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The Director of the Global Governance Project shares his experience of working with RVS Media

“Always Available, Attentive, and Provided Great UI/UX Design and Package”

Tom Kennedy

Director, The Global Governance Project

We Created a User-friendly Website for Global Governance that Maximised Visitor retention.

A global governance project is a joint venture of GT Media, a publishing house based in London and a global governance programme based at Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Here you can avail unbiased, objective and independent opinions based on actual policy set and influenced by the world's systemically important events and organisations.


  • Page Speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Server Issues
  • UX/UI Web Issue
  • Backend Issues
  • Complex website layout
  • Errors in design


  • Improved page speed through custom code work
  • Professional website and mobile-friendly too
  • Shifted Website to Upgraded server
  • UI/UX improved with web design
  • Backend modification
  • Changed the website layout end to end
  • Redesigned the entire website
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