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How to Make your Corporate Christmas Gifts Business Stand Out With SEO

  • November 4, 2022
  • by Emma Parkar
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    Table of Content

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    Are you curious to know how to stand out your corporate christmas gifts business this Christmas using SEO? If so, then this blog is all you need.

    Table of Content

    Table of Content

    How to stand out corporate Christmas gifts business?

    How your brand is represented at this time of year should reflect the season’s spirit. As one celebration
    concludes, preparations must begin for the next. Let what people want all line up. Maintain a festive
    attitude, and don’t let it die out.

    It would help to start by changing the site’s colour scheme to red and white. Then, go on to the Christmas
    trees, ornaments, and lights. Any time of year, but especially during the holiday season, your small
    business website should give visitors a merry purchasing attitude.

    Put up a Christmas-themed banner on your website’s homepage. It needs to attract people’s attention right
    away. Put a banner advertising your holiday specials to let customers know what they’re missing out on this

    Without updating your social media profiles, your holiday marketing will be ineffective. Put some holiday
    spirit into your social media profiles using a cover photo and profile picture that reflects the season.

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices are essential all year round, but they take on added
    importance for online stores during the holiday corporate gift shopping season. To run a website, you must
    monitor Google’s algorithm updates and adjust your holiday SEO strategy accordingly. These efforts are being
    made in anticipation of future payoffs, such as an increase in website traffic or sales.

    Create an Actionable Content Strategy

    1. How do you create a content strategy?

    Documenting your approach is labour-intensive, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. There is a
    significant payoff for very little work. It would help if you settled on a target.

    • It is recommended that you conduct personal research.
    • Do an audit of your material.
    • Select a CMS to manage your content.
    • Make a decision about the genre of material you intend to produce.
    • Come up with different angles to take on your topic.
    • Put your work out there and keep track of it.

    2. How do you make actionable content?

    It’s far easier to get people to share and link to your Christmas content marketing if
    you focus on creating something in which your target audience may find meaning and enjoyment. You create an
    actionable content strategy holiday material should relate to what you’re selling, offer some creative
    suggestions for presents, and meet the needs of your target audience.

    Incorporating and filling in gaps in Christmas keywords, and building internal and external links, can be
    accomplished by creating blog post material, such as gift recommendations, and being featured in popular
    external blogs with a link to one of your landing pages. Incorporate your content operation into your social
    media efforts to boost client interaction further. A quick win can be achieved by upgrading and optimising
    high-performing blogs and landing pages from the previous year.

    How about we have individuals tell us their Santa-related tales? Or how about getting them to pose with a
    Christmas tree or wear a Santa suit and share the results? And then giving them a unique present just for
    that! Isn’t that a fantastic idea for a Christmas ad?

    Okay, then. Brand awareness can be significantly increased through a user-generated content strategy. Another
    option is to launch a campaign encouraging customers to share photos of the Christmas deals they’ve scored
    from your store. Encourage people to mention your company by using a specific hashtag. In exchange, you can
    give the winners something special, like a discount or a gift certificate.

    3. What is a good content strategy?

    A content strategy systematically implements information (verbal, graphic, and textual) to accomplish
    organisational objectives. A winning content strategy will bring in customers at the top of the funnel and
    keep them returning long after they’ve made a purchase. To illustrate, let’s pretend that one of your
    business objectives is to raise brand awareness.

    4. What exactly is meant by the term “digital content strategy?”

    Creating and disseminating digital material to expand a company’s customer base, boost its reputation and
    authority, increase its number of potential customers, and ultimately fulfil its overarching marketing goals
    is the goal of any successful digital content strategy. With this strategy, companies may reach a growing
    number of customers who are resolving their business issues with the help of digital resources.

    Competitor Analysis

    1. What is in a competitor analysis?

    Everyone else is getting ready for the holidays too. Countless companies are occupied with tasks like
    advertising, content development, website tweaking, and more. What’s so fantastic about this, by the way?
    Since everyone has access to the internet nowadays, there’s no reason not to look at what others are doing
    for inspiration.

    Perhaps you’ve seen a pattern in the most-read blog posts, the things most frequently recommended as
    presents, or the deals you found most memorable. These are just a few examples of resources you can pursue
    for ideas. However, remember that you’ll need to be slightly creative and take a competitive position to
    stand out. In addition to damaging your company’s reputation, clients will have a far easier time forgetting
    you if you engage in blatant copying of other organisations’ concepts and marketing campaigns.

    2. What is competitive strategy analysis?

    Analysing your competitors’ marketing methods is a crucial part of every successful business, and this
    process is known as a competitive analysis. You can use this data to gauge your company’s standing compared
    to its rivals.

    3. How do business people evaluate rival firms?

    Your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be evaluated through SWOT analysis.
    Beyond the standard SWOT analysis, thinking creatively about one’s competitors might yield novel approaches
    for expanding market share.

    4. What are the three components of competitive analysis?

    The company’s analysis of its rivals should focus on three factors.

    • Share of the market: the percentage of the market that a rival hold
    • Share of mind: Name the first company that springs to mind when you
      think about this sector.
    • Share of heart: Vote with your heart and choose the manufacturer
      instead buy this product from.

    To thrive in the highly competitive e-commerce market, you must set yourself out of the crowd. Keep an eye
    out and make sense of your competitors’ jumbled thoughts. Examining their marketing approach and then
    creating your strategy for the near and far future will help you compete with them this holiday season.

    A rival might sometimes be beneficial since it drives you to do better. A sharp mind and a heavy heart eager
    to accept something from the opposite side are required for this effective digital marketing strategy of
    learning from one’s opponents. The best technique to monitor direct competitors in the present day is
    through social media. You can watch your match across many social media platforms using several available
    competitor analysis tools. Future goals can be more effectively planned with this data.

    5. Develop The Keywords That You’ll Target

    This can sound not very clear if you’ve never done any SEO before, so let me quickly clarify. Setting up a
    list of keyword research that is relevant to your business and commonly used is a good idea when planning
    your content calendar for a given period. This will increase the visibility of your company and the
    popularity of your pages, both of which will bring more people to your website and, perhaps, more consumers.

    The same is true now during the Winter Season. Instead of just slapping down some keywords on paper, doing
    some preliminary research is vital. While a complete study paper won’t be required, giving it at least a
    day’s worth of consideration will be worthwhile.

    How do you go about compiling a list of keywords to use for your website’s SEO?

    • Create your list from the customer’s perspective.
    • Pick niche-specific keywords to zero in on a specific audience.
    • To broaden your audience: Use generic keywords.
    • Create ad groups out of related keywords.

    6. How do you put together a keyword list in the first place?

    Keywords can also be organised by their intended use, which is often simpler to understand. Determine what it
    is, across your entire brand and keyword research, that you hope to achieve. Incorporate that into your
    keyword strategy, and divide your goals into subgoals with distinct intents to create targeted keyword lists
    for each.

    7. Should you use the keyword you want people to find in the first

    It would help if you employed your targeted keywords once in the first paragraph and at the start of an H1
    tag. The first sentence is the absolute best place to use the term you’re trying to rank for. Additionally,
    you may make the keyword stand out more on the page by putting it in bold or italics.

    8. How do you know which keywords to use in your pay-per-click ad

    Pick phrases that get plenty of searches but have a low cost per click. When trying to expand your audience,
    it doesn’t matter how cheap a keyword’s cost per click (CPC) is if only ten people search for it every
    month. Short-tail keywords with a low cost per click should be prioritised in your campaign.

    Create a lovely keyword list for the Holidays with the help of one of the numerous available tools (or just a
    keyword list in general). Do a favour and check out Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends!

    After compiling a list of proper Holiday Season keywords, the following step is to create great content to
    accompany them. Determine which of the things you sell would make the best presents by analysing the
    information you already have about your website’s visitors. Check out what people are typing into the site’s
    search bar to find specific products, and use that information to guide your selection of SEO keywords.

    Using long-tail keywords and short-tail SEO phrases is crucial, as the keyword “jacket” could attract less
    traffic to your site than the critical phrase “red fall jacket.” Although fewer people will use Google to
    look for the latter terms, those who do are more likely to be serious customers. Making money is, of course,
    one of the main goals.

    To maximise your efforts, use two- and three-word “long-tail” keywords (four or more). You should know that
    longer phrases generate less traffic, but a greater conversion rate than shorter phrases are more
    challenging to rank for and, therefore, more competitive.

    Although “Christmas presents” is a popular search term, “Christmas gifts for under £25” is a more specific
    long-tail keyword with less competition and a higher conversion rate. Get a sense of search volume, term
    recommendations, and competitiveness with the Google Keyword Planner within your Google Ads account. Take
    the widely used yet hotly debated term “Christmas gifts” as an example of a body keyword.

    However, long-tail keywords often have a lower search volume. To help you narrow down your potential keyword
    options, Google will give you related search terms.

    Audit Your Website and Identify Weak Spots

    1. How do you audit a website to identify the SEO problem?

    Search Engine Optimisation specialists often find themselves tasked with auditing already-live websites. SEO
    is still a developing industry, and many of the constraints of search engine spiders are not immediately
    apparent. Most site developers also lack knowledge of search engine optimisation. The people who have
    created CMSs are included in this group, so there is a good chance that issues will be discovered during a
    site audit.

    2. When it comes to search engine rankings, how exactly can a website audit

    Your website’s technical and semantic health can be determined with the help of an SEO audit. Your search
    engine rankings are also analysed for you. From these metrics, we can conclude how best to optimise your
    site for search engines and how to raise its profile in the results.

    3. What does a website audit check?

    Technical performance, SEO, UX, content, design, and accessibility are just a few topics that can be examined
    in a website audit. Each of them is addressed in the accompanying checklist and template.

    4. Can you please provide a website content audit checklist?

    Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your online store should be your first order of business. To get
    started, look back at your sales and analytics to determine which goods and content performed well last year
    and which performed well for your company overall.

    The top landing pages, keywords, click-through rates, and backlinks can all be seen in a flash and with
    complete clarity with the help of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If you want to know where your
    content or technological implementation is failing, go beyond the least successful pages. In addition to
    employing specialised SEO audit tools, there are other inspections you may perform.

    Finding fresh material for articles and blog posts is a quick win that can improve your website’s domain and
    page authority on relevant keywords. Relevant search phrases can be boosted for your website by raising word
    counts, changing titles and subheadings, and correcting outdated content.

    It is always necessary to obtain a diagnosis before beginning treatment. Either you trust experts and
    purchase a comprehensive SEO
    , or you try to fix your website on your own with a simple audit. The
    audit’s findings serve as a prescription that details all the regulations and recommendations that should be
    discussed with an SEO specialist. Understanding and implementing the given solutions can be challenging
    without prior SEO experience. Utilise a free web-based application to do your SEO website audit. It will
    help you find any instances of the same material, errors, or broken links and provide you with helpful SEO

    Create An Editorial Calendar

    1. What should an editorial calendar include?

    A flawless editorial schedule doesn’t exist because it should be tailored to your team’s specific
    requirements. However, there are several questions you should ask to figure out the shape of your editorial
    calendar. Some examples are:

    How frequently are you publishing content? How often do you publish new content? A weekly meeting? Maybe
    several times a day? By determining your publication frequency, you may more accurately portray your
    publication schedule in your mind’s eye.

    Do you produce stuff beyond one genre? If you want to upload videos to YouTube at the same rate that you
    produce blog post ideas for your business, you’ll need to make a distinction in your editorial schedule.

    What are the numerous processes that content undergoes before it is released? When it comes to content, how
    complex is your pipeline? Is there a thorough process of reviewing and approving all content? Make sure your
    schedule can tell the difference between two similar tasks at separate points in the production process.

    How will you be categorising this schedule? Choose a platform that supports your objectives and team’s
    processes. In the following part, we’ll go over the most frequent file types.

    During the holiday season, it feels as though everything is happening at an extremely rapid speed. To prevent
    chaos at the last minute, people start compiling their holiday shopping lists months in advance. Because of
    this, as an online business, you should be prepared with some holiday-themed material, such as a countdown
    to the beginning of the season’s sales and discounts and a content calendar.

    You may keep one step ahead of the competition by implementing essential aspects of search engine
    optimisation (SEO), such as meta-description tags, pop-ups, product descriptions, and areas for
    cross-selling and up-selling products and services. Last, you must perform a quality check on your work
    before releasing it to the general public.

    2. What businesses could benefit most from implementing an editorial calendar
    for your content creation?

    Creating an editorial calendar will assist your whole marketing team. Writers, editors, marketing managers,
    and executives can stay on track and up to speed with producing fresh content. Everyone in your organisation
    will be on the same page about all planned content marketing activities.

    3. How do you develop editorial content?

    • Determine your overall content goals.
    • Decide which platform to utilise to establish your editorial calendar.
    • Determine your content workflow.
    • Determine your content distribution plan.
    • Assign appropriate tasks to suitable personnel.

    5. Get Good Reviews from Influencers in your Industry

    You provide a product to an influencer in exchange for an honest evaluation, and they spread the word about
    it throughout their social media accounts. Many influential people would write reviews for free if the
    product or service were provided. They get to retain the item, and their honest evaluation will serve as
    useful material for your site.

    Nonetheless, some influential people may want the payment to help you. These people typically have either
    very huge audiences or a lot of clout in their particular field. The social media influencer review’s goal
    is to give an unbiased assessment of your product based on personal experience and to recommend it to the
    target audience.

    An influencer review is constructive for sales and brand awareness because it combines the effectiveness of
    social proof with the enormous value of influencer marketing. The opinions of influencers who often review
    products in your niche are more credible than those of average consumers. They have a broad audience base
    that you can effectively communicate with.

    6. How do you make the most of an influencer review for your marketing?

    87% of consumers say they do online research before making a purchase choice, and they are likely to have
    read your evaluations.

    Here, you have an advantage if you can provide a review written by an influential person about your product.
    Even the most specialised markets have influencers that review items and services for them. A product
    reviewer can be found for any need or niche.

    7. How do companies benefit from influencers?

    Others around them influence customers’ purchase decisions. Since fans put more faith in their favourite
    influencers’ opinions, the brands they promote tend to do better with them.

    8. Why are influencer reviews critical?

    Because if the influencer’s comments on a product are fake, buyers will figure it out after buying it,
    reflecting poorly on both the influencer and the brand.

    9. Add a Call-To-Action Overlay to Every Page Of Your Website

    If you don’t want to completely redesign your website, adding a few flashy new features can make a
    difference. Feature your call-to-action links prominently. Enhance them expertly by adding some simple
    design features.

    10. Which of the following is an example of a call to action on a

    Making subtle changes to increase the Christmas spirit is easy. Add some holiday cheer to your CTAs by
    including present cute icons, bells, snowflakes, or even better, animations. Make your call-to-action button
    stand out by giving it some personality.

    Some organisations view any deviation from the standard visual presentation as an act of blasphemy. However,
    a little lighthearted button-mashing might go a long way toward showing due respect for the festive season.
    Create holiday-themed content that will appear in people’s search results over the holiday season by using
    seasonal landing pages with SEO-optimised keywords that lead to a specific call to action (CTA).

    Landing pages need to be indexed by search engines, even though the holiday season draws near. By getting
    your Christmas landing page up and running as soon as feasible, optimising it, and then promoting it, you
    may boost the page’s authority and raise its position in search engine results.

    11. How do you do a call to action on YouTube?

    When making changes to your ad on YouTube and their partners, select the Call-to-action option and enter your
    desired CTA and headline. Calls to action (CTAs) display beside the headline and link readers to the URL you
    designate as your landing page. The maximum allowed length, including spaces, is ten characters.

    12. How do you create a splash page when building a website?

    Minimal writing, an eye-catching background image, and a link to the main website are the hallmarks of a
    splash page. For instance, to return to the Forbes homepage, click the “continue to site” button.

    13. Promote your website on social media channels and forums

    Present-day marketing strategies, including those geared toward the holiday season, cannot exist without
    social media’s incorporation. The brand’s social media presence is now crucial for expanding the brand’s
    reach, finding new customers, and increasing conversions. However, you can’t expect success by only posting
    online. It would help if you got friendly with your target audience; this can only happen through consistent
    interaction and dialogue.

    14. Wondering how to promote a new website on social media?

    Create a joyful, festive setting for your audience this holiday season. Get people to engage with your posts
    by clicking the like button or leaving a remark. Avoid constantly sharing advertising content.

    The same set of signs should not be posted on each level. A select handful is probably fine, but constantly
    recycling the same content is a surefire way to drive your clients away. Publish unique updates on social
    media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    15. Which is the process of promoting content on social media?

    You know better than anyone else that there is more to social media than animal pictures. If you want people
    to take action and spread the news about your Christmas specials, think about the following questions.

    • boosting one’s online profile or profile activity
    • Is it easy for shoppers to tell others about your store’s discounts
      and new products?
    • How often does your perfect customer use this channel? Use this as
      your leading platform to share all of your most-read content.
    • When planning your social media content for the holidays, consider
      the following question: How will you utilise your holiday photographs and videos?

    It’s been proven that 90% or more of holiday success is predicated on how well you’ve planned for
    it. As soon as possible, begin working on your holiday preparations.

    16. How do you promote your website?

    Social networking has been demonstrated to have a significant effect on SEO time and time again. Prepare for
    the holiday rush by advertising now, especially on social media:

    • Create anticipation by teasing your readers with a post that hints at
      more intriguing material to come. When you’re preparing to introduce a new seasonal promotion or
      limited-time deal, post a teaser image or a “coming soon” notice.
    • Host a holiday-themed advertising campaign, such as a contest, a
      series of blog posts outlining helpful
      holiday shopping suggestions, or funny and heart-warming videos showcasing how your items can brighten
      your consumers’ life at this time of year. Customers are more inclined to return to your online store if
      they feel they can participate in what’s being offered there.

    Final Thought

    Absolutely. An effective SEO campaign launched in September or October will yield results in time for the
    holiday shopping season and continue to help your online store throughout the year contact RVS Media, and
    we’ll work with you to develop a solid
    SEO strategy
    that will help your business thrive in the coming months.