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Are you seeking enhanced speed and superior performance for your Magento and Adobe Commerce? If so, Hyvä themes revolutionise the merchant experience, and we’re eager to share the reasons why!

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Our Hyvä Theme Services

Leverage the power of modern eCommerce solutions to create incredible customer experiences.

Hyvä Themes Development

Our professional Hyvä Theme services, carefully customised to meet your unique business demands, further assist in converting and increasing sales.

Hyvä Custom Design & Implementation

Showcase your brand with our unique custom themes, designed to optimise business performance. Experience the power of personalised eCommerce solutions.

Hyvä Migration and Upgrade

Unleash limitless potential and gain a competitive edge with the latest innovations from your favourite eCommerce platform through a smooth migration.

Syncing APIs with Hyvä Theme

Experience business-focused integrations that boost customer satisfaction and revenue, giving you a market edge.

Hyvä Maintenance and Support

Benefit from our efficient maintenance and support for your Hyvä themes. Trust us for reliable and timely service and Hyvä theme support.

Enhancing SEO & Core Web Vitals

Boost your SEO and Core Web Vitals using Hyva themes, designed to optimize your site’s performance and enhance user experience.

Integrations with 3rd-Party Extensions

Business-oriented integrations that prioritise customer satisfaction and revenue growth, providing a competitive advantage in your market.

Smooth Migration to Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Our team ensures a smooth migration process, allowing you to leverage the power and efficiency of Hyvä themes for your eCommerce platform.

Performance Optimisation

Designed for optimal efficiency, Hyvä themes enhance your site’s speed and responsiveness, improving the user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Hyvä Themes Site Audits

Experience comprehensive site audits for your Hyvä themes. We will conduct thorough inspections to ensure optimal performance and security of your eCommerce platform.

Expert Hyvä Themes Developers

Experience unparalleled performance, blazing-fast speed, and sturdy flexibility on the Magento platform with Hyvä themes.

As an agency specialising in Hyvä, we are ideally situated to leverage this comprehensive frontend solution to elevate your Magento site and fully realise your ecommerce potential.

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Have questions in mind?

No, the Hyvä theme is not free. It requires a one-time purchase of a license that costs €1,000. This license gives you full access to the source code and unlimited updates. So, while there is an upfront cost, it provides ongoing value without additional fees.

Hyvä Themes for Magento 2 is a front-end development solution that simplifies and modernizes Magento store interfaces. Here are some key features and benefits of Hyvä Themes:


1. Reduced Complexity: Hyvä Themes is built from scratch, reducing the complexity of the Magento frontend. It uses the PHP-templating system built into Magento, making it a sane alternative for headless/PWA solutions.


2. Performance: By drastically reducing the amount of code shipped to the user, Hyvä achieves maximum performance. It scores a 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed and passes Core Web Vitals on all metrics.


3. Time-to-Market: Hyvä Themes can reduce your average build time by 30 to 50% compared with the default Luma Theme or PWA solutions. This means you can save time and money, and greatly reduce your time-to-market.


4. Compatibility: Hyvä theme is compatible with Magento 2.4.3 or higher versions.


5. Installation: The installation process of Hyvä Themes involves executing certain composer commands and configuring the theme in the Magento admin.

Hyvä theme development for Magento 2 is a revolutionary approach to frontend development. It aims to enhance the online shopping experience by leveraging modern technologies, you can learn about the benefits of Hyva themes on the FAQ above

Yes, Hyvä is indeed SEO-friendly. Here are some reasons why:


1. Speed and Performance: Hyvä is designed to provide extraordinarily fast loading times and offer agile, uninterrupted user experiences. This can help reduce the bounce rate and increase the time users spend on your site, both of which are factors that can positively impact SEO.


2. Code Structure: The structure of the code is a key factor in improving positioning in search results. Hyvä’s clean and efficient code structure can make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.


3. Mobile-First Design: Hyvä ensures that your store looks and functions well on all devices. Given that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor for Google, this can also contribute to SEO.


4. Responsiveness and Accessibility: Hyvä’s focus on responsiveness and accessibility can give your SEO efforts a serious boost.


Remember, while Hyvä can provide a strong foundation for SEO, it’s also important to follow best practices for SEO content, such as using relevant keywords, creating quality content, and earning high-quality backlinks.