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Reasons why Google dislike your website. Fix them now!

  • November 19, 2019
  • by Emma Parkar
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    Do you think Google dislike your website? Well, if it is so then you are not alone. Google’s algorithm keeps changing continually and therefore, it might be a tough cookie to crack. 

    If your website fails to encompass the rules of Google Algorithms, you may become food to Google Penguin or Google Panda. On the contrary, if you succeed to crack the code, you will be rewarded with top rankings and powerful user engagement.

    Websites that are favoured by Google, earn credibility. This trustworthiness helps you leverage social shares while SEM marketing.

    Let’s take a closer look at why Google dislikes your website so you can fix it and boost your brand.

    Things that make Google dislike your website

    • You have exploited SEO far too long

    Google will dislike you if you have been exploiting SEO practices for long. Google will ding your ranking if your site is about SEO only.

    To sort this issue, get rid of your keyword stuffing strategy and stop using phrase domains. Crawling will become easier for you.

    • Your links lack in quality

    If you feel Google dislikes your website, it becomes vital to understand the Google Penguin 4.0 update. This update allows number one search engines to analyse your links in real-time. The bad quality of your links can cost you a fortune. 

    Make sure to get authority links like (.edu or .gov) to avoid being food to this update.

    • You don’t have a responsive website

    It is necessary to have a responsive website if you want to go a long way. Not having a mobile optimised website will hurt all the efforts you have been pouring into it. 

    You need to optimise your website for almost every device. A dynamic mobile-friendly layout can take your website steps ahead.

    • Your bounce rate is quite high

    A high bounce rate of your website indicates the flaws of your website. Obviously, Google does not like it. Visitors land on your page but do not stick to it because of their poor user experience.

    Create a kind of website that drives traffic and clicks. A strong call-to-action is all you need.

    • Time on site is a big Google approval factor

    There is no difference between Bounce rate and time on site. If the visitor spends more time on your website or sticks around it for longer, Google finds your website worthy. 

    All you can do is develop compelling content along with seamless website design. It will boost the overall user experience.    

    • The speed of your website sucks

    Any website that takes more than 3s to load will impact your relationship with Google negatively. More than 40% of users will leave the page and your bounce rate will be high.

    Fix your website in such a way that it loads instantly. You will need to check with the size of images and your site’s capacity to gain brownie points.  

    • Your content is not eye-catching

    It may be the bad content that is repelling Google away from your website.

    Having relevant and authoritative content on your website will improve your rankings. It will help Google to know your website well.   

    Next, make sure to create content keeping BERT update in mind. It will help you go a long way.

    • Your website does not have a sitemap

    Google hate websites that don’t have a sitemap. It is impossible for a website to crawl and rank without having a sitemap. It will make you look like a nuisance in front of Google.

    Submit your sitemap to Google as soon as possible.  

    • Confusing Meta Tags

    Meta tags are more important than you think. Google identifies your website with this text within HTML code.

    Effective Meta tags will result in SEO rewards.

    Now when you have easy fixes to the most common issues that can make Google dislike your website, you should make sure to implement these measures on your websites soon. Mending your relationship with Google will increase your website’s worth.

    Your eCommerce will blossom and flourish only when you will earn Google’s trust.

    You can always trust professionals at RVS Media with the designing of an SEO friendly website. Above all, our SEO audit reports can help you in identifying the flaws and fixing them.