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Tips To Attract Customers To Your Online Bakery Business This Festive Season

  • December 7, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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People all over the globe are increasingly turning to online bakery businesses. Every party needs a cake, and that’s it. The days when a birthday cake was reserved for a special occasion are long gone. No party is complete without a slice of cake, and this trend has spread to all celebrations. People worldwide flock to online cake shops because of the staggering selection of designs and flavours on display. People like ordering cakes for all occasions online because it saves them time and money.

The online bakery business has fantastic deals and services, and its users can reap full benefits.

Why Does The Festive Season Play A Vital Role In The Online Bakery?

People tend to go on a spending binge around the holidays. On certain holidays, it is considered good luck to
acquire something new. However, in most cases, from food to jewellery, people want to end the year
positively and do not hesitate to spend money on items they have wanted to acquire all year. Baking sales
skyrocket from November through December.

Customers are eager to take advantage of the numerous savings opportunities, whether by retailers offering
deep markdowns or financial institutions providing lower interest rates. With the customer wanting to spend
more, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to draw them towards their goods and services.

Many people today still avoid interacting with others, so online bakery businesses can benefit from offering
delivery and curbside pick-up of baked goods.

As another excellent option for avoiding personal contact and maintaining social distance, delivery is highly
recommended. Customers don’t even have to get on the phone or leave the comfort of their own homes to place
an order. When consumers are on the fence about what to buy, the convenience of online ordering and
accepting all cookies can make all the difference. Your online bakery business can benefit from the
increasing popularity of online shopping.

Ensure curbside customers know how to get their baked goods without hiccups before arriving. Post it as a
pop-up on your website or share it on social media. Facilitate the pick-up process from the curb by doing
everything in your power.

Cakes With Customised Designs

Online bakery business has made many products and services available to cater to customers’ varying
preferences.Worldwide, many people favour “online cake delivery” because it allows them to customise their
experience. One of the best ways to show how much you care about someone is to buy them a uniquely designed
cake as a surprise. Everyone should pick out the perfect cake design before making a purchase. Without
breaking the bank, an online bakery business will ship you a custom-made cake on time.

There Is A Wide Variety Of Choices Right Outside Your Front Door.

Online retailers offer mind-boggling selections to cater to customers’ needs. Online bakeries’ primary
mission is to provide premium cakes at affordable prices. Stores also recognise that customer’s preferences
and requirements vary, which is why they offer a wide selection of tasty flavours in the digital
marketplace. A delicious cake is a must-have whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or another

How To Attract Customers To Your Bakery Business?

A compelling offering is necessary for achieving business success. For instance, while working with
substandard ingredients, chefs frequently note that creating a dish that would stand out in people’s
memories is challenging. Good products make all the difference whether you work in cafeterias, home
bakeries, or ovens; they are the most critical aspect influencing how your clients feel about your service.
Good products make a difference whether you work in restaurants, bakeries, or ranges.

Choosing to purchase bread that has already been frozen is one of how this objective might be met. Because
their qualities are maintained unaltered during the freezing process, frozen doughs are a reliable
investment for an enterprise of this kind. Because they can be ordered and produced on demand, they make it
possible for you to have high-quality goods while also being favourable to controlling stock and revenue.
This is because they can be ordered and produced whenever they are needed.

Customers can easily be provided with a wide selection of baked treats, including bread, thanks to the
convenience supplied by frozen bakery doughs. These baked goods can range from savoury pastries to chocolate
croissants. If you already know you have a successful product, what else can you do to attract customers to
your establishment? Please give some thought to the following recommendations to make this process go more


1. Strengthen The Aroma

“Sensory marketing” is a form of marketing that appeals to potential customers’ senses in the hopes of
swaying their choice to purchase a product or use a service. It is tightly intertwined with the faculties of
perception. The aroma is one of the most easily amplified senses in a commercial kitchen, bakery, or oven.
Keep the door to your place of business open whenever it is practical to do so, and cook something that
smells appetising in the oven so that people walking by will be enticed to come inside. You could accomplish
this goal by, for example, baking frozen croissants.

2. Offer New Products And Recipes

Getting your customers’ attention by giving them a taste of something delicious can be helpful. How exactly
does one go about accomplishing something like this? Using foreign products or preparation techniques that
stimulate their curiosity and draw their attention. It is now much easier than it ever was in the past to do
so because of the broad availability of tempting new products that combine recognisable flavours with unique
compositions. These items are widely available. It is essential to make an effort to track down speciality
items such as the cheese-stuffed sobrasada ensaimada, the olive-stuffed half-flute, the cereal bread, and
the chocolate-hazelnut-filled butter croissant. These items are not easily accessible. There is also the
possibility of including gluten-free choices and whole grains compatible with various diets.

3. Invite Them To Enter With A Funny Message

Numerous bakeries and cafes have a blackboard in front of their establishments, upon which a motto or a
welcome greeting is written. It’s one of those things that doesn’t need much effort yet produces significant
outcomes. If the message is well-written and exciting, pedestrians will have a greater propensity to enter
the establishment.

4. Ensure The Products Are Adequately Prepared, And Then Describe Them.

The convenience of using frozen dough comes from finishing the items to your desire after thawing them and
then baking them in the oven. Pains au chocolate crème and other baked goods, such as crocanti, icing sugar,
or chocolate, can be decorated with syrup painted on the surface. However, this is insufficient; you must
also communicate the intended meaning. Because this is the case, it may be good to put signs that either
highlight a particular aspect of the cuisine or identify the ingredients that go into making the dish.

5. Make Free Samples Available

People are more likely to get interested in a product and be ready to purchase it by participating in a free
trial. Do not let the chance to bake a unique dessert, cut it up, and leave it at the register so customers
can sample it as they shop past you by without taking advantage of it. It’s a great touch that doesn’t cost
much money but makes an impression on the customer.

6. Make Good Use Of Your Various Social Media Platforms.

Some people in this day and age think you do not exist if you cannot articulate what you do to others.
Because of this, the material you share on the social media channels associated with your business must be
congruent with those principles. This entails keeping them up to date regularly and, in addition to the
things you offer, giving content that will interest the people who follow you.

7. Make Your Own One-of-a-kind Merchandising.

In the same vein as previously stated, the brand’s image is quite important. You can design goods that fit in
like a glove and retain the aesthetics of your eatery, home bakery, or oven. This is something that you can
do. One of these particulars is a fashionable tote bag, also known as a fabric bag with handles that bears
an imprint of your company’s name and can be utilised for transporting commonplace products such as loaves
of bread.

8. Request That A Handful Of Your Clients Participate In Brief

It may be as easy as asking for feedback to determine what aspects of your company are successful and what
could use improvement. One method for gathering information from repeat customers is to conduct a survey in
which the respondent is asked about their most recent purchase and the variables that cause them to choose
the same product repeatedly. They will be happy to have been able to provide a hand, and they will feel
extra appreciated if you reward them with a gift or purchase after the fact to show your gratitude for their

9. Be Imaginative While Making Your Offers.

Throughout the year, you can choose specific occasions to provide discounts uniquely suited to your products
and objectives. In the sweltering summer heat, running a campaign centred around iced coffee and a related
product makes perfect sense. Dates like Halloween in the fall can inspire conversations about “terrifying”
offers, while Christmas is a fantastic opportunity for seasonal market delicacies. These conversations can
be sparked by events such as Halloween. In terms of one’s imagination, the possibilities are endless.

10. It Is Essential To Have A Cheerful And Outgoing Demeanour.

Acts of service that customers always appreciate include flashing a warm grin and asking about their health
and well-being. During a conversation that lasts for a while, it’s essential to remember whether or not the
other person wants to talk. In any event, wishing clients a happy day after a purchase may impact the level
of happiness they experience due to the transaction.

Six Tips To Attract Customers To Your Bakery Business

True, a customer’s satisfaction hinges on the quality of the food served, but other considerations go into
whether or not they’ll choose to dine with you. Here are some suggestions that should help bakery owners
bring in more customers.

  • 1. First, you must ensure that everything you sell is delicious and new. If you care about your
    health, you can’t sell them two or three days old food. In doing so, you risk alienating some of your
  • 2. The interior design of your bakery is essential, even if you’re a small operation. Make an effort to
    make your bakery as attractive as possible to attract more customers. Include relaxing seating options
    so that diners can focus on their meals.
  • 3. Third, providing excellent service to customers is crucial, regardless of whether you interact with
    face-to-face, over the phone, or via chatbot.
  • 4. You must maintain a happy and contented clientele at all times. There needs to be no slacking in your
    delivery service. Your delivery executive should be polite and reliable, as many customers prefer home
  • 5. No one wants their cake or pastry to go stale before they get a chance to eat it, so proper packaging
    essential for both takeout and home delivery.
  • 6. You should have a good social presence and promote your small business using online platforms.

You can add various coupons and discounts on first orders to attract customers. The best way to find out
what’s on your customers’ minds is to ask them. Utilise a customer feedback system to sift through all
comments and suggestions and take appropriate action.


Demand from shoppers rises during the holiday season. All of the above will help you make the most of the
festivities and bring some serious cash. Planning for the one season that matters most from a sales
perspective and then carrying out those plans is essential for reaching one’s sales goals. A significant
rise in sales figures will be the company’s cherry on top. If you plan to set up an online bakery business,
RVS Media can help you with that.

Best wishes for the hectic holiday season!