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Top Reasons why every business needs SEO

  • July 29, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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SEO to your business can be compared to a life partner who is inseparable. The two can’t really exist without each other in this digital world. Like it or not, you have to survive it.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to the practice that improves the overall visibility and searchability of your website. It is a marketing strategy that drives users to your website and presents them with better user experience. There can be no easier, cheaper and more effective solution other than SEO for growing the online presence of your business.

Read on to know why SEO is a must if you want to succeed online.

1. Organic Search is the primary source of website traffic

Organic search proves to be a critical component when it comes to the overall performance of the website. It is like a funnel that catches customers, engages them and converts. High-quality SEO along with a potential website can take your brand on the top of the Google SERP.

2. It builds trust and credibility

The ultimate target of Search Engine Optimisation is to establish the website in terms of credibility and trustworthiness and make it discoverable. The process includes a good number of steps and at the end of the day, the entitlements are listed in the form of below-given elements.

  • Quality backlink profiles.
  • Positive user behaviour.
  • Machine-learning signals.
  • Optimised on-page elements and content.

Just like real-life, it is impossible to build trust and credibility overnight. It is something that a brand or website earns over time. Ask any Best SEO company in London and they will explain how SEO asks for lots of patience, efforts and commitment.

3. Good SEO is a synonym to better user-experience

Everyone runs towards organic rankings and enhanced visibility but only a few realise how an optimal user-experience is necessary to get there. Google is intelligent enough to interpret the favourable or unfavourable user-experience and use it a pivotal element in determining your website’s success.

How early a customer finds for what he is looking for decides the overall performance of your website. The fewer, quicker and easier clicks favour the higher ranking of your brand.

4. Increase Engagement, Traffic and conversions with local SEO

Local search plays a pivotal role when it comes to the success of small and medium-sized businesses. The aim of local SEO is to optimise your digital presence for special vicinity so that people can find you easily.

Local optimisation puts you a step closer to the conversion. The local citations, backlinks and local listings give an insight a business belongs to.

Digital marketing companies in London should start with optimising a brand’s Knowledge Graph Panel and Google My Business listing and its social media profile to promote engagement on the local level. It enhances the visibility of the brand in the local market.

5. The impact of SEO on the buying cycle

Research is the key factor that impacts the buyer’s shopping decisions. SEO tactics relay information related to good deals, groundbreaking services and the dependability of the brand.

If optimised properly, the information acts as the game changer and strongly impacts the buying cycle.

6. SEO is a long-term strategy

The actions you are taking for SEO optimisation will not only be noticeable now but later as well. The impact will actually last for years.

Following the evolving SEO trends and changes closely and implementing it on your SEO practices will create a decent user experience. The results will be directly proportional to the time, efforts and budget you will invest in it.

7. It is relatively cheap

You must be thinking about how because SEO costs a good fortune. Try to imagine it in the grand scheme of things. Can there be any other medium to impact such a large segment of the customers and that too at the same cost? Now you know what I mean.

Don’t compare it to a marketing strategy because it is a pure investment. Good implementation of SEO can hold water for many coming years and obviously, it will get better with time.

8. SEO brings new opportunities for you

High-quality SEO practices are a great way of leveraging new opportunities for brands to rise and shine. It opens up new doors to success and exposure.

Offering SEO services to a brand means submersing in the passion and enthusiasm to set up that brand and thrive new opportunities.

In this digital world, 81% of consumers go down their shopping journey through the internet. SEO makes sure that your brand meets them in the beginning, middle or end of this journey and answer all their questions related to their product search.

Regardless of the nature or size of your business, implementing high-quality SEO on digital properties is extremely beneficial to the brands. This new-age marketing technique critically affects the web presence of your brand.