble Browsing

This technology prevents the page from reloading. The instant loading gets you a quick response and UI usability with the improved speed of the website. The presence of service workers with a client-side storage API can make these things possible.

PWA pre caches the part of the web and when the user the website, it loads faster. PWAs hold the best features of both native apps and websites.

  • No App downloading

You can use PWA through any simple browser. Users don’t even need to install it. However, it feels like a natural app which has been downloaded and installed on your website. 

  • Connectivity is not an issue anymore

A poor network connection is never an issue with PWAs. It works perfectly well even in the absence of internet connection. 

PWA allows customers to continue browsing in the areas where there is no network connection at all. The users will be able to use it’s every module and function. 

The web page works in standby mode even while reserving a seat or booking a service.

  • Easy Access

It is a common misconception that people don’t put efforts in opening a webpage. If you think so, you need to unwind your mind. PWA can be easily stored on the background of your screen in the form of an icon. 

It makes the customer visit your store again and again the customer engagement will increase. 

Most of all, PWA is omnichannel and works well with every size of the screen.

  • Rocketing Up the Conversion

The unbelievable features of the PWA will skyrocket the sales and conversions of your store. PWAs are highly reliable; they have high speed, enhance user engagement and work offline as well. What else one can ask for?  

Wrapping Up

We know how the above discussion will motivate you to convert your Magento eCommerce store into a fully-functional Progressive Web App. 

Hire a proficient and reliable Magento website developer to convert your Magento website into a PWA. The advanced Magento 2 extensions will ensure a seamlessly functional store. Above all, you will end up saving a lot of time and big bucks by not going towards the app side. 

Our world-class endeavour, RVS media helps you in building fully-functional and robust Magento stores and web apps.