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SEO strategy trends to rule the digital world

  • July 18, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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The online presence of a brand largely depends upon Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It needs enough time and hard work to achieve a higher rank on the SERP. A moment without notice can make the process even more challenging. Google is known for its an amorphous behaviour as it keeps playing with its algorithms more than 500 times a year and it is really important for a digital marketing company in London to keep track of it.

Just like every year, Google has launched its fresh updates for the year 2019. With the changing trends of internet consumption, Google has included everything ranging from three Vs (Videos, Voice and Vernacular) to local queries.

Let’s take a look at the changes and see what they mean.

1. Content is the undefeated king

Content still remains the top choice for boosting SEO efforts as it offers an authentic, detailed and complete information about the website. Content must be in sync with the realm of content and in accordance with the main events of the industry. It should be detailed, promising, comprehensive and informative but not smug self-appreciation.

2. Mobile optimisation as a part of SEO strategy

Google prefers mobile optimised pages while providing rankings. Mobile optimisation is an impetus for a business to target customers efficiently. Such apps are developed to get attention from social media and online networks. A business app can generate leads much easily as compared to websites.

3. Google My Business and local queries

Google stresses how important it is for local businesses to get registered on Google Maps. Google My Business adds another level of authenticity or reliability to local businesses.

4. Multi-lingual website

Google is known as the ultimate source of information all around the world. Google gives preference to the websites that are featured with multiple languages, to endorse the idea of globalisation. Translation-friendly websites generate a good number of clicks. The best SEO agencies in London should consider this user preference and jerk their website to validate multiple languages.

5. Three Vs (Video, voice and vernacular)

Google hunting has for special products has reached a whopping number of 320 billion and Google is all set to take a stand in this domain. Websites are suggested to introduce a program of coding to decipher and process voice queries.

The number of internet users that use vernacular languages has constantly increased and the same is the story with videos. It is a strong hint to shrewd SEO executives that Google has decided to focus on these 3 Vs.

6. Ingenious Google reviews

Google manipulates the rankings of businesses and websites on the basis of real-time user-reviews. There are explicit algorithms that help that target the review of a particular product or service. It is upon SEO experts to be concerned with the opinions and perceptions regarding our company and gradually refine it.

7. Image optimisation is essential

Image optimisation is an overwhelming process that allows SEP professionals to drive immense profit from it especially in eCommerce. The real-time images should be pixel-perfect and in sync with the texts so that Google taps machine can easily uncover it.

8. Revisit the high-priority ranking parameters again and again

Backlinks should be reckoned after constant scanning. Though they have a significant impact on searches, they can even backfire if highly exploited. Such a scenario cannot be overlooked in the SEO industry. Links should be built is a way that it revolves around a particular niche or industry to avoid unwanted traffic. It should be aligned with a pre-planned content strategy to impact the targeted audience.

9. Videos bringing the next shift

Videos provide more solidified and integrated knowledge as compared to textual or graphical interpretation. Keeping this in mind, Google is ready to launch a series of videos to manage data. The best SEO services in London should focus on this other medium of content for now to achieve better rankings.

10. Customised searches will result in the quick result and faster ROI

SEO is a vast ocean and one dive into it to find the gems of keywords. The keyword should be manipulated in accordance with user preferences. Keywords should be customised according to the specified geographical area to achieve the underlying benefit.

11. Copyrighted and third-party multimedia contest

Google has put up this restriction of originality for all sorts of multi-media, photos, music and videos. A website cannot put up any multi-media content they don’t have a copyright on. That is why designers stockpile their images and designs with the company’s name and logo. It is preservation of an emerging artist’s work and talent.

SEO has always been an ever-changing game and every year, there are new trends to dominate the digital world. Using the right strategies and techniques will help you generate more traffic and stay ahead of your competitors.