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10 Reasons Why Startups Should Opt BigCommerce

  • July 9, 2021
  • by Emma Parkar
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If you’re a newbie or an owner of a small business wishing to sell online, then this blog is just for you. In this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should choose BigCommerce.

Why BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce software platform offering start-ups and established companies with almost everything to begin their digital store. But Why only BigCommerce? The reason why you should opt for BigCommerce is that it’s a vigorous platform that provides advanced build and simple-to-use features.

Furthermore, the shipping capabilities of BigCommerce are also potent. In addition to this, their store management is also great. BigCommerce is a full-fledged software platform and it also has a cloud solution. All in all, it is a perfect fit for your digital store.

Reasons To Choose BigCommerce

Here are the reasons why BigCommerce is the perfect choice for your online store.

1.Payment processing

BigCommerce offers the liberty to choose from different payment options. This ecommerce software platform has integration with about 38 payment gateways.

Most particularly, the shoppers can pay on your store by using the most trustworthy payment processors such as 2Checkout, Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout, and

2.Simple to use

This ecommerce platform is so simple and easy to use. Managing the stores, taking proper care of the orders, looking at analytics and everything else becomes so easy when you use BigCommerce as your ecommerce platform.

From setting up your online store to tweaking the design and keeping everything else clean and intuitive is only one-time work. On the same side, you can also take help from the support team if you don’t understand the technical stuff.

Moreover, there are numerous no-coding apps in the online marketplace for several purposes. For instance, inventory management, cross-sell and upsell, marketing, order management, and even ecommerce automation. Hence, you can also try these applications and customise everything that standard features of BigCommerce don’t include.

3.Coders have other options

Hiring a professional or a web designer to build your online e-commerce store is a daunting task. But with the help of BigCommerce you can terminate the requirement for coders. Because it provides a full HTML editor. Moreover, it gives complete access to the raw CSS files, permitting detailed edits or the custom layout. Moreover, an editor displays how the text will appear as well as font type, colour, and size.

4.Protects your site from fraud

BigCommerce protects your site from fraud and deceit. When the sales are at peak, your online store or website is under more threat. Most online sellers do not know about the advanced tools to keep your website safe and secure. They don’t even install fraud detection software or technology. That’s why we are here to make you aware that BigCommerce offers various security features such as hosting security. Also, it gives all the necessary protection to their customers. So, when it comes to security, you don’t have to worry when your ecommerce platform is BigCommerce. Because it keeps your privacy intact.

5.SEO features

The main factor to excel in the online business is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. It decides the position and rank of your website page on various search engines. It decides how easily a normal person can find your website or store.

Moreover, there are various options with BigCommerce that lets you enter the text affecting the SEO ranking of your website. It also includes tweaking the keywords, metadata, URL structure, and product description.

6.Engage the customers by offering live chat support

One most important marketing tool that BigCommerce offers is live chat support. That means, the shoppers can communicate with your team at the time of online shopping. The new live chat feature enables a person to see how they can get high ratings and also suggests many other ecommerce solutions. Doubtlessly, BigCommerce is always outstanding in the competition.

Moreover, BigCommerce is famous for its help and support system. It provides email, live chat, and phone support to help the users in learning more about the leading software ecommerce platform. Also, you can find a lot of information about this software on social media channels, online resource centers, company community forums, YouTube channels, and many more.

7.Safety and security

This ecommerce platform now provides SSL as the built-in feature along with some other features such as extended validation and increased warranty through various third-party certificates. The accounts of customers are also supported so that their shipping information can also be easily stored.

Nevertheless, the stored credit cards are just available on the Pro, Plus, or enterprise plans and with Braintree, Cybersource payment gateways, and

8.Multi-channel integration

The BigCommerce manager also allows you to handle all the listings in one location only. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all have in-house support. A purchase button is also supported, it can be included in the marketing content. Most importantly, multi-channel integration is available on all the plans.

9.Discount and promotion codes

Bulk discounts, customer group pricing, cart level discounts, and coupon codes are also supported. Nevertheless, the potential to include the discounted products on the homepage is just limited.

10.Boost leads with email marketing

Email Marketing is now an integral part of ecommerce and BigCommerce lets the online sellers integrate their online stores with powerful email marketing platforms like HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and iContact. All these tools can be used to create advanced lists of customers.

Benefits of Bigcommerce

  • It offers a lot of in-house features.
  • The real focus is on growth.
  • It offers top-quality international selling functions.
  • The SEO assistance of BigCommerce is brilliant.
  • It offers a single-page checkout.
  • It provides a lot of payment options.
  • It doesn’t charge any transaction fee.
  • It offers unlimited storage, product additions, and bandwidth across all the plans.
  • It gives a free trial of thirty days.
  • Marketing features like SEO capacities, built-in blogging, special offer campaigns, and email marketing are available on the platform.


So, we are at the end of this blog on “10 Reasons Why Startups Should Opt BigCommerce” We believe that you are now fully aware of why you should choose BigCommerce as your ecommerce platform.

BigCommerce is a full-fledged ecommerce platform, it shines the best in the sales section. The internationalisation abilities and in-house approach are very strong, also it performs well in the website features.

So, if you are a newbie, beginner, or just entered the online world and wish to be on the top, then BigCommerce is absolutely the best match. It is a growth-centered ecommerce platform. Most importantly, it is considered the best for multi-channel sales.

Moreover, if you need any assistance then we at RVS Media Limited are right here to help you out. Ping us whenever you feel so.