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Meet Magento UK 2024: Insights and Takeaways

  • June 27, 2019
  • by Rajeev Nar
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More than 600 Magento enthusiasts under one roof, it sounds like no less than a dream. Team JH, the organisers of the Meet Magento UK 2024, brought this dream to reality and the thrilling event took place last Wednesday on 19 June at The Mermaid, London.

It was a conscious effort of bringing the most thriving community of the world for a day of the hearing. Nothing can be more astonishing than sharing the expertise and ideas of like-minded professionals.

It was another tent pole in the long tradition of Magento conferences that dates back to 2011. Like every other year, it was a good time catching up passionate Magento leaders and technocrats discussing ground-breaking technologies. It was a clear demonstration of ideas that will take the eCommerce to the next level.

Who were the parts of the event?

There was no restriction about who can join the event, but the event offered the choice of two tracks: developers and merchants. Attendees were free to move in between the tracks to get the most out of it.

The organizers had chosen a wide array of topics delivered by even-diverse and exciting panel of speakers.

What have you gained from the event?

1. Connections

The event was no less than an opportunity to build strong and meaningful connections within the industry.

2. Latest offerings of Magento community and emerging technologies

The platform was a chance to meet fellow attendees and talk innovation. The sponsors of the event were hand-picked in order to bring the best in the industry.

3. Learn from industry leaders

Basically, the event was a platform that enables you to realise the business needs and offerings within the community.


Meet Magento UK always brings so much learning and knowledge. There is a lot to discuss and mention, but a few key points stole the attention of the show.

1. Lost opportunities on Mobile

The panel laid stress on how mobile responsiveness of the eCommerce websites has increased the traffic, but we are still lagging when it comes to revenue.

It was a clear demonstration of research that took place of Cyber Monday.

The day was the largest shopping day in history and the sales topped $7.9 billion.

Even though it was the first cyber Monday when more than half of the traffic came from mobile (51.4%), the revenues didn’t create a buzz. The $2 million sales from smartphones covered only 26.3% of the sales.

It was an engaging topic because every merchant is looking forward to enhancing mobile revenue.

2. How to measure the success and failure of your eCommerce?

Measuring the success or failure of your eCommerce is a tricky thing. By no means, it can be measured accurately. However, the panel discussed this existing formula. It includes every unique visitor who enters your shopping store and your total revenue. On the whole, it can be the ultimate move to measure the success of your eCommerce store.

Total revenue earned in a time period


Total # of visits in the same time period as above

By calculating the RPV of your store, you will know what’s working and what’s not. CR and AOV are the deciding factors of the growth or decline of your eCommerce store.

3. Reduce distractions

Another major discussion included how to remove distractions from your eCommerce store. The panel suggested a few ideas to do so.

  • Collapse the coupon and promo code

The next discussion was related to coupon and promo codes. The viewpoint was if coupon collapsing will help in reducing distractions. The overly prominent coupon code entry fields can distract customers and the failure can result in abandonment of the complete purchase transaction.

A 3.34% RPV lift is expected by collapsing coupons.

  • Remove wish list

Wish lists were created with the vision that they will enhance the sales but it turned out to be totally different. It has become a way to procrastinate on making the shopping decision. Disabling this feature will motivate the customers to click on the “Add to cart” button.

It is expected that disabling the wish list feature will result in 5.62% phone RPV lift.

  • Removing breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs become redundant with effective navigation of the merchant. The Magento community is testing the results removing breadcrumbs will create and if it will reduce distractions or not.

Like every year, the event was a grand success. The latest acquisitions and announcements pointed towards lots of updates.

Magento and PWA

PWA was the buzzing word of this MMUK 19. The Magento and PWA buzz was picked by the multiple speakers and all of them took out something new. Eric Erway and Shaun Osbourne interacted with the merchants and shared their views on the same topic and brought out some really interesting things. They spoke about how this innovative technology PWA, can simply the commerce operations.

Key Takeaways of PWA

  • It’s time for progressive: Progressive Magento is here. It is time to look beyond apps. Creating a baseline for your store will help in establishing goals.
  • Try it for yourself: Real merchants, partners and developers are already using PWA version. You can prototype in minutes.
  • Get involved: Magento community support is everywhere. One can join the progressive movement from anywhere in the world.

Shaun Osbourne shared some excellent pieces of advice from the early adopters of this progressive movement.

Advice from early adopters

  • Implement browser-based UI testing.
  • Decide on SSR *Early*.
  • Develop a strong versioning category.
  • Don’t invalidate the cache.
  • Load features on demand.

Moving forward, he spoke about the role of front end and back end developers and shared some tips for them.

Tips for Frontend developers

  • Probably just increase the FE team.
  • Heavy interaction with the FE team.
  • Need a switch their mindset to one where all data is delivered as an API and not as part of a Magento render cycle.
  • There’s still a considerable portion of backend developers role that’s not PWA specific.
  • The front-end developers will go ahead and create slow GQL queries – don’t stop this instead optimise them.
  • BE devs will be needing to amend existing queries whilst also adding new ones.

Closing Session

The Magento community couldn’t have chosen anyone better than Philip Jackson for the closing session. He started with a quote by Theodore Roosevelt “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

He was quite focused on the Magento community during his session. He mentioned that people don’t build communities, but communities build people.

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