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Top 5 eCommerce Trends to watch out in 2024

  • February 7, 2020
  • by Rajeev Nar
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There was a time when Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were only talked about. But, they have turned into reality now. The impact of emerging technology can be clearly seen into flexible, seamless, fast and engaging eCommerce stores.

You will need to scrutinise and embrace the evolving digital Commerce trends in order to ensure your brand’s growth and stay on the top. Incorporate these trends and engagement strategies into your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

Prepare yourself for what’s coming ahead and keep tabs on these latest eCommerce trends 2024.

The eCommerce has turn headless

Decoupling front end and back end of the eCommerce store leads to a headless web store which is far more reactive and variable than traditional eCommerce. If your company is following the traditional tactics, it will become difficult for you to meet customer demands.  

The traditional monolithic architecture does not leave any space for robust and dynamic website content. A transition to headless commerce will not only improve the responsiveness of your store but will make the promotions and content more accessible.  

Leverage the benefits of this ‘wealth of opportunities’.  

Create personalised shoppable content

Most of the eCommerce stores are implementing this practice of creating personalised content to fit in the needs of the customers. Regular interactions with customers will help you improve your product and explore new marketing techniques.

It is the key to apprehend your customer’s needs and journey. Just make sure that your personalised content is based upon behaviour and demographics. It should be no less than a rewarding experience for the consumer.

Websites place ads, offers and promotions that are least related to customer’s interest and it only annoys them. Determine your visitors before creating customised advertisements.

Moreover, delivering the fine-tuned data to the customers can make their shopping experience more exciting and meaningful.

Build actionable eCommerce content

Content is king and it is the right time to be more confident about this. Actionable and relevant content is the biggest opportunity of the time.

A consumer consumes your content and experience before buying your product. Providing them with interactive content at every step of shopping motivates long-term customer engagement.

Fine-tune your content and prepare it according to the expectations and preferences of your buyers.  

The power of Augmented Reality

Enrich your customer experience with this unique opportunity. AR has not emerged recently. You have been using it for years now without even realising. Some of the best examples of AR are the parking assistance programs, camera filters, and loreal makeup app.

The combination of AR and VR will push your retail space largely. A multi-layered, high-fashion AR drives your eCommerce towards success.  

The advancement of AR includes a multisensory approach including machine learning and voice search.

AR will be more seamless in the upcoming year.

Create an offline experience for your customers with Progressive Web Apps

PWA carved a space for itself in 2019 and it is expected to steam further in 2024. According to a survey, it will replace 50% of consumer-based apps in the coming year.  

The journey of eCommerce had started from static web pages and then moved to responsive mobile web pages. PWA is the next step ahead. It has challenged the need for mobile applications.

Many big brands including Twitter and Starbucks have already adopted it. Their Progressive Web Pages are amazingly fast and it is quite a task to feel the difference.  

PWA works best even in the areas that lack proper internet coverage. It works perfectly well in emerging markets where internet speed is 3G or worse.  

Feel the pulse of the latest trends and implement customised cutting-edge solutions to impact your customers directly.