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How AI Is Helping The Fashion Industry Make Better Choices?

  • August 16, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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Have you integrated artificial intelligence into your fashion business? If you are nodding in yes, then you don’t need to worry. But if you haven’t, then my friend, you are already behind your competitors. But don’t bother, you’ve still got some time. In this blog, we are going to discuss all that you need to know about AI in the fashion industry. So, stay tuned.

AI in Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence is changing the fashion industry by playing a key role in the various divisions. From manufacturing to design, marketing and supply chain, AI has been playing a huge role in changing the fashion industry in all good ways.

From attention-catching notifications to automated messages, from building preferences to suggesting sizes to consumers, the whole fashion industry worldwide is making use of artificial intelligence in the best possible ways.

How does the Fashion Industry Make Use Of Artificial Intelligence?

But how does the fashion industry make use of artificial intelligence? How is AI used in the fashion industry? Keep reading and you’ll get all your answers.



1. Trend Predictions

Social media is regarded as both the end as well as the inception of trends. What artificial intelligence does is, it identifies the trends which are trending on social media platforms as well as other platforms to find out what’s most preferred in the market.

This assists the designers to design the products after considering those trends. Also, this way they can bring improvisations as well as additions to the ongoing trend. All in all, AI is helping the fashion industry/ businesses to stay in trend.

2. Personalised Recommendations

AI in Fashion is making the lives of businessmen easy by offering them organised data as per the preferences of customers. Earlier, we used to find and check out clothes and find out what works the best for us. But now we get recommendations for the clothes that we might like. All this is done with the help of artificial intelligence by carefully analysing the previous orders and finding out the style, colour and size preferences.

4. Productivity Improvement

The primary AI benefit of AI technology is that it lets fashion companies automate mundane or routine activities which are generally done by humans. Tasks like customer service and data entry can be performed by AI, allowing humans to concentrate on the more important and strategic tasks.

Moreover, various tasks such as customer service as well as data entry can also be performed with the help of AI, allowing people to focus on more strategic tasks. Data eCommerce automation generally leads to increased productivity and other benefits as well.

5. Artificial Interaction

Most clothing retail stores and eCommerce website development stores offer an electronic bot system to interact with the website visitors. These bots help the visitors in finding out what they are looking for on the website.

Moreover, these chatbots work as problem-solving agents and they offer human-like solutions to the consumers. There are various websites which make use of AI. As soon as you enter a website, a pop-up appears, this pop is the bot. You can ask any question and they’ll answer each query of yours. This way, you can purchase and sell without any interaction with humans.

The Future of AI In the Fashion Industry


As far as we remember, the fashion industry is one of the top money-making industries all around the globe. Every person wears clothes and most people want the best of the best style. Artificial intelligence will make things better for you, for sure. Moreover, by combining artificial intelligence technology with data analytics, machine learning will be used for sustainability and efficient management.

Making artificial intelligence a part of the everyday shopping experience assists the company to learn what people like and don’t like and making sure the customer gets what they are looking for. It is estimated that AI will bring the fashion industry to 7.3 billion by the end of the year and this will even continue to grow.

Being able to predict the accurate AI in fashion trends will assist the companies to sell their already made apparel and assist in creating the latest looks they don’t have. This will all be possible because of Artificial Intelligence. Also, AI can act as a tool for waste reduction as well for retailers and manufacturers.

The consumer is the key, and artificial intelligence assists the customers in getting what they want. This way, the consumers feel happy and keep coming back to your store.

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability In Fashion Industry

Every one of us is well aware of the fact that pollution is caused by the fashion industry. It is responsible for a large percentage of carbon dioxide emissions. This makes it very unsuitable for the environment.

Because of this reason, so many brands and businesses have started shifting towards sustainability in terms of products, processes as well as raw materials. Artificial intelligence can be used at different levels to fight this situation by reducing the inventory by forecasting the sales.

Second thing, a cloth/ garment goes through various stages before it is made available at the stores. So many samples are manufactured first before manufacturing the products at large, to check the design, quality and fit.

AI in Fashion has begun to play a key role in three-dimensional creation which reduces the need to create thousands of samples. By using AI, you can easily design 3D samples on the computer. This way, one can save a lot of cost of manufacturing samples. Not only this, but this is also much quicker than the creation of physical samples.

Also, artificial intelligence can be used for getting monotonous tasks completed at a much quicker and more efficient pace. For instance, if we take a look at the manufacturing industry, it is full of tedious jobs like stitching, cutting, sewing, packaging and finishing. But now, one can get rid of all these tasks, all thanks to AI. It performs a similar task at a much lesser cost.


That’s all from our side. We believe you are now fully aware of what AI is and how it is helping the fashion industry. It is changing the future of the fashion industry positively.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is sustainable, user-friendly as well as cost-effective. However, there is a threat to the people as robots will take over their employment. But let’s see if robots can do it as effectively as humans can.

Till then, keep developing artificial intelligence in your business. And if you have any queries, then feel free to contact us at RVS Media Limited.