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Reasons Why Shopify Is Still the Best eCommerce Platform

  • June 14, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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If you are consumed with the question “Is Shopify A Best Choice for eCommerce Platforms, ” you are definitely in the right place. This blog is about Shopify and why it is the best eCommerce platform.

Online shopping is not just a trend, it has now become a part of human life. Every day individuals are spending their hard-earned money on things they like without stepping a foot out of the house. It’s not just a doing of wealthy people; from ordering costly gadgets to essentials, everyone relies on an eCommerce platform. Ecommerce is popular among both consumers and sellers as it offers convenience to buyers and a huge customer base to sellers. It is the bridge that brings sellers and buyers from all across the globe together.




Due to the obvious rapid advancement of technology and the internet, the obstacles to participating in eCommerce have decreased substantially for both merchants and buyers. No doubt that online buying is attractive because of its accessibility. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs are encouraged to create their businesses due to the current economic situation.

And when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform, there are many options available out there that can help you build your online store. But shop owners often feel overwhelmed before dipping their toes in the online world. If that’s the reason for your worry then here we are doing all the heavy lifting by suggesting Shopify, which is one of the best eCommerce platforms.

The Brief Overview Of Shopify

Shopify is a popular eCommerce solution that acts as a full package for a web store, allowing users to effortlessly construct page layouts with an integrated editor, sell in many locations with local linguistic knowledge, and personalise online businesses. Around 1,000,000 enterprises worldwide use the platform to sell things online. It comes with several essential features that allow users to keep an eCommerce site up to date and efficiently boost it to the next level.

The platform serves around 500,000 businesses in different countries. So if you want to start your online store, Shopify can be your go-to platform but if you are still confused, here are myriad reasons to give it a try.

Why Choosing Shopify Is Ideal?

Let’s jump on the reasons to give Shopify a try.

Why Choosing Shopify Is Ideal

1. Easy To Use

The first reason to give Shopify a try is that it is very easy to use. One of the challenges many shop owners face is difficulty while operating the solution. If your eCommerce solution doesn’t help you do things in seconds, it is no use. This is exactly the very reason for Shopify’s popularity. It provides freedom to its users. One can create an online store without any difficulty. The best part is that one who doesn’t have any experience with coding can create their website from scratch in a matter of time.

2. Themes

Themes are a very important aspect of the online store. The very thing the user notices about the store is how it looks, and themes play a crucial role. Shopify understands the dilemma of merchants; that’s why you will find a myriad of themes on the Shopify store. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid. All users have to do is browse the Shopify theme store and then look for themes based on pricing, functionality, and design. Shopify has a theme for everyone in their store; whether you are a budding artist or a known chef, you can get the theme of your choice without any difficulty.

3. App Rich Platform

One of the prominent reasons for choosing Shopify as an eCommerce platform is that it is swamped with applications. To run a successful eCommerce store, you need to offer top-notch features to your users, as drop shipping is important for store owners. Shopify offers many dropshipping applications to ease the process to make the work easier. Not just this, there are many Shopify apps for sales, such as Catalogue Maker, Smile, etc. With these applications, one can scale up their business without any difficulty.

4. Secure Checkout

Ecommerce stores can’t be successful if they don’t have a secure checkout page. The reason is buyers don’t purchase things from stores where they feel something fishy. And in the past, there have been activities of data breaches and cyber-attacks that raise concerns among buyers. Considering all this, Shopify is the best solution for merchants. The platform hosts checkout for all stores and does not enable anybody to change this function to deliver a seamless transaction. As a result, the most vital part of an online retail business becomes flawless.

5. Multiple Payment Gateway

A store with multiple payment options is most liked by the customers. Most customers leave the checkout process in between when they don’t see their favourite mode while purchasing things online. Shopify offers this flexibility to its users. It is packed with multiple payment gateway solutions like PayPal,, etc. It enables debit/credit card payments to be accepted and funds transferred to the business owner’s bank account. By standard, Shopify allows all common payment gateways, making the payment procedure as simple as possible.

6. Inbuilt Marketing Tools

One of the crucial things business owners need to do if they want to be on top of their eCommerce game is to have a strong marketing strategy. Business owners spend thousands of pounds without thinking twice to achieve the same. But with Shopify as your eCommerce platform, a business owner doesn’t have to worry about the basic SEO like meta description, uniques URLs, etc. It also allows integration with various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., for product promotion. However, if that seems like a lot of work to you, you can hire or outsource the work to a Shopify eCommerce consultant.

7. Advanced Functionality

Shopify offers extensive capabilities through a plugin and application framework that enables users to access, install, and personalise the site. It manages inventory, bookkeeping, company reporting, and tools to improve sales and social media promotion. It also allows users to set mail autoresponder integrations, which can help you automate and operate the operation on automation.

8. Shopify POS

This feature distinguishes Shopify from the rest of the eCommerce solutions. If you believe in maintaining online and offline stores, Shopify can make this dream come true easily. Its Point sale features allow business owners to sell things from their physical location as well. For this, users must have android and ios devices.

9. Free Trial

Shopify has a free trial period that allows users to learn more about the platform. Shopify offers a trial version if you want to start making money by selling things online. After 14 days, you have to pick a subscription that fits your business needs. One could also go with a simple plan and generate income online if you wish to run the online marketplace on a shoestring budget in the hopes that your business will expand.

10. Cross-channel Selling

Lastly, cross channel selling is another thing most merchants look for. If you can’t earn from multiple sources, you are seriously behind in the race. Selling products on an eCommerce site isn’t the only way to make money. Using Shopify’s feature, one can easily integrate the storefront with various other large and powerful platforms to market their products across many channels.

Other than this, speed is another crucial factor for store owners. The faster the websites open, the more the users you’ll maintain and Shopify knows it very well. That’s why it has a built-in performance checker that allows users to finish transactions in the allotted loading time.

The USP of Shopify is one can manage and implement basic functionality with no coding skills. While extensive features in a shop may necessitate the use of a technical resource, simple tasks such as adding an extra app can be accomplished without the assistance of a developer. It’s a terrific option for marketing, selling, and delivering any products, with inexpensive setup expenses and a clear user interface. While Shopify helps make it simple and quick, some areas will necessitate technical resources, but a large portion of it may be handled by the retailers directly.


That’s all! Undoubtedly, the platform is one of the best hosting solutions for online store owners. This is the reason why the solution has a 400k user base. However, when building the online store from scratch, most newbie store owners get confused. You can’t win the game if you are not doing things that can off-track your competitors. Shopify is swamped with features, and with the help of professionals, you can take your store to a new level. If you are looking for the best Shopify agency for your store, feel free to reach out to RVS Media.