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Six Proven Strategies To Keep Your Customers Engaged With Your Business

  • May 3, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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Do you often struggle with engaging your customers with your brand? If that’s your headache, then we have prepared a positive piece that will surely help you out. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to engage your customers with your brand.

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the process of creating a strong and trustworthy relationship with all your buyers. To put it simply, it is the summation of all the ways by which you connect with your buyers: the phone calls, the emails, conversations on social media platforms and many more. Developing a strategy around all these interactions can assist you in keeping your customers happy and it can help in attracting new customers as well!

So, let’s just dive in to know more about it.

6 Effective Ways To Keep Your Customers Engaged With Your Brand

Do you know the companies that follow the most proven customer engagement strategies tend to retain about 89% of their customers. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

That’s why we came up with all these strategies that you should try right now!

1. Communicate With Your Customers And Engage With Them

This may seem distinct, but you would be amazed to know that many brands communicate with their customers only when they have to sell something. Undoubtedly, that will not create a defeatist image, but also it will not assist you to create a positive image either. One of the most important ways you can perform this is by setting up social media profiles of your brand. You can communicate and interact with your customers, answer their queries, announce updates and share all such inspiring information in real-time. In place of just offering customer support on social media platforms, display interesting content! But for that, you need to be sure of who exactly is your audience.

For instance, if you own a B2B brand, then the most preferred content might be detailed links and articles to the relevant statistics. However, if you’re the owner of a makeup brand, then the most favourable content would be customer oriented such as tutorials, pictures and reviews. Said it before and will say it again, knowing what content to post and share is necessary.

Another useful strategy is to have a chatbot on your site so that customers can connect with you conveniently. One more tip to keep your customers engaged is by sending them advanced notice regarding shipping. This will not only excite them to buy more but they’ll also keep an eye on their purchase and your website. What say? Isn’t it interesting?

2. Learn From Your Faults

Your unhappy and unsatisfied customers are your biggest source of improvement and learning. Instead of taking their negative comments negatively, try to take them in a positive manner. Just offering a quick solution won’t help in such cases as they might feel like you haven’t even heard their problem carefully. So, to make them happy, invest proper time to resolve their problems.

Most importantly, embrace your mistakes and then assure your customers that you’re going to deal with the problem wisely. By doing so, your customers will feel content and they’ll trust you even more.

However, your unhappy and unsatisfied customers are also the most honest critics of your brand. Keep an eye on all your critics and their complaints and then make use of this information to prevent any such issue from happening in future.

3. Make Use Of Color Psychology

Someone said it right, “The first impression has always been the last impression.” When a visitor enters your website, the first thing that he/she sees is the visuals of your brand. After that, the customers notice your content. That is why you should work on making the visuals better and attractive.

For that, good knowledge of colour psychology could assist you in making your website look even more enchanting and attractive. Moreover, restaurants have mostly red colour, hospitals have a white or green colour, have you ever wondered why? There is a reason behind that, you see that much importance colours hold. For all the good reasons, you should use such colours that can be used to develop an emotional connection with the customers.

As there are various universal components of colour theory, you should lay your design on the focus market and products. For instance, if you’re the one who’s involved in the business of selling products related to rock, metal music and emo, then you would surely not want your website to look like it’s selling toys, right? So now, you know what to do, don’t you?

4. Mercilessly Cut The Characteristics That Customers Ignore

Sometimes understanding what the users don’t need is as significant as understanding what they need. Having too many features on your website or application that don’t add value to the products develops product debt. In fact, they drag down your users and make the customers believe that you’ve lost your focus on the important features that they’ve signed up for.

We understand, eliminating some of the features is a tough decision, most especially when you’ve invested your crucial time and effort in its development. But if your data analytics reveals that the users are not using that feature, then you’ve two choices: either you can ask your users why they’re not using it and commit more resources to make it better, or you can chop the losses and remove the feature totally. The decision is all yours!

5. Promote a Flawless User Experience

Your website should look like heels but it should provide the comfort of flats, getting that? Being visually attractive is good, but your website should also offer a flawless experience to its users.

You can make this possible by enhancing the response time of your server, optimising the images, formatting, eliminating code comments and unused codes. Moreover, if you have a small team which don’t have UX experts, then it will be worth it to outsource website development to assure that it’s done correctly.

However, customer engagement will drop down if the customers don’t engage with your brand! By assuring your website is optimised for both mobile and computer browsers, you can avoid losing omers over their website experience.

A consistent and uninterrupted experience doesn’t mean having a well-optimised site. That also means that your customers can engage with you on any of the platforms. Your customer’s support team, social media team and marketing department, all need to be a part of the workforce rather than just operating without any knowledge of each other. After all, you don’t want your potential customers to call in only for knowing that their agents know nothing about that!

Keeping the customers informed and engaged also plays an important role in the process of order to cash optimisation, which begins as soon as an order is placed and continues till the final report is generated.

6. Show That You Can Do What You Say

There’s this one brilliant way to build the trust of your customers, it is by having a particular section showing the best feedback, awards, achievements and reviews that you’ve received from your customers.

Keeping these records never fails to create a good impression about your business to the new customers. Moreover, if you’re a B2B business, consider connecting with your clients and asking them for testimonials. Having an idea of which companies use your services, most especially with a testimonial attached with a photograph and a name creates a more positive customer perception. For B2C form of businesses, you can motivate people to review by offering some discount on their next order.

Be it anything, with great communication wonders can happen. It can surely make your customers feel belonged and as a result, they’ll end up engaging with your brand.


Overall, gaining positive feedback from the customers means focusing more on the strategies that are geared towards the wants and needs of customers. Most importantly, you need to make extra efforts to keep the customers in your business for a long time. Minimal efforts won’t fetch you the good returns!

Besides, if you’re in the process of growing your business, then it’s worth investing in the branding agency, engagement and marketing team. But keep in mind that keeping the customers engaged in your business is an ongoing process, so you should never stop working on it.

Also, in case you feel any confusion, feel free to contact us!